Peeling Back America’s Coup – What Will It Take?

A fire broke out at a munitions plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Minimal damage.  No deaths.   The plant is owned by the Federal Government via Taxpayer money – and General Dynamics uses the facility to make munitions for – Ukraine.  Silly me – I thought our Federal Government needed money to make munitions for America – according to Justifiable – Mike Johnson.   General Dynamics share price was $9 thirty years ago – $78 ten years ago and $285+ today; an increase of 3,167%.  They claim their backlog orders as of 12/23 is the highest ever at $93.6 billion ($21 billion unfunded) on annual income averaging in the $46-$50 billion range. They report an inventory value of $8.6 billion.

So where are all these munitions?  The US claims its stockpile inventory is depleted…  so where did the annual $50 billion go?  Since American Taxpayers are funding them – why don’t we get the entirety of their Net Profits?   Have all these munitions been sent to Ukraine?   Shouldn’t we be kept apprised given we are defacto shareholders Southern Independence:... Pace, Charles T. Best Price: $16.20 Buy New $20.20 (as of 05:22 UTC - Details)

This is what Mike Johnson is pushing for – more money from taxpayers to give to the Military Industrial Complex to produce weapons for Ukraine and Israel.  For Free.  And this is just ONE entity.

Outside of the General Dynamic CEO salary package of $22.6 million per year, the top 4 executives salary packages total near $30 million.  General Dynamic has no less than eleven members on the Board of Directors all receiving compensation packages over $320,000.  Why would they need a Board of Directors if GD works for the Federal Government?  And why do American Taxpayers pay exorbitant CEO and executive salaries far greater than the President of the United States – for a company we fund?

Certainly, there is private industry freedom – but General Dynamics and the Federal Government claim they are partners.

This is the ‘financial arrangement’ brokered by a slew of Lawyers, aka Congress.  (I don’t recommend their legal services).   And yet, they are the Federal Government routinely claim they are broke.  It illuminates the extent of fraud that has drilled into the very core of America’s government for decades.   Making a few laws – or lifting a few – will have negligible impact on the inherent injustice that has been created from the top down AND the bottom up.   Every state, every city, every DA, AG, down to local school boards have been infiltrated with a doctrine of deceit.

So, hypothetically how can it be repaired by Trump and his team?  

It will take a literal and figurative army of wounded warriors.   Chair potatoes will have to get up and do their part.  No one can be exempt.   Key is where to start, keep it legal, keep it Constitutional, and keep it clean!  Use the resources within a President’s authority so that the left doesn’t unravel the start before it gets off the ground.

  • Use their tactic of overwhelming – ie, inundate with lawsuits backed by factual evidentiary. To the tune of tens of thousands against everyone from Pelosi to Soros, to Congress, to Larry Fink.  Have the suits ready to be slapped the day he takes office; election interference, insurrections, Pandemic Fraud, .
  • Let loose the Executive Orders: a) lifting every Order initiated during the Biden Regime,  b)  Generate new EO’s pre-prepared for Day One.
  • Require every Department to complete an updated Audit that does NOT include ‘estimates’. The IRS doesn’t accept estimates – why should we.  Department of State and USAID = full stop – they fund the Deep State NGO apparatus.  According to the latest Financial Report issued by the Department of State FY2023– Net Assets are $78,000,000,000.  Employees total 80,000.  2023 Revenue was reported as $84.5 billion – on expenses of $34.6 billion.   Our Federal Government is NOT in the business of making a profit.  If there are Net Assets, the agency does NOT need more funding.

The sub headings for the Department of State goals and expenses are as follows – (attributed to seven different sub-agencies):

  1. Renew U.S. leadership and mobilize coalitions to address the global challenges –
  2. Promote global prosperity and shape an international environment –
  3. Strengthen democratic institutions, uphold universal values, and promote human dignity –
  4. Revitalize the diplomatic and development workforce and institutions –
  5. Serve U.S. Citizens around the world and facilitate secure international travel –
  • The U.S. Intelligence Community is a coalition of 18 agencies (having burgeoned from 7 as of 2020) and all of these organizations operate under the umbrella of the Director of National Intelligence, currently represented by Director, Avril Hanes. