The Demonic Flooding of America Was Deliberate

Drug and rock culture was invented by the elites, by the Olympians, by SRI, Tavistock and military intelligence.

This was published last August in a series looking at the people behind the curtain. It is a “story” that I continue to follow because it makes me very very cross. I grew up with the Canadian version of these people, and found them limited in vision and cruel. I had no idea how bad it was.

In this essay, I draw together the evidence that from the 60’s on, their goal was to break the children of three generations, (ending with gender reassignment surgery), destroy their minds, stunt their futures, ruin their families, attempt to persuade them that having children was bad, and that growth, prosperity and self-government was impossible, even destructive. From the Kennedy assassination onwards, a series of horrifying events was engineered to destabilize American culture and confidence. From military and hospital laboratories all over the US and Canada, psychiatrists ran experiments and devised actions to set community groups against each other, deliberately destroying civic peace. The environmental movement was created in these labs and seminar rooms, as was second wave feminism. All of it was anti-human, meant to draw down the population, and ensure that the rest were docile to the point of submission. Operation Paperclip, Operation Bluebird, Operation Mockingbird, MKUltra were and continue to be real, heavily funded, and weaponized against us. One-Minute Prayers for... Harvest House Publishers Best Price: $1.35 Buy New $9.99 (as of 04:32 UTC - Details)

I do not for a second imply that the art and music of that period, at least some of it, wasn’t genuine and the new spiritual disciplines weren’t valuable. But they were twisted and weaponized against us.

An engineered counter culture

The nicest person in my world asked me recently if a coven could use our ravine to celebrate Beltane. No, I exclaimed, absolutely not! And was surprised by my vehemence. I don’t particularly dislike or distrust Wicca, it is practiced all through the Pacific North West, in particular by eco-feminist witches, and I thought I saw it as harmless.

But apparently, I didn’t want it near me. And when questioning myself, I realized I didn’t want whatever these women might bring with them into my forest, where it might stay. Every religion has a version of the Tibetan bardo, Catholic purgatory, the lower astral, where monsters and demons live, hunting for vulnerable humans on which to prey. I’ve listened to enough Catholic exorcists to be very careful of invoking that particular world.

In fact, I loathe the occult. I think it’s frankly silly, intellectually empty and a waste of time, not to mention flatly evil. None of it, nothing, not one thing is provable, it’s all an attempt to gain unearned power through various nasty practices which end in nearly every case, in human sacrifice. Even Buddhism. One of my collector cousins had a Buddhist ceremonial skull, silver outlining eyes, nose hole, silvered teeth. Flip back the lid and you see a a hollowed-out hammered silver bowl fitted into the skull.  “What’s it for?” I asked. “Drinking blood,” he said. And it was an 18th century artifact; not old. Christians gave up drinking blood at the Last Supper.

JFK’s brain is still missing, no doubt used in some ghastly rite practised by these ridiculous people. His assassination, it is thought, was an invocation of occult power, called Killing of the King.

It was necessary to ruin Christianity in order to effect a one world government. That fact is out front in their founding documents, and the men chosen to insinuate the ideas of One Worldism into the culture were, by the time they were in their 60’s, full-on practitioners of the Occult. People questioned last week’s identification of Aldous Huxley as the man who brought those ideas to America, seeding them in Los Angeles, in fact. And then a reader found Huxley saying that the population of the world must be drawn down.

I have zero doubt that Huxley started out on the side of the angels but once you sign on to depop, you have aligned yourself with evil. We have dozens of statements out there by various admired people. Read these and then tell me they aren’t trying to kill us. It is hardly a secret. The people that run the world think there are too many of us. 9 Presidents Who Screw... Brion McClanahan Best Price: $3.84 Buy New $8.21 (as of 06:45 UTC - Details)

Huxley slipped the bounds of polite society – where he still ran propaganda campaigns that claimed he was against authority – as he embedded deeper into Children of the Sun, a Dionysian Egyptian cult that he propagated throughout California and the southwest.

Christianity is a simple faith. The seven virtues, connection with your God. Protestant Christianity flips over power again and again, as it asserts that connection between man and the divine is a direct relationship, intimate, not brokered by power-seeking priests. It is also an activist faith. You are your brother’s keeper.  You see something wrong, you don’t turn away and pretend you are above it, you fix it. And therein lies self-respect, not in self-cherishing or suiting up in peaked hats in a ravine on May 1st to call in the four directions and various spirits in order to what?

One World Government and depopulation would cause so much pain, they knew Christians would oppose it. The faith had to be de-privileged, driven out of polite culture. Seen as primitive, déclassé. Deplorable. The more bloodthirsty religions and practices were promoted as superior.

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