Georgia Accuses Washington of Trying to Overthrow the Country in Order To Open a Second Front against Russia

It is just as I said, and Putin’s inability to recognize reality and endlessly prolonging the conflict in Ukraine is bringing Russia and the world more trouble. A Southern View of the... Ashe, Samuel A'Court Best Price: $10.11 Buy New $8.99 (as of 08:47 UTC - Details)

Putin’s dithering has now brought the French Foreign Legion to the front lines in Ukraine, and western Ukraine is accumulating NATO troops. As I have emphasized from the beginning, wars need to be quickly won, not extended indefinitely.

Putin pretends he is engaged in a limited military operation when in fact he is at war with the West.

The limited operation has spun out of control precisely as I said it would. Now there are Western troops and intelligence services involved, and Russia has to defend against long-range missiles striking deep into Russia while Washington schemes to open a second front against Russia and to separate China from Russia. Utter disaster will be the consequence of Putin’s refusal to win the war. Putin’s dithering has greatly expanded NATO on Russia’s borders with the addition of Finland and Sweden and allowed NATO to plan for war with Russia just as Putin’s dithering over Donbas provided the US with eight years to create a large Ukrainian army. Consequently, Russia’s self-defense now requires the use of nuclear weapons. There is no sign of the West coming to its senses. Putin is relying on a chimera. See this.