The Shooting of Prime Minister Robert Fico

A Day that will Live in Infamy

The shooting of Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia, on May 15th was a clear move by hidden forces around the world that represent global finance, to intimidate all politicians and leaders, and determine the fate of humanity. The shooting of Prime Minister Fico was an unmistakable act of war.

This war has been launched in secret against those who have worked to reject the World Health Organization’s infamous Pandemic Treaty, a false treaty created by organizations pretending to be governments, that provides the rich and powerful unlimited powers. It does so by creating opaque multinational institutions run in secret which usurp the rights of the citizens, of local governments, of nation states, and of all other institutions of civil society that refuse to bow before the puppets and puppy dogs that are propped up by hidden hands of the money changers. Individualism and Econ... F. A. Hayek Best Price: $13.01 Buy New $26.45 (as of 03:55 UTC - Details)

The WHO Pandemic Treaty will do so specifically through revised “International Health Regulations” that introduce a modern form of slavery.

We may not understand, or agree, with everything Prime Minister Robert Fico, has said and done, but we should be clear as to the message we have been sent through his shooting.

It is a fact that Slovakia has rejected the Pandemic Treaty and that the administration of Prime Minister Fiko has launched investigations into the corruption surrounding the COVID-19 operation, the vaccine regime, and that he has personally called for investigations of the deaths that have resulted from those vaccines.

Those moves were connected with efforts to reject global mandates for the control of energy and the economy supposedly in order to prevent climate change. Those mandates are not aimed at protecting the environment, but rather at creating absolute dependency on multinational corporations and banks for survival, for all the citizens of the world.

This shooting is an act of war not unlike the shooting of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary on June 28, 1914, almost exactly 110 years ago in Sarajavo, just to the south of Slovakia.

This event is tied to both globalist efforts to destroy civil society and to render all inhabitants of the earth as slaves, and tied to nationalist battles between NATO states like Germany, Britain, and the US, and Russia and its allies and associates. We do not know the full story yet but we can be sure, as the old saying goes, that all wars are bankers’ wars.

The cancerous growth of private equity and investment banks that has captured the government of the United States, and that represents a handful of the richest families has once again crossed the Rubicon in its campaign to destroy humanity and we can be certain that they are making it clear to the entire world through this attack that any political figure who dares to oppose their campaign to enforce the universal slavery that they will affect by seizing control of food supplies, energy, transportation, information, money and land—and combining that operation with the control of the human mind through mindless entertainment and news, and the human body, through vaccines and foodstuffs, will be extirpated.

I look around at the other candidates for president, expecting them to recognize the danger inherent in this declaration of war, hoping that they will denounce this crime, that they will expose its purpose and that they will stand with me against the rule of global finance. But sadly, this attack has had, so far, the intended effect of increasing even more the already towering cowardice of politicians.

Yet, this shall not stand!

I speak to the citizens of the United States, and to the citizens of the world.

To my fellow citizens of the United States of America, I call on you all to recognize this declaration of war for what it is: a war of the few against humanity itself. We must stand up against this rule by a handful of the rich on their yachts, their private islands and their jet planes, and we must reject their push to destroy our bodies through false international agreements that neuter nation states like the WHO Pandemic Treaty. A Southern View of the... A'Court Ashe, Samuel Best Price: $21.26 Buy New $19.99 (as of 09:02 UTC - Details)

That means that our entire defense and intelligence system must be transformed, rebuilt from the ground up, starting today, so as to defend the citizen and to resist oppression by the powerful. It matters not if it be but a handful of the brave who will lead the first charge against great odds.

I promise you that we will be there with you, and that there will be others who will follow you. Go forward bravely and transform through your courageous acts the very firmament that shelters our humble lives.

Security and defense will no longer consist of the protection of profits for the rich and powerful or the promotion of multinational banks and corporations over citizens and over nature itself. Remember that most of those multinational banks and corporations behind these attacks, although they may seem to be “American” are in fact incorporated abroad, pay little or no taxes, and their stock is held by the wealthy few, psychopaths who have only contempt for local governance and sovereignty. Why should our children shed their blood, or other’s blood, to generate profits for the few at our expense?

No, security must be entirely about protecting the minds, the bodies, the intellectual autonomy, and the spiritual integrity of the citizens of our country in accord with the words and the import of the Constitution.

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