Trumpenstein in a Virtue Signaling World

As the Idiocracy turns

So we now learn that the corrupt New York authorities overseeing the latest in a series of ridiculous, politicized prosecutions of Donald Trump, would like to send him to Riker’s Island. Why not Sing Sing? Alcatraz is closed, except for tours. Maybe they can include the Giant Orange Man as an exhibit for tourists, like any other zoo.

We have really reached the limits of absurdity here. This latest “crime” of Trump’s, involves a payoff to porn star/stripper Stormy Daniels. It’s unclear if there even was a payoff, and if so, if it was done by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen without his knowledge. There is a statement, signed by Stormy Daniels, that claimed she never had a relationship with Trump, and that in fact he had always treated her “graciously.” Daniels has contradicted herself a multitude of times, but the state controlled media will continue to push the narrative that she was somehow a wronged woman. Unlike Paula Jones, who was paid over $800,000 by the never-prosecuted Bill Clinton. What’s important is that Trump cheated with the lovely Stormy (although she has said more than once that they never had sex), while the same Melania they normally despise was pregnant. And, oh yeah, Trump has a micro-penis. Capitalism the Unknown... Ayn Rand Check Amazon for Pricing.

The judge presiding over this latest incomprehensible Trump “legal” production is Juan Merchan. Now, first of all, it is obviously very questionable whether anyone named Juan can possibly be unbiased regarding Donald Trump, who has been relentlessly labeled “racist” by the state controlled media. In fact, of course, Trump constantly panders to Blacks and Hispanics. He rescued a rapper in Sweden, and pardoned the president of Death Row Records (instead of Julian Assange or Edward Snowden). He deported fewer illegals than Barack Obama himself. Merchan saddled Trump with an unprecedented gag order, and has now instructed the jury that they don’t need to unanimously arrive at a verdict. They only need four jurors to convict him on a particular count, while the others can vote him guilty on other counts. Needless to say, this is pure America 2.0 “justice.”

When Lewis Carroll wrote his fantastic tales about little Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, while evidently lusting after the real life preteen girl who inspired him, he probably had no idea that any of his “nonsense” would become reality. But if he were around today, he would see that we’ve just about arrived at the point of “sentence first, verdict afterwards.” The despicable judges in all of Alex Jones’ and Trump’s show trials, not to mention the biased tyrants who have thrown the book at the peaceful January 6 defendants, have been inspired by the spirit of Carroll’s mad Red Queen. I really don’t think those who have incurable TDS would blink if these esteemed jurists started yelling “off with their heads” in court.

I have somewhat jokingly stated that perhaps Trump will win the 2024 election while behind bars. This is becoming more and more of a possibility. Imagine the ratings. Live from Cell Block D- the President of the United States. Trumpenstein would, of course, play it up for all it’s worth. He’d brag about being nobody’s “bitch,” and maybe even introduce some crisis actor that he claimed he’d already made his “bitch.” In his continuing quest for support from the Black and Hispanic communities, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some fellow inmates named to his cabinet. Well, to be fair, they could hardly be worse than John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Gina Haspel, etc . His former U.N Ambassador turned sworn enemy during her brief 2024 presidential campaign Nikki Haley is already back in the Trump fold. She could easily be his running mate.

In just a few years, we have crossed so many ethical lines in the sand that it is difficult to keep track of them all. But these continuous show trials of Trumpenstein should have destroyed whatever is left of public confidence in our legal system. He is being symbolically prosecuted for things that would have never been considered “crimes” before. Raping a woman sometime in the 1990s, who can’t even remember the year it took place, and is demonstrably insane? Protesting an obviously fraudulent election, in the same state where Staci Abrams continues to protest her election? Exaggerating the value of his assets, which almost every human being has done at one time or another? If he is tried for promoting “disinformation,” it would be no more unprecedented or unjust than every one of these show trials.

We see actor Robert DeNiro, in perhaps his finest role yet, playing the part of a certified lunatic, making a bumbling speech in New York City outside the court where the latest Trump politicized prosecution is taking place. DeNiro appeared to be on the same emotional level as the angry New Yorkers shouting him down. One intellectual giant shouted, “Your mother should have swallowed!” Which makes no sense, however you look at it. It’s a wonder there wasn’t some kind of WWE altercation, with the wannabe mobster/actor right in the center. DeNiro seriously says that if Trump becomes president again, he won’t have any rights. Other preposterous celebrities have parroted this theme. What rights are you concerned about? The ones being destroyed every day by the political party you support? And exactly what rights did Trump take away the first time he was president? All he did was bluster and tweet.

Trump makes it very hard to defend him. He has recently suggested that he might bomb Russia or China if he is elected (selected) again. He attacked Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. so viciously that he declared he would rather see Joe Biden president than the son of JFK’s Attorney General. He keeps focusing on visiting Black areas, and brought two rappers up on stage wanted for questioning in a murder. Odd behavior for a “racist.” But a civil libertarian looks beyond someone’s personality, and whether or not they agree with them. Free speech is free speech. Use it while you can. With the drumbeat for “Hate Speech” laws, which in effect will make Thought Criminals out of millions of us, and the passage of the Antisemitism Awareness Act, the First Amendment is on the ropes. And the majority of the crowd wants it to be down and counted out.

The Panic of 1819: Rea... Murray N Rothbard Best Price: $19.74 Buy New $12.95 (as of 10:56 UTC - Details) Trump is merely one part of the problem. While the masses are distracted by his nonstop escapades, the Great Replacement has been ratcheted up to warp speed. Major League Baseball has announced it is incorporating statistics from the old Negro Leagues into its official records. So now, Josh Gibson will be declared the holder of the highest lifetime batting average, instead of the despised Ty Cobb. This is pandering on a level we haven’t seen before. In reality, the Negro Leagues were tantamount to glorified beer softball leagues. No reliable stats were kept, and players would often switch teams during doubleheaders. But I’ve read enough comments by drunk White fans to know they are ecstatic about this. It’s almost as exciting as being cucked by their wives. We’re in a distinct minority. The inmates are in charge.

Numbers are more important in baseball than any other sport. Traditionalists loved the game because they can compare stats, and argue with others about which players were the best. Apparently, they killed off all the traditionalist baseball fans with astronomical salaries, astroturf, softball uniforms, pitchers unable to throw complete games, “injuries” that wouldn’t sideline the average middle-aged softball player, designated hitters, interleague play, expansion, and wildcard teams. They certainly killed my interest long ago. But this is just so beyond the pale. What next? Will Hollywood’s Academy go back, and find “magical” performances in Black productions from the Golden Age, and just posthumously award them Oscars? Perhaps they’ll just list James Brown as having had several #1 pop hits. The possibilities are endless, when you’re combating historical “racism.”

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