NATO Inciting WWIII While Israel Looks To Incinerate Middle East

TWEETER is aflury with NATO’s statement that it wants 300,000 US troops on Russia’s borders within eastern bloc countries.   Oddly, NATO did not call up British troops, German troops, or any other NATO troops which sounds alarm bells.   Secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, asserted at the Summit that NATO allies must pledge a stipulated amount to fund Ukraine’s rubble until the end of time.  Translation:  the stuttering, verbally challenged Alex Soros has spoken on behalf of daddykins who has owned Ukraine since 1992 and is not about to give up the $11.7 trillion in rare earth minerals if he has to murder every last Ukrainian and US soldier.

A Loss is NOT on the table despite Ukraine losing over 50,000 troops monthly.  In response to the US building up Europe’s weapons along Russia’s border, Putin claims Russia will begin providing weapons to those regions incompatible with western ideologies – most notably Afghanistan.   The end result will be a global tit-for-tat barrage of rockets similar to Israel and Palestine.   A constant state of war. Old School Grit: Times... Donnelly, Darrin Best Price: $4.16 Buy New $8.35 (as of 04:17 UTC - Details)

The fact that Ukraine and Russia are nonNATO countries seems to have evaded Stoltenberg’s understanding.   The Rules of Engagement are quite clear:  “Strategic Concept for the Defence and Security of the Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation adopted by Heads of State and Government in Lisbon.”  

At the summit in St Petersburg, Putin stated that intel reveals the US is planning to ultimately lower the conscription age to 18 and get rid of Zelenskyy.  He has become an expensive puppet, much disliked by statesmen.

Perhaps NATO’s statement is much ado about nothing.  Perhaps its entire purpose was to ignite rage.    The timing weas not elaborated on and the readiness of troops was not discussed.   In fact, Germany, who has failed every single deadline for Climate Change, has now declared that ‘war readiness’ must be achieved by 2029.   No more solar powered tanks!

Defense Minister for Germany, Boris Pistorius, has stated that in order to achieve this readiness both men and women will potentially be subject to mandatory conscription.   In the US all 18—24 year olds are automatically registered for the draft given the military is  wholly short on recruits in all branches.

The Ukraine peace summit to be held in Switzerland did NOT include Russia.   Given the idiocy of the summit, many countries chose to avoid the plea for money, including:  China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Hungary, Brazil, and South Africa are notable.   The clear waste of time is the most pervasive reasoning.    But the pleading for money has also worn down enthusiasm.   The war weariness is evident to everyone except the Kabbalah.

Afghanistan cost the US 2.3+ Trillion.  Syria cost $1.2 Trillion.  Iraq cost us $1.1 trillion.   WWII = $330 billion ($5.75 trillion in 2024 dollars).  Vietnam $176 billion.  We are broke.  Our Treasury Balance Sheet reveals a Net Worth of -$30+ Trillion.

To add prospective to the financial collapse we are facing, the FDIC has stated that 63 banks are on the brink of failure.  The losses stem from unrealized residential mortgage backed securities and an office property glut.  The potential losses represent $517 billion for the FDIC to bailout depositors.  The vast majority are smaller banks, but a representation of the failed economy under Biden’s Handlers.

All of this comes under the real umbrella – Israel.  Hezbollah rockets hit northern Israel igniting fires across the territory.   Indonesia has rallied its support for Iran.  One of the ICJ judges in calling for criminal charges to be levied against Netanyahu has suddenly resigned citing ‘personal reasons’ – translation his family was likely threatened.  Simultaneously the AIPAC led US government is determined to sanction all the judges, defund UNRWA, and dismantle the ICC.

Israel is now mulling action against what is termed the Axis of Resistance:  Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen for retaliatory strikes.   The Axis is composed of Middle Eastern countries which resisted becoming proxies of the Kabbalah.  Contrary to the spin that Hezbollah is a construct of Iran, it is a Lebanese political and militant group organized in 1982 to fight the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Liberty and Property Mises, Ludwig von Buy New $4.99 (as of 04:17 UTC - Details)

The goal was for Israel to install a western backed government in Lebanon.  Their proxy, Gemayel, was assassinated which prompted Israel to massacre 3500 civilians.  The UN intervened and said the IDF had commit what was in essence a genocide.  Israel claimed it was self defense…  Of those who were massacred, 800 were Palestinians living a refugee camp in Lebanon after Israel displaced them from their homes in Palestine.

IF Israel intends to incur a Middle East war while all eyes are on Ukraine, the propaganda regarding NATO makes sense given NATO will have been made full aware of the stage play.

IF Israel intends to be the trigger of a global WWIII, Europe, the US, and Canada are all still BROKE.  Which is why Blinken keeps speaking in the 2030 Agenda future for when these opponents will be ‘neutralized’.   Giving us 6 years – to prepare.    


Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.