Global Rules Based Order of Collective Thought

It is so depressing to listen and read people calling for the death of protesting students in America and 2 million Palestinians – in Gaza and Rafah.  These people are pro-Maga.   They are Zionist.  They are Democrat.  They cross the spectrum and join the Uniparty.  It is the Collective Concept wherein if one person disobeys, all his people are guilty.  The guilt by association includes entire races.  There were supposedly 15,000 to 20,000 at the start of the annihilation.  EU Human Rights Monitor suggests that of the nearly 40,000 dead, roughly 2500 were actually Hamas. 

Israel has been involved in 18 wars/conflicts since they effected a coup in 1948 – five involved Hamas.  Prior to “Hamas” over 200,000 Palestinians had been killed and 3 million sent to refuge camps.  Yet somehow Hamas is to blame for the dissent – and Israel is defending itself by murdering unarmed civilians How Everything Became ... Brooks, Rosa Best Price: $2.21 Buy New $11.95 (as of 06:02 UTC - Details)

Every protestor across the US, every sympathizer with human life are HAMAS!  Israelis in America are calling for the deportation of Americans who criticize Israel.  And somehow all the awakened are asleep again.   Israel says jump …  and Americans ask, ‘how high?’.

What happened to ‘tolerance’?  Bow down on your knees and lick the feet of black people.  Only black people allowed.  Only black owned businesses get money.  Suddenly, the flip side is Zion against everyone not Zion.  And tolerance means jail or death.  The illegals suddenly don’t exist.  And the focus is on ‘protesters’ – kids!

The ‘awakened’ have forgotten the protests of the 50’s – civil rights movement, 60’s – anti Vietnam War,  and 70’s women’s rights.  They have forgotten how FBI agents and SOROS paid agitators incite protests into radical violence. Should all of these protesters been jailed and/or deported?  Fomenting rage is the means to distract.

Thought Leaders:   “CSIS has drawn from original research and a series of high-level discussions with global thought leaders to explore the evolving contours of this order, its future dynamics, and the most effective pathways for U.S. engagement.”   What is a ‘thought leader’?

According to CSIS, likemindedness was the goal of the Global Rules Based Order.  Everyone must share one ideology.  Everyone must have one opinion that is fed into their mindbox.  Everyone must comply or be punished.  And suddenly – this democratic theory is upended because people don’t want to become automatons.  And that qualifies as racist, discriminatory, and terrorist.  Guantanamo –

As a result, CSIS declares that dealing with the Global South, particularly Russia and China, they are at a loss because these bulwark nations refuse to pander to the one thought project and instead support their political, economic, and social diversity from the Zionist Cartel.

CSIS Solution:  “appreciating these differences, and what these states share in their aspirations for the global order, will help Washington craft a more effective strategy for international engagement in the years ahead.”

In other words, the Zionist Cartel is going to use ‘thought leaders’ to craft a better means of disposing of these opposition countries in order to effectuate The Global Rules Based Order.

In solving this crisis of rebel children, CSIS has developed a schematic of partners and stakeholders who will work toward the exclusion of China and Russia in trade and technology.

I2U2:  Developed in 2021 encompassing the UAE, US, Israel and India, The Quad, is intent on replacing The BRICS.  Claiming to be a private/public project, I2U2 is actually a subsidiary of the Department of State under the Israeli banner.    Funding is exclusively American Taxpayers.  They appear to be the global partnership expansion of NED – National Endowment for Democracy.

Stakeholders:  Gavi Vax, Bezos Earth, Rockefeller Foundation, Ikea Foundation, World Bank, Unicef, and The Global Energy Alliance.  The Green Energy Alliance is a plethora of banks and  solar solutions to energy.  Attempting to bring onboard Middle East countries into the fray of the Green Solutions will never come to much fruition given their economies depend on oil – the entire strategy seems rather weak and pointless.  Israel too is drilling for oil off the Gaza coastline.  The future of energy is NOT solar and wind no matter how they frame this massive adventure into land degradation!

Bezos Earth Fund claims its creation is to ‘solve climate impacts’.  As a part of that initiative they are researching ‘alternative proteins’ – in line with Gates failed fake foods.  Apparently, FOOD is the second largest cause of climate change.   While pledging a $10 billion giveaway, so far the fund has given to ineffective stalwarts such as The World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defense fund, etc… and has received hefty criticism from both the left and right as a result.  According to Guide Star, the Fund has failed to provide a Form 990 nonprofit return to the IRS since its inception in 2020. Love: The Song of the ... Martineau, Jason Best Price: $7.13 Buy New $10.22 (as of 06:02 UTC - Details)

It appears CSIS is overly confident in its future with these partners and peers revealing their lack of future global strategies.  The current state of the world is on a precipice – tilting between reality and fakery – an agenda the Zionist Regime is unwilling to relent.   Replacing the Rules Based Order with a new and improved rules based order is like selling Americans regurgitated stale zucchini – which becomes a toxic poison.  Been there…

This CSIS report also reveals – they really have no plan other than hamster spinning the airwaves hoping that Netanyahu will just be done with his death wish and in time the world will simply forget and move along.  Too many generations are witnessing this in graphic detail.   Their prized ‘youth market’ has defected.  The millennials are pissed.   And the Boomers are split down the middle – war hawks vs peacemakers.  America’s White House Handlers are NOT gaining traction and have seemingly lost the race to Agenda 2030 via endless wars, medical deaths, vaccine deaths, and a fraught and flailing economy.   NONE of which had to happen…

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.