“It’s Not You, It’s Me!”

A strange anti-logic is driving Washington today, and it cannot be explained solely by the military industrial complex, late-stage empire, metastasizing corruption or so-called colonial capitalism.

We see it in a bifurcated legal system that targets and punishes enemies of the “current” state – but this is not anti-logical.  The state, wherever it prevails, predictably protects its actors and players, while fending off competitors.  The health of the state is war, and not just war with other countries, but war between gangs competing for “free” state resources, malleable state authority, and rent-seeking advantages.  What we deride as “Banana Republics” is actually all states, wherever they exist, to one degree or another. Seeking Truth in a Cou... Curtin, Edward Buy New $26.95 (as of 02:59 UTC - Details)

The legal tools chosen and exercised against the Clinton, Bush, Biden/Obama Crime syndicates are not the same as those chosen and exercised against Trump, and those seen as Trump allies.  The legal tools exercised against those who assist the state are very different than the ones used against those who expose the state.  Lawfare is old news, and well-practiced in the United States, as elsewhere.

We see it in the push for overseas and domestic intervention by Washington, an expression of state control over that which it does not own – yet this is also not anti-logical.  The state, like any bureaucracy, grows organically, steadily and at times urgently.  It correctly senses that any stasis knells weakness and death – so growth is a tier-one mandate.  Thus, we see Washington claim the global future and seek to define it.  Washington decides which countries or parts of countries will be lackeys, and which will be enemies.  Washington decides where it will drop its bombs, where it will manipulate or destroy governments, which people will be murdered en masse, and which people will be subsidized and protected.

Washington also decides which land, and which domestic states, companies, groups, organizations, and people will be targeted, manipulated, stolen from, given to, and “managed.”  While all of this is certainly anti-productive, anti-people, and anti-liberty, it is logical, from a state perspective.   Without the mother-father-nanny-warden state, whomever would do this for us?

There are many natural activities, predilections and innate crimes of the state, and we can study and hopefully survive those.  But the United States government has now coalesced into the anti-logical, the hysterical, the reality-challenged.

If the state were a person, we might diagnose “derealization.” The state seems to be operating in a fog, people and objects seem unreal, unnatural or blurry, the “world seems fake” and it cannot hear or understand what others are saying.  Causes for derealization can include dementia and drug abuse, as in the Joe Biden entity, but it’s far more than that – and it’s not just the US, because several closely connected NATO countries are suffering the same ailment.

Back in the day, North Korea was the global go-to example for a state suffering derealization, disconnected from reality, paranoid, unable to hear or see clearly.  The precursors and prosecution of the first World War, and the second, Mao’s revolution and Pol Pot’s killing fields, South Africa under apartheid rule, Rwanda and Burundi in the grip of recurrent genocides of the 1990s – all of these were examples of state power and decision-making unhinged from both morality and reality.  All driven by state desires for extension, power, significance, and dominance on both sides.  Many of these are “justified” by modern politicians, celebrated by all prevailing states  — certainly in the un-united States as they wish each other a Happy Memorial Day, cheer the daily national flyovers of military jets, cut ribbons on new state-demanded weapons factories, and swallow a growing fear of their own government and its devilish intentions.

Today, Israel and the United States have become new North Koreas, believing unreality, applying illogical solutions, and literally lying about everything.

The higher up in the deep state — the cronyized federal government — the more obvious the unrealism, the lack of logic and the lies.

Trump is a now a convicted felon, charged with an array of business record-keeping misdemeanors, and convicted on all counts to uproarious cheering by the state.  This Idiocracy-worthy trial, moreso than previous lawfare against this populist, has all but granted Trump the election in November, and set the stage for deep state defensive action for the duration of his term.

Speaking of felons, consider our newest military recruits, here and in Ukraine.  Almost 20 years ago, the US saw its numbers of felonious recruits double to 1,605 “moral waivers” granted.  Today, to meet recruiting goals, 17% of Air Force, Navy, Marine and Space Force recruits in FY22 were given waivers, mostly health related; notably, the Army refused to provide the data.  We may infer from the numbers that moral conduct waivers in the Army, and the other services, are at an all time high and will remain so.

Almost every American has at least one close friend or relative who has served time in jail, prison, or penitentiary.  We are the nation of Three Felonies a Day, after all.  In fact, for purposes of not only military recruiting, but general hiring, we are advised to “ban the box.” Yet – despite decades of Open Society work in this area, suddenly young Alex Soros reverses course with  “we want people to wrestle with the notion of hiring a convicted felon.” Musk does it better, of course. The Long Emergency: Su... James Howard Kunstler Best Price: $0.25 Buy New $2.99 (as of 05:35 UTC - Details)

The latest NY verdict seals the deal on Trump as Populist.  We may not like him, but we identify with his dreams and his struggle on a cellular level.

Washington denies this reality, and cannot see who or where Americans are as a people.  The state – despite billions of dollars and thousands of lives dedicated to curating what we know and how we think – cannot understand its own role in creating the current tone and shape of our populism. The State should admit, “It’s not you, it’s me,” as we move towards the breakup – but it is incapable of even conceiving this, much less apologizing.

Washington fails to apply logic – if that, then this.  Instead, it funds and seeks new wars, proxy wars via Ukraine and Israel, wars for influence and control over scarce resources, war for its political survival.  The US government publicly, consistently and illogically tells us we must kill the innocent en masse, we must destroy their land, economy, homes, health, and lives in the name of liberty, democracy, peace.  Reality would give us a different equation – as does human history – but we hear this insane message daily now.

Unrealization is the State’s disease, and its shocking refusal to practice logic is more of a symptom.  The lies told by the state fall into the category of an uncontrollable tic that Americans have all become accustomed to seeing, to the point that we hardly notice anymore.

The State tells us every day that law-breaking is fine when we do it, murder, rape, theft, child abuse and mayhem are fine when we do it, money printing is fine when we do it, organized genocide is just “clearing the land” when we do it, setting off global nuclear war is fine when we do it.   It’s an ugly message of an ugly institution, and it diverges not only from reality, but from what’s left of a moral core in the United States.  While Alex Soros can change his moral code with the shifting wind, most of us not only cannot, we find the very idea repulsive.  Yet this is what the states demands of us, as “citizens.”

By the way, governments – even in their nuclear ambitions – have been restrained by individuals acting both alone and in concert – recognizing reality, using logic, telling the truth.  The rising tide of those inside and outside of government waking up, and then standing up, to the unrealism, the illogic, and the lies of Washington is a good sign.