How To Recognize If Bird Flu Is Real Disease and Its Kayfabe Reality


“Medicine is full of diseases that are imaginary or merely renamed when no cure could be demonstrated. When I entered medicine, I recognized that there weren’t enough patients under age 65 to sustain the number of physicians medical schools were cranking out.  I didn’t count for the capacity of medicine to invent new diseases as part of its disease manufacturing industry.  Based on my career as an emergency medicine physician and private practitioner I recognized that diseases that are imaginary are such as AIDS and Hepatitis B & C. Renamed diseases are Syphilis, Lupus, Malaria, Zika, Dengue, Yellow Fever, and Ebola, all of which are the same disease of syphilis, have no specific blood test for each and all have a “false positive test” for Syphilis (which is not a sexual transmitted disease). A real disease is Strep Throat.  Paraphrase of Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD, How to Tell If a Disease is Imaginary and other videos.

The Herbal Remedies & ... Farrow, Lena Best Price: $13.79 Buy New $19.77 (as of 07:52 UTC - Details) Another national election cycle is approaching. So, it is no surprise that the first-ever Avian Flu outbreak in humans has been declared by the US Centers of Disease Control (CDC) threatening lockdowns and mass euthanization of chickens.  Cattle are on the Avian Flu watch list as well. On April 1, 2024, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control  (CDC) (falsely reported the Republican state of Texas) reported the first case of human H5-N1 bird flu in a human.  The CDC warned about an issuing an order to mass euthanize cattle raised for meat and dairy.  Once such an order is rendered, Avian Flu would take on the redesignation as a social fact corroborated by multi-millions of dollars of re-compensation paid to cattle ranchers and dairies for their imaginary losses and the entire money chain of veterinarians, physicians, academic researchers and fear-peddling media would attest to its legitimacy, as their livelihoods depend on it (a sociological self-fulfilling prophecy).  Viruses may not be a biological reality, but they are a social reality, albeit a precarious one to keep the social fiction working.

Should we be worried about Avian Flu crossing over from birds to humans that has never historically occurred? Firstly, there is no such thing as a virus as technically described by WHO and the CDC.  However, there are Bacteriophages, Bacterial Plasmids and Endotoxins that can become “virulent” when modern medicine attempts to kill bacteria with fungal antibiotics.  The 2006 report of 150 people dying from Avian Flu in 2006 in Asia was bogus and some of the deaths were attributed to overkill drug treatments (see Claus Kohnlein, MD, Virus Mania: Avian Flu, Cervical Cancer, SARS, Hepatitis C, AIDS and Polio: How the Medical Industry Continuously Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits at our Expense, 2007).

Secondly, Wetlands International, a United Nations program to protect wildlife, has stated there is no proof ever that bird flu can cross over from animals to humans (quoted in Virus Mania). When independent researchers asked the Robert Koch Institute and the National Center for Viral Diseases for proof of bird virus crossover to humans, there was no response.  Human bird flu is so imaginary that it exists only in the 1995 Hollywood movie “Outbreak” starring Dustin Hoffman.  But the ideological dimensions of Avian Flu are wide and deep, as it has its own imaginary political economy.  And none of its beneficiaries are going to allow their entitlements to be taken from them.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD (a physician now in Panama whose medical license was removed because she did not demand her patients take enough prescription drugs to profit the medical establishment) offers some guidance in her online video “How to Tell if a Disease is Imaginary?” Daniels asserts there are five tests to determine if a disease is real or imaginary.

  1. Disease symptoms must be present more than something vague like a headache.
  2. There must be physical findings like a rash, pain, cold or Phot skin, swelling, etc.
  3. There must be an objective direct test not indirect test like antibodies or even microscopic depictions of what some expert visualizes or easily manipulated spectrometry of deflected light waves (direct tests would be x-ray, chemical assay). Petri dish growth of bacteria cannot be a sample taken from an animal and then claimed to be from a human.
  4. Perceived cause and effect. Growth of bacteria in a Petri dish may deceive as to the real cause (the post hoc fallacy) because as alternative medicine practitioners assert bacteria only show up to eat dying or putrefying cells.
  5. Evidence that alleged treatment will cure or alleviate symptoms of disease. And if a treatment does eliminate symptoms, are the side effects or risks worse than the disease (e.g., antibiotic resistance, septic blood poisoning from needle injections, etc.).   And growth of bacteria in a Petri dish may deceive as to the real cause (the post hoc fallacy) because as alternative medicine practitioners assert bacteria only show up to eat dying or putrefying cells.

