America’s Dollar Power Is Shrinking

Secretary of State, Blinken’s, trip to China was an abject disaster.  There were more than a few demands on the agenda:  Sever Ties with Russia.  Decrease support for Chinese businesses competing with America.  Reduce high technology advances.  The meeting was a failure because it came with ultimatums, or blackmail, should Xi Jinping fail to agree.  What Blinken did NOT offer was the ability to negotiate like grown men.

In essence, Blinken’s demands amounted to a servitude position –  America is behind and needs China to reboot to its previous posture as a – world factory machine.    China can produce goods for trade but weapons, high tech, AI – are verboten.  America must control those advancements.  Which would explain why Xi gave Blinken an hour before booting him out doors into the street. You Will Own Nothing: ... Roth, Carol Best Price: $10.89 Buy New $14.54 (as of 11:47 UTC - Details)

America under the dung of the Deep State has lost its mojo and doesn’t understand why?   No one wants to be a vassal statehood any longer.  America’s Handlers want to maintain the dollar hegemony and will punish those who don’t follow the leader.  A game children play – and the government demands.  Immediately upon Blinken’s return – he said he had hard evidence China was ‘interfering in the election’.  A claim that fell FLAT.

Problem:  No one believes Blinken.   No one believes the US government.  No one believes the US military apparatus.  Governments across the globe are saying DONE.  FINI!

Roll out the sanctions.  Except America can’t.  Reliance on China remains high and Xi Jinping just called the bluff.  US trade deficits continue with China maintaining the ‘leadership’ at nearly $280 billion in 2023.  Deficits were also noted in US trade with; EU, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Canada, Ireland, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Switzerland, Indonesia, Austria, France, India and Sweden!  Not exactly stellar!

It is an interesting mentality to want to war with everyone while most other advanced countries want to grow with everyone.  Amidst a slow GDP growth rate of 1.6%, Biden Handlers declare they want to increase the capital gain tax rate to 44.6%.  Not to worry, it only applies to people making over $1 million.  Meaning Wall Street will literally crash given the people who maintain the market are those making over a million.  But they know that.

In addition, Biden’s Handlers are proposing a tax on ‘unrealized gains’ for those people with Net Assets over $100 million.  How will the IRS determine Net Assets?

Exodus 101 – all the millionaires will simply utilize their dual passport status to declare they are now a resident outside the US and have no earned income in the US.  IF in fact, a tax should be proposed it would be the removal of Charitable tax exemption.  Specifically for NGO’s and Foundations.  There are over 86,000 Foundations holding Net Assets of over $1.2 Trillion.   There are now 1.54 million NGO’s in the US.  No one knows their cumulative value – but an estimate based on Foundations would put the number somewhere in the region of $21.5 Trillion in untaxed accumulated revenue.

Universities are ‘educational institutions’ in a parallel universe.  But this status means they pay no federal tax and no property tax.  In fact, the president and fellows of these educational institutions are exempt from tax as well.  As a result, Harvard’s Endowment (Net assets) is now $51 billion and yet it continues to receive Taxpayer government funding annually! Yale Endowment is $41.5 billion, Stanford is $36 billion, and Princeton is $35 billion.

All these universities (educational institutions) have pension plans – funded by American Taxpayers.  In 2019, Harvard’s Revenue was $7.3 billion on expenses of $5.3 billion – including $110 million to their investment Manager, Total employee compensation costs were $2.510 million and gain on investments was $3.7 billion…  Not only do they get a free ride as an NGO, we pay for them.  We with zero pensions.

A charity by definition is supposed to be “NONPROFIT”.  Funds come in and all go out.  Trillions of untaxed dollars accumulating every year.  This is the Greatest Fraud perpetrated in America –

A large portion of money given to these NGO’s comes from the American Taxpayers via our government – for example we give Harvard over $600 million.  WHY – when it is sitting on $50 Billion in their endowment?   Many of those NGO’s are quite Hawkish and support the expansion of the Military Industrial Complex.  Often we leave a colonized country forfeiting our military equipment and the cost of bases  – like Afghanistan and more recently in African nations giving the US the boot.  We could easily fund our Military by cleaning up – waste.

The US dispenses such inane claims that ‘democracy is being attacked’ and money will prevent that from occurring.  In actuality, Politicians are afraid that their uselessness will be discovered.  There are 3.67 million people employed in colleges and 6.7 million in public schools.  The Deep State created this lopsided Taxation system called the Sixteenth Amendment to the US Constitution.  It was created by Democrats in alignment with ‘progressive republicans’ or what we call neoconservatives.  This Amendment was the basis for the creation of the Federal Reserve.  Written primarily by Nelson Aldrich, his daughter married John D Rockefeller jr.    All of this was with the collusion of Rothschild to control the global monetary system which led to the American Banking Cartel.

Democracy:  State Power is vested in The People.  The Will of The People is exercised.  Of course, this doesn’t exist anywhere.  IF it did, every single Bill and Act that is presented by Congress would be first voted on by each entity state before the state representative could present the Will of The People.  Not only does our Congress not employ the Constitution in governing, it allowed itself to become nonessential. The Great Reset: Joe B... Beck, Glenn Best Price: $2.13 Buy New $9.51 (as of 09:43 UTC - Details)

Full Circle.

Blinken was told to ‘double dare’ China and was royally embarrassed. America’s economy is shrinking while China and Russia are in a much better position.  The purpose of the sanctions is to stagnate competition.  To reel them in with a worm on a hook – instead of with detante.  The winning policy of honesty and mutual benefit is an unknown ideology for the Handlers.  They are perplexed and know no other way.

Blinken’s failures will be punished by the same people who own him.  And the world is staged to pass America by.  As the dollar teeters precipitously, the elites will need to move their money into alternate currencies further accelerating inflation.  Biden’s capital gains tax will help motivate them to move now rather than procrastinating.

The dollar now ranks tenth in the world for currency strength with the Kuwait Dinar taking first place. GDP growth is a miserable 1.6%.  IF The Handler Cartel really wants to boost revenues – … Nah.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.