Zombie Republic

History often tells the tale that Julius Caesar’s ambition destroyed the Roman Republic. This is not entirely true. Julius Caesar did not want to cross the Rubicon and break the Roman Republic. He had no choice. After a decade conquering Gaul, Caesar was ordered to relinquish his command and face prosecution for essentially committing the crime of becoming too great of a threat to the prevailing power structure. In essence, the Roman Senate declared war on Julius Caesar.

This was preceded by the breakup of the triumvirete of Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey. Crassus led a disastrous campaign in the east against the Parthians that led to his beheading, and Pompey’s wife, also Caesar’s daughter, died during childbirth severing that familial connection between Pompey and Caesar. The triumvirate itself was the result of a republic on life support. Southern Independence:... Pace, Charles T. Best Price: $16.20 Buy New $20.20 (as of 04:52 UTC - Details)

Nearly 100 years before the brutal murder of Julius Caesar by the Roman Senate, the grandsons of Publius Cornelius Scipio, (Scipio Africanus), endured a similar fate. Scipio was the Roman General that defeated Hannibal. In 133 B.C. Tiberius Gracchus was brutally murdered by the Roman Senate. In 121 B.C. his younger brother Gaius was also murdered by the Roman Senate. The crime the Grachi brothers were guilty of was an attempt to redistribute public lands to the displaced farmers and veterans of wars. Tilting at windmills maybe, hardly worthy of being bludgeoned to death or having your head placed on a spike.

This is not nearly as socialist as it sounds. As is often stated, the extraordinarily rapid success of Roman expansion led to its eventual decline. Domestic resources in the form of money and manpower were utilized in Roman expansion; however, the rewards and riches were granted to a small segment of aristocrats and financial interests. The Roman military in a sense became a mercenary force for a select few that benefitted from these adventures in the form of slaves and plunder. The State literally enriched a group of aristocrats and business interests while impoverishing others. Farms left in disrepair while away at war were gobbled up by those that profited from the wars. The Grachi brothers were basically attempting to restore the natural balance in Roman Italy that existed before the State distorted that balance.

The austere Roman Republic with its concept of Roman virtue and honor was in the process of transforming into an ostentatious decadent empire. During this period of transformation, the Roman Republic became a will-less body, robbed of its soul, listless, a shell of its former self. The Roman farmer soldier was replaced with imported slaves and farmers unable to maintain their properties after long campaigns overseas were forced to sell. Plantations filled with slave labor replaced the family farm.

Flash forward to the modern Roman Republic known as the United States, which was clearly modeled after the Roman Republic, even going as far as naming Capital Hill after the Capitoline Hill of Rome. Following a similar pattern of rapid growth and expansion, and apparently falling victim to the same curse of rapid success, the American Republic has equally become a will-less body, robbed of its soul, listless, a shell of its former self. The deep state has added insult to injury by literally installing a Zombie President acting as a metaphor for the Zombie Republic. As all republics eventually do, the American Republic has become corrupt to the point that it now longer serves its representative function.

Unfortunately for us, technology has history moving faster through the birth, growth, decay, and death of the system at hand. America went through 200 years or so of rapid expansion, and in the 20th century, saw military success and an indirect form of imperialism, and we now see a military that has become a mercenary force for a select few, however, it is globalist in nature, rather than nationalist. Rather than serving the will of Congress, which seems to be merely for show, the military instead serves the will of an international deep state. Barefoot Scientist - T... Buy New $18.99 ($11.17 / Fl Oz) (as of 07:00 UTC - Details)

This is an ingenious strategy. American resources are squandered bankrupting our country as our military is used as a mercenary force for globalism. To win without fighting is best….

The animated corpse of an American Republic is merely going through the motions and behaving somewhat like the post republic Roman Empire. Instead of being under the thumb of an emperor, a deep state shadow government has infected the remaining corpse of a republic. Congress, like the roman Senate, appears to have become a quaint tradition.  Politicians are captured, intimidated, and or blackmailed. Government, i.e. deep state controlled media, including social media, have censored information, facilitating massive disease, disability, and death from the mRNA nanoparticle injections. They have also brain washed millions into accepting totalitarianism as a normal state of affairs.

The increased speed of which history seems to be moving looks like the American Republic may bypass the Empire phase and go straight to the eventual decay that happened five hundred years later with the Western Roman Empire. The illegal alien invasion is the 21st century version of barbarian hordes crossing the border. Since 1913 the debasing of the currency has also occurred on hyperdrive as we have a completely fiat currency and the specter of a Centralized Digital Bank Currency looming around the corner. This will equate to total slavery.

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