She classifies illness into the following categories:

  1. Medical Conditions – caused my malnutrition and drug abuse.  Leprosy is a nutritional deficiency as is scurvy (vitamin C, Beri-Beri (Vitamin B-1), and pellagra (Vitamin B-3 niacin). Nonetheless, leprosy is treated with a combination of antibiotics that can cause bacterial resistance and death.  AIDS is a very real sickness, but it is not a disease.
  2. Imaginary Diseases – Such as AIDS, which is not a disease but a condition resulting from drug abuse and sepsis blood poisoning from using needles.  Hepatitis B and C are also imaginary diseases.  All three have no effective treatment or cure.
  3. Renamed Diseases – when the medical industry gets pressured to show they have eradicated a disease with inoculations they merely change the name of the disease and declare that the old-named disease has been vanquished by modern medicine, such as Polio which is caused by DDT and contaminated water supplies. Syphilis, Lupus, Malaria, Zika, Dengue, Yellow Fever, and Ebola, all of which are the same disease of Syphilis, have no specific blood test for each and all have a “false positive test” for Syphilis (because they are Syphilis which is not a sexual transmitted disease). See Kate Sugak, The Truth About Smallpox, video, about renamed diseases.
  4. Real Disease – Dr. Daniels classifies Strep Throat as a real disease given it has visible physical symptoms of pus from the tonsils in the throat causing sore throat, fever, nausea, throat pain. There is a seemingly objective test in that it can be cultured in a Petri dish and shown to grow. And antibiotic treatment can seemingly “cure” it. But an antibiotic deficiency is not the cause of Strep Throat as it is clogged up Lymph Nodes located on the tonsils in the throat.  Strep Throat is tonsillitis. The Lymph canal is a drainage system that removes toxins and waste and is part of the Lymph System of bone marrow, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes and lymph tubes that carry mucus and white blood cells where the Strep infection is.  When the Lymph nodes on the tonsils in the throat are inflamed and clogged up, it can be cleared by taking alternating cold and hot showers and massage, no antibiotics necessary.  But utmost precaution needs to be taken. If a child gets Strep Throat after, say, eating sugar-laden birthday cake, gets a sore throat and is sent home from a hospital without antibiotics they can quickly die of sepsis.  Those purist alternative medicine practitioners who correctly say that bacteria are not pathological have to be understood with an abundance of caution given the context of the lethal reality of Strep Throat.

The reality of Lymphedema is that it can be potentially deadly sepsis, not merely a sore throat that can be magically cured by an antibiotic. The apparent cause of Strep Throat is a sort of poisoning from refined sugar consumption.  Apple Cider Vinegar, Magnesium, exercise or stretching, and saltwater washes are antidotes.  Strep Throat is not spread by saliva or nasal mucus as has been demonstrated in numerous studies.  The common cold, influenza, mononucleosis, and measles can be mistaken for Strep Throat, which is perhaps why antibiotics are overprescribed.  There are no economic incentives for holistic treatment of Strep Throat as congestion of the Lymph System.  Ergo, incentives matter in manufacturing medical realities.

Modern Medicine Requires Kayfabe Awareness

Do we need to be worried about an outbreak of Avian Flu in humans? YES! Because it is an economically institutionalized social construction that has very real negative consequences on unsuspecting people as its victims. Those in the Knowledge or Professional Class whose livelihoods are dependent on the social fiction of Avian Flu and the “Big-Farma” corporate beneficiaries of its government re-compensation programs are not going to offer any clarity on what is and is not an imaginary disease. It is like what is called “Kayfabe” in professional wrestling: the unspoken tacit agreement between wrestlers and their fans to pretend that overly staged pro wrestling events, stories, characters, are genuine.  Kayfabe is the practice of maintaining the illusion that everything is real, including scripted personas, rivalries, and storylines. Kayfabe comes from the Pig Latin pronunciation of the word “fake” or “akefay”. Raw and Beyond: How Om... Sarno, Chad Best Price: $1.74 Buy New $9.27 (as of 07:02 UTC - Details)

The term kayfabe describes a reality that is part illusion and part real (surreal) where the active belief of the spectator or participant (or patient) is needed to make it real (see sociologist Peter L. Berger, The Social Construction of Reality, 1966). In wrestling this often “extends beyond the in-match performance to other contexts, such as backstage footage and interviews”. Like pro wrestling, a person with medical symptoms can get “potatoed” – which refers to a very real body slam or punch by a wrestling opponent who uses full force or aggression by surprise.  Witness all those who took C-19 shots only to find the social reality too late. 

There is emerging evidence that the previously believing public are waking up to the Kayfabe reality of modern medicine and government medical policies. In Sun City, Arizona, a retirement homeowners association of 40,000 people dutifully took their flu shots every year and lined up for the C-19 shot in droves. Now they are neither taking the annual flu shots nor any virus shots.  The local pharmacy located inside a popular food store chain has apparently had no response for several weeks to a job advertisement for a vaccination host and shot giver. As retired US Air Force officer Karen Kwiatowski aptly describes it in her article “Next Up, Realism”:

“…people living in the territory of the US will cope with their insane government as best as they can, and they will constrain it through ‘quiet quitting’ the state, calm disobedience of state authority, and rejuvenation of community”.

Behavioral passive-aggressiveness is the counter revolution that a tyrannical, corporate fascist state now faces. Nobody is buying tickets to the metaphorical pro-wrestling design of government. This is why the Christmas Santa Claus fable is taught to children to learn that adult reality is mostly fictional. Now we need a similar story and term for adults to learn what is and is not a social fiction, a real or an imaginary disease.