Why Did China Facing Endless Troubles from Washington Accept a Visit from Blinken Aimed at Disrupting China’s Relationship With Russia?

Blinken Accuses China of helping Trump Steal the Election in November

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While Blinken accuses China out of one side of his mouth, he threatens China out of the other side with sanctions unless China abandons its support of Russia. See here.

At the same time, Blinken is up to mischief in Taiwan and supporting US military aid and presence on the island despite the official US “one China” policy. Surely it must occur to the Chinese government that if China helps Washington isolate Russia, China herself is isolated. In view of such reports as this–“US Encircling China With Military Bases to Cut Off Ocean Access in Conflict Scenario”  Chinese “Russian expert” Professor Feng Yujun appears to be very foolish. It is difficult to imagine China’s development and Silk Road project without Russian energy.

But maybe not. Both the Russian and Chinese governments have delusional tendencies that if they refuse to respond with more than words to Washington’s provocations, everything will eventually be OK. As I see it, the policy of conflict avoidance simply increases the number and seriousness of the provocations.

As I emphasize, the most important step toward peace would be a Russian-Chinese-Iranian announcement of a mutual defense treaty. This would introduce a missing caution into US foreign policy and halt the provocations that are leading to nuclear war.