Is the Vatican About to Destroy the TLM Once and for All?

As we approach the third anniversary of the new iconoclastic regime in the Vatican (which began with Traditionis Custodes), our friends at Rorate have put out a significant and urgent appeal to Trads worldwide: How the Catholic Churc... Thomas E. Woods Best Price: $8.00 Buy New $9.06 (as of 05:30 UTC - Details)

Dear readers,

Once again, as at least twice in the past (before the crackdown on the Franciscans of the Immaculate, and in the twelve months leading up to Traditionis custodes), Rorate Caeli is sad to be the first bearer of grave, heavy, and persistent rumors coming from the circles close to Cardinal Roche and to the liturgical warriors close to Casa Santa Marta in Rome.

An attempt is being made to implement, as soon as possible, a Vatican document with a stringent, radical, and final solution banning the Traditional Latin Mass. The same ideologues who imposed Traditionis custodes and its implementation, and who are still frustrated with its apparently slow results, especially in the United States and France, want to ban it and shut it down everywhere and immediately. They want to do it while Francis is still in power. They want to make it as wide, final, and irreversible as possible.

These rumors come from the most credible sources,* in different continents, and we urge you to take them as seriously as possible, and do what you can in your station, as laity, priests, bishops, cardinals, religious men and women, to prevent the ban from becoming a concrete measure.

Timeless: A History of... Weidenkopf, Steve Best Price: $9.11 Buy New $14.60 (as of 03:32 UTC - Details) Can we stop it from happening? Yes, we can: by prayer, sacrifice, penance — and influence and pressure, of whatever sort we can manage to put forward. The enemy is strong, but our Lord and Lady are mightier.

When we have further information that can be made public, we will let you know.

*Note: What we can say is that these rumors come from the very same sources that revealed to Rorate that the Vatican had sent out a survey to bishops on Summorum Pontificum (in preparation for what would become Traditionis custodes), and Rorate was the first source to post this; and the very same sources who first revealed that a document like Traditionis custodes would come (and Rorate was also the first to reveal it at the time). With the addition of other credible sources who have now mentioned the same present rumors and whom Rorate was not acquainted with at the time of Traditionis custodes, and who now corroborate the persistent rumors.

Without a doubt, Rorate is a credible and trusted source for this important news. And the recommended actions can never be too frequently recommended. We can prevent bad things from happening to our TLMs by prayer, penance and whatever influence we can muster on our priests and bishops.

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