Christians In Palestine – Bombed by Netanyahu

The ever secular Zionist media, The Economist, declares that “God, an aging product, outperforms expectations”.   When viewing God as a ‘product’ the extent to which the secular dome of Israel reflects the World Economic Forum’s ideology to extract all religion from society, the outcome is seen in Gaza.  If the religion cannot be extracted, then the persons will be.  

A millennium in the making, religion creates unity and instills values, that Zion wants to destroy.  Russia is now considered the most religious in terms of population.  America has taken the second place spot – but with the added identity of ‘spiritual’.   What exactly does ‘spiritual’ even mean?   From my own experiences, it means next to nothing.

The Pope and the Econo... Gniadek, Jacek Best Price: $15.00 Buy New $14.95 (as of 01:43 UTC - Details) Often times, dropout Catholics describe themselves as ‘spiritual’ out of animosity toward Catholicism.   While I have had a few bouts with churches, I have found it makes my own belief and faith that much stronger.  Churches are man made and too often become corrupted by ego.   Unfortunately, the Kabbalah has hijacked churches and turned them into secular money pots – but they still don’t know how to hijack ‘religion’.  Because – no one can…

it is theorized that John Lennon was recruited by the Kabbalah and instructed to create the song, Imagine.   “Imagine no religion”.  Even Lennon had an awakening.   He rebuked the Kabbalah, went back to his Catholic faith, and was murdered.   That’s what happens to anyone inside the circle.   You are NEVER allowed out – too great of a risk.

The Economist is suggesting that Netanyahu will be replaced … because his Generals don’t like him any longer.   He has become the ‘weak link’.

Three European countries have declared they will uphold the ICC arrest warrant against Netanyahu.  The G7 is shaking in their boots waiting to get their Orders.   The misunderstanding with the Biblical interpretation ‘I will stand with Israel no matter what’ is the fault of the Preachers and Priests.  Their purpose is to educate and guide their congregations toward a righteous understanding of The Word.  Not their ‘ego inflated word’, but the Biblical Word.

America has fallen well below the threshold of its claim of 68% identify as Christian.

Where are these 68% Christians when the remaining Palestinian Christians are being slaughtered along with their friends in The West Bank and Gaza?    The State Department estimates the number of Christians in Palestine before the genocide were down tenfold to roughly 50,000.   The other 450,000 having fled – not the ‘brutal Hamas’ but the secular Zionists.   Why?

Christians are treated like Muslims in Palestine.  They must seek a permit from the Israeli government to join Easter services in Jerusalem or Bethlehem.  Out of 50,000, Israel saw fit to grant just 200 permits.  The Israeli occupation did not discriminate between Muslims and Christians – they too are subject to arbitrary arrests, confiscation of their land and home, and economic isolation.

Why isn’t our Christian Congress appalled?

70 years ago, Bethlehem was 86% Christian.  Today that number is a mere 12%.  The Israeli government built a wall around Bethlehem and annexed the land for Jewish settlements.  Secular Jewish settlements.   People who have no religious affiliation are in control of Israel’s Holy Sites.   The Vatican is silent.  The War of Silence.  Is now deafening.   And the churches are mute.

Netanyahu expanded his Gaza and Rafah war into the West Bank, killing indiscriminately, confiscating homes, and literally throwing people into the street.   Yet, Christians support this.  “Kill them all”!   Are any of these Christians left?  Are they alive?  Are they being starved?  These Christians and Muslims worked together, ate together, tilled the land together.  There was no animosity.  Because they worshipped the same places and had peace with God.   Until Netanyahu said,  “NO MORE”!   Did they become dirty and vile?   Or is Congress simply braindead?

While Blinken is cooking up a means of punishing the ICC while nailing Putin to the wall of the same ICC, Netanyahu has declared that he is withholding ALL Palestinian funds from being distributed because three European countries sided with Palestine and the ICC in the terms of the arrest warrant.  Most of those funds come from Qatar.  Therefore, Netanyahu is now blindly riling another Middle East country which is likely not pleased.

Not to worry, as western alliances drop like flies, China and Russia see economic opportunity.  The Middle East is not overly concerned about US sanctions – They have no reason to be.  So Russia and China are forging ‘friendships’ – a concept lost on Zions controlling the West.  And yet another power vacuum regurgitates Americas hegemony.  To the detriment of every ‘legal’ US citizen. A Faith That Will Not ... Cushatt, Michele Best Price: $6.75 Buy New $10.91 (as of 12:14 UTC - Details)

Without China, without Chinese goods, America is woefully unprepared and over-priced.   The 20% increase in trade with Mexico is likely due to the China/Mexico factory alliance (thank you commenter), and still also results in a deficit. The increase was predominantly in cars and car parts – as in those cheap $10,000 electric vehicles.

How to woooo India.

The trade deficit with China is now being partially replaced by a trade deficit with India while China is India’s largest trade partner…   Which begs the question – what’s the difference?   A deficit is still a deficit.  Is the quality better?  Is the price better?  Or is it simply a Bad China Board game – again.

Netanyahu’s ‘targeted’ murder of civilians is a War Crime.   No amount of PR will change that fact.   145 UN member countries voted to recognize Palestine’s statehood.   The WORLD has spoken.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.