A Recent Chemtrail Reporting From My Travels

“We are finding aluminum, barium, strontium is being poured into lower stratosphere. Fly ash, the detritus from refining coal is now used in the lower atmosphere – fine particles are enriched by the toxic elements of mercury, chromium, creating a toxic nightmare. It is harmful for everyone.”

 Alan Buckman, former USAF Meteorologist

This past week I have been traveling through my home state of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming; a respite for fly fishing a beautiful river under the Teton Range. As I travel, I constantly observe the stratospheric aerosol spraying of poisons (chemtrails) that are seemingly done everywhere I go, and all around the world as well. It is done in the name of weather geoengineering, cloud seeding, and so-called climate control, all falsely said to reverse the most fraudulent idiocy that is mislabeled as manmade ‘climate change.’ The real agendas are many, but great harm to agriculture, all plants and animals, and the depopulation of humans, are the results sought by those who carry out this atrocious project. This is insanity to be sure, and although still called a ‘conspiracy theory’ by most of the dolts who populate this world, it is obviously a conspiracy fact. Confronting Russia and... Unz, Ron Buy New $15.99 (as of 11:30 UTC - Details)

This specific reporting is certainly anecdotal, but also a first-hand viewing of what is a long-term tragedy meant to harm the environment, and every living thing supported by the natural world, including all of mankind. At this stage, the fallout of this toxic spraying of the atmosphere includes, but is not limited to, aluminum, barium, strontium, coal ash, and any number of other nanoparticle poisons, metals, and chemicals meant to harm. It has been posited by many that mRNA nanoparticle bioweapon saturation is also likely. These pathogenic particles could certainly be delivered in this manner, all unknown to the vast majority of the masses, who care little about understanding the truth of the matter.

This is causing the loss of the essence of all life forms, killing the vital elements of the life-sustaining, environmentally critical, and complicated inter-working systems that support all life on earth. Insects at every level, including all the essential pollinators like bees, as well as all other important insect life, are dying off at an unbelievable rate, causing necessary functions of nature to become extinct. As an outdoorsman, and a fly fisherman, I monitor bug life constantly, and study entomology on a daily basis much of the year. The great loss of the essential cooperative and intertwined aspects of nature have been devastated by human (government) intervention in order to enhance their control over this dying world. The poisonous aerosol spraying is not just affecting insects, it is saturating the soil and water at every level, which in turn affects everything, including poisoning the food supply.

Nothing can be truly organic if it is tainted in any way by the toxic chemicals, poisons, metals, and all other killing nanoparticle distribution being pursued by the ruling class and its pawns in government and the military. Believing that there is actually organic food available is most likely a pipe dream if one even considers the saturation and inundation of all soil, water, including the entire water table, and plant life, as nanoparticles from above do not discriminate as to what is lethally affected by the permeation of every living thing on earth. Crops, all crops, all plant life, farms, prairies, forests, and waterways, have been decimated, and this criminal activity is only getting worse every day.

My observations recently were very telling, as my first sunny day on the river began with beautiful deep blue skies on June 19th, with real clouds only above the distant mountains on the horizon. As the morning progressed, all the spray was mainly concentrated toward the mountains, and began as chemtrails, but soon spread partially due to winds, across most of the skies until forming a haze; with bright colors changing to grey. On June 20th, the coverage increased quite starkly, but when I got on the river Friday the 21st, it was apparent that spraying had occurred all night, as the entirety of the sky was already crisscrossed with chemtrails that had spread a ‘cloud’ layer from horizon to horizon. I did not get any photos that morning, but did the previous two, as the spraying intensified each day. I cannot explain this timing or behavior, unless it was due to desired weather patterns or winds, although most of the area on this trip is agricultural, which is a common target for intensified aerosol spraying.

These four pictures above were taken over two days during my trip early in the morning. As the day progressed, with additional spraying and winds, they began to cover the sky. On these days, most all the chemtrail releases were on the far horizon, and spread across the sky during the day, and from multiple directions at once.

