Put Not Your Trust in Speakers

There is a severe amount of coping going on in much of America at what recently unfolded in the US Congress.  The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson (R-LA), gave in to the demands of the Deep State and Elitists on multiple issues, from domestic surveillance on American citizens, to sending more massive amounts of taxpayer money to fund wars and provocations overseas in Europe and Asia.  The debate unleashed chaos both in the smoke-filled rooms of government and the marble halls of the pundit class.  It also exposed the ruling elites of America as the traitors that they are as they waved the flags of a foreign nation and cheered on its behalf even as they refused to pass measures meant to help enhance America’s security at home.

Those who have been betrayed and angered the most in this recent disgusting show are the everyday people of America.  These are the people who are becoming desperate as their lives gradually become more impossible to live in any peace at all.  They know the truth about the dying economic situation of domestic America.  They know the truth about the abuse which these numerous, vaguely-worded laws and regulations wreak upon them to keep them from rising through their own hard work and effort.  They know the truth that things just got much tighter for them thanks to a recently completed tax season which was more notably harsh for the majority of working individuals.  These are the ones who are suffering the most from policies like the ones the Speaker just threw his weight behind. National Security and ... Glennon, Michael J. Best Price: $10.00 Buy New $11.95 (as of 08:05 UTC - Details)

The lessons of recent history should have been a reason for caution when it came to believing in the promise of political figures, but the high stakes of the current situation left many desperate for something to latch their hopes on to.  When Johnson came to power after the ouster of Kevin McCarthy last October, many placed their hopes in him to hold the line until the 2024 election when it was further hoped that Donald Trump and a fair number of sane individuals would be returned to power electorally.  All those hopes were dashed after Johnson received a visit from Deep State representatives in the American intelligence community as well as pressure from British foreign secretary David Cameron.  Shortly after those events, Johnson turned and announced his support for these disastrous policies, and in so doing dashed the hopes of all those who had trusted him to hold the line.  It was a fitting end to the most recent disgraceful episode of the DC soap opera that has unfolded over the last ninety-five years at least.

It is time for the people of America to prepare to quit this DC soap opera.  There really is no other choice if they and their descendants wish to survive.  They must come to the same realization the American colonists did in 1774 after seeing the harsh reality of the situation as the British Parliament implemented the Intolerable Acts.  They must prepare to navigate their own path and extract themselves from the rule of these elite classes who have nothing but disdain for those they consider “beneath them.”

The process of withdrawing from the DC soap opera must begin with nullification.  Peaceful civil disobedience should be pursued as a general course of action, with local governments, businesses, and individuals exercising their right under natural law to refuse to co-operate with the coming unjust and tyrannical orders from the elites.  Local nullification committees should be established to give support to those refusing to enforce or co-operate with these tyrannical laws and regulations and so build up the strength of this local peaceful resistance.

Mass non-compliance is always the opening step to the collapse of a tyrannical state’s power.  Either the state attempts to bring down a heavy hand leading to an explosion of support for the resistance (“The more you tighten your grip, the more they slip through your fingers” as Star Wars eloquently put it) or the state is exposed as unable to enforce their own mandates leading to a massive loss of visible legitimacy.  Either way, the tyrannical state’s foundation will finally move from a state of ossified decay to a state of unfolding collapse as their control crumbles.

It will be at this time that the needed breakup of Imperial America will begin in earnest.  As happened in the early days of the American Revolution, the tyrannical elites will seek to replace those locally who defy their orders.  The people then respond by forming alternative governments, such as local leadership councils, much as the founding generation did to keep the spirit of self-rule and the people’s liberties alive.  The massive support which the tyrants claimed to enjoy through rigged polls and elections will be shown to have been nothing but a carefully manufactured facade.  The real levels of political dissatisfaction will cause the Elites’ house of cards to collapse just like Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi schemes did when the economic crisis became too much for him to keep up his cover. Cancel Culture Diction... Failla, Jimmy Best Price: $8.40 Buy New $19.68 (as of 11:22 UTC - Details)

What will then unfold may likely correspond in a rough way to what Ayn Rand portrayed in the last chapters of her novel Atlas Shrugged.  A nation full of people walking away because they can no longer endure the tyranny.  Secession from the imperial capitols will become the norm and new political alliances and affiliations will form among those of like minds and values.  As the sorting clears the confusion, the rebuilding will begin, and those peoples whose values are grounded in sound principles like natural law will be the ones to rise.

The time for looking to political figures to come to the rescue is over.  It is time for the people to begin the process of taking back their own governance.  As the Psalmist wrote: “Put not your trust in Princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no help. When his breath departs he returns to his earth; on that very day his plans perish.”  The tyrannical plans of the Elites will fail, because they are men.  What emerges after the collapse will depend on the involvement of the local people in determining their own governance.