Neocon Nikki Signs Israeli Bombs Urging Israel To Kill Palestinian Civilians

Pagan America: The Dec... Davidson, John Daniel Buy New $32.99 (as of 03:32 UTC - Details) Just when you thought “Neocon Nikki” could not sink any lower, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has posted on Twitter/X a deeply disturbing photo of former Republican presidential candidate – and reportedly in the running for Trump’s VP pick – in Israel signing bombs destined for Palestinian refugees living in tents in Rafah with the slogan, “FINISH THEM!”

Just one day after the Israeli military incinerated untold scores of Palestinian refugees in Rafah and after the International Court of Justice demanded that Israel stop its offensive against civilians, Nikki Haley urges the Israeli regime to “finish” the job of killing Palestinians.

You can despise Hamas if you wish, but if you call yourself “conservative” or especially “pro-life” it should go without saying that urging a foreign military – fully underwritten by the US government through the involuntary “contributions” of the US taxpayer – to “FINISH” families displaced in tent encampments after their homes have already been destroyed, is the epitome of endorsing mass murder.

How Not to Die: Discov... Stone, Gene Best Price: $8.10 Buy New $14.52 (as of 05:53 UTC - Details) For the Nazis to pursue their evil and twisted goal of ridding Europe of Jews, first they had to de-humanize them. So, eventually, sending them to the gas chambers was just the equivalent of “taking out the trash.” Nikki Haley is a modern-day Nazi, dehumanizing a civilian population not based on any crime they committed but on the construction of their DNA. “FINISH THEM” is an updated Nazi call for a pogrom and Haley is no different than a Himmler or any of the Nazi butchers.

If this is the path the Republican Party is pursuing, as Trump prepares to again ascend the throne, decent Americans of all stripes – especially conservative, pro-life Christians – must vocally defend decency and their Faith. If you defend the slaughter of Palestinian civilians, in no way are you pro-life. You are pro-death and in league with the Father of Darkness.

Reprinted with permission from The Ron Paul Institute.