Ah, Wilderness … of Mirrors

Did the West really win the Cold War with cloaks, daggers, second story men, sabotage, stealth and derring-do? Were CIA Maxwell Smarts actually outsmarting KGB Ludwig Von Siegfrieds?  Could it even have been the other way around? Or, maybe just a sideshow as the scrum took place on other fields of play? Isn’t it un-American to believe that industry and innovation in the private sector, without the privileges, guaranteed retirement and lack of performance demands in civil service might have been what did it?

Langley has a stock answer for unwelcome prying. It might as well be etched in marble: “If we told you, we’d have to kill you.” Hit List: An In-Depth ... Wayne, David Best Price: $7.08 Buy New $8.72 (as of 03:13 UTC - Details)

When lips are sealed this tightly you can sleep easy. Scrupulous modesty oozes off government agent skin like mayonnaise off corned beef. Sheesh, people with licenses to kill and rifle the whole world’s privacy can’t understand why nosy Parkers’ won’t let them be. What kind of traitorous ingrate thinks he’s entitled gory details? You better believe our protectors dodge bullets like John Wick. The dangers they have known make Stephen King sound like Dr. Seuss. If not for what the secret state has been up to, we’d all be speaking Grenadan by now.

Sobby snuffling interrupts the keystrokes as I glance back and forth in awe at a portrait of James Jesus Angleton. What the double-noughts do to … oops, I mean “for” us gives me a cold chill. There he sits, a martini in one hand, a Virginia Slim in the other … Kim Philby lurking Britishly in the background. Sure, James let a couple of things slip. Nobody kept a count of how many got whacked by CIA indiscretion. That’s just water under the bridge of spies. All that valorous knights of the realm ask is that you don’t.

The latest figure to emerge unduly impugned by the snoops is Hunter Biden. Why aren’t they celebrating a breathtaking career? Just look at what unbiased, definitive sources at Wikipedia say about him.  Georgetown, Yale Law, politicking, banking, hedging other people’s funds, lobbying, consulting, naval officering, serving on the board and last, but not least, gracing an ugly world with the finest of arts. The first son should be an example to youth everywhere. His portrait could appropriately replace that of our nation’s birthing people on classroom walls. But wait, as wondrous as this past is, it turns out there’s more. Like James Bond, Matt Helm, Austin Powers and Secret Squirrel the smartest guy 46 knows also turns out to be an international man of mystery too. Who’d a thunk it?

It seems that one of Hunter’s lawyers, and sugar daddy to the tune of 6.5 million, is also an operative of The Company. Kevin Morris is so vital to national security that the top dogs in trade craftiness had to keep him out of reach of the IRS. Hence, it is only logical to conclude that all the scratch that flowed Hunterly is entangled with national security too. The air is clearing at last; no wonder top spooks had to deny that laptop. Who knows what vital secrets the boy was pumping from Russky femme fatales?

A case like this demonstrates exactly why it’s the government that is entitled to answers from average, not to be confused with ‘uncle’ at 1600 Penn, Joe. Where did anybody get the idea that people getting federal paychecks can be grilled by the commonality? They show congressmen and senators who they will or won’t spill to at every hearing. When you can’t even get close to making the HHS come clean about what they put in our arms – what kind of Sophie Scholl dares question the Abwehr? Let’s face it; we have no ways of making them talk.

If you would just go about your business and let your rulers go about theirs, nobody with a security clearance will bother using all they have on you. The problem comes up when you have the comeuppance to believe in a right to have something on them. The US government is too busy soaking up resources to be bothered by questions about what they do with them. Breaking Away: The Cas... McMaken, Ryan Best Price: $22.76 Buy New $12.00 (as of 03:07 UTC - Details)

The idea that Kevin Morris revelations amount to a last straw we can use as a leverage point to prop open that stuck manhole cover and get at what’s slinking underground and up into our private parts is misguided. The lesson to be learned is that you better be satisfied with the present plight. There isn’t a moment of doubt that secret-statists might pump up the volume. The only safe course now is making that left turn to ensure the speaker isn’t turned your way. If, or when, it is, it’ll blow your doors off.

Amerigo Vespucci couldn’t have imagined two vast and vastly influential continents bearing his name into the ages. He was the third son of a less than influential family of Tuscans. The people bitching about a “sense of entitlement” today find inequality in equal distribution of rights. They arrogated a right to clam up before the courts, Capitol Hill and FOIA over a generation ago. What kind of bumption leaves employers assuming their employees answer to them? Peers of this realm are exasperated with vassalage that fails to accept that ignorance is for their own good.

Some “public” employees have taken to prosecuting untitled people for asking inconvenient questions. Don’t ask at what point entitlement starts equaling feudalism. Anyone suggesting that their official servants have rendered the rabble second-class is obviously a fascist.

 Only a special class of Americans can ‘feel your pain’ while inflicting it. They’ve found it a dangerous business to treat individuals individually. Secret-statist man is giving you a number and taking way your name. Just because you’ve been counted, don’t be so presumptuous as to think you count. Why can’t unconnected US citizens be ruled like sensible people? Most of the rest of the planet is.