These two pictures were taken five weeks earlier over my house in a rural part of Montana, and this occurs on many if not most days. I live in the center of the state, far away from any metropolitan area, in a farming and ranching community.

Just two weeks ago, I drove across the state from central to southeast Montana, and witnessed constant chemtrail releases from horizon to horizon. This went on all day, and into the late evening after sundown, as I drove 350 miles that day without any clear sky on what was supposed to be a perfectly clear day. There was not one single genuine cloud, as all were due to chemtrails. The point I am attempting to make is that this goes on most every day, and it is rare not to see this geoengineering madness, regardless of where one travels.

As stated by Elizabeth Dickson in her recent article, “Geoengineering is the most dangerous diabolical thing that has ever happened to us:”We don’t know about what is happening formally, because people are dying from exposure to aerosolized chemicals. One million tons of aluminium, strontium and sodium chloride will kill tens of thousands a year, said the leading geoengineer in the US, David Keith, who works for Bill Gates. You can watch him say this on Wigington’s documentary. He was captured in an early seminar: “A million tons of aluminum in the sky would kill tens of thousands of people a year.” They have added ten to twenty million tons of aluminum into the atmosphere annually”.

“The stated goal of the two top geoengineers in the US, Dr. David Keith and Dr. Ken Caldeira is to put ten to 20 million tons of nano particulates into the global sky every single year on top of industrialized pollution. Wigington’s research shows they are already doing it and more.”

“At another conference, when asked about the dangers of filling the skies with nano-aluminium, Keith waffled and then banned Wigington from any other geoengineering conference. You can watch this too in The Dimming.”

All this geoengineering, regardless if weather manipulation, cloud-seeding, plant and animal destruction, bio-weapon releases, natural disaster creation, intensity enhancing HAARP procedures, directed energy, 2,500 degree ‘grass fires,’ or microwave engineering techniques, are meant to harm, to sicken, and to alter or kill life at all levels. This is no longer arguable. Planned Chaos Ludwig von Mises Best Price: $1.99 Buy New $9.95 (as of 07:55 UTC - Details)

Look up, open your eyes to see, and understand that these toxic metals and poisons are raining down on you most every day of your life. This is reality, not theory, and anyone who chooses to accept fact and irrefutable evidence to support these claims, will if honest, come to the conclusion that our natural world is being purposely destroyed, and of all of us are being mentally and physically injured intentionally, and for very nefarious purposes. This is the State’s war on all life on earth. It destroys the environment, causes, death to plants, insects, birds, and all animal life, and of course including humans. It causes respiratory disease, heart disease, cancer, among a multitude of other horrendous health afflictions, and allows for the monsters of the State to claim false pandemics in order to control and cull society.

Yes, our environment is being devastated, but not by your daily activities, driving, flying, cow farts, or any carbon excess claimed by pseudo-scientists, bought and paid for by governments, NGOs, duplicitous universities, and so-called ‘think tanks.’ It is being purposely destroyed by the very few you allow to rule over you, command your obedience, and who think of you only as lambs for slaughter. You, all of you, are being used to advance your own extinction.

Will you continue to allow your own demise at the hands of the controlling cabal who are intent on your elimination, or will you believe your own eyes, and refuse to accept the fate that has been planned for you by the ruling class, its governments, its enforcers, its military, and its corporate and banking partners bent on world domination? You, all of you, are being used to advance your own extinction.

“Fifty years ago, Gordon MacDonald described how the forces of nature might be surreptitiously turned against enemy nations to cause great harm. Here we disclose a diabolically deceptive Trojan horse document that mandates sovereign nations to engage in covert environmental warfare against their own citizens and against citizens of other sovereign nations. Evidence and consequences from scientific and medical investigations indicate that this global environmental war is devastating. Unless stopped, we march rapidly toward the first human-caused mass extinction of life on earth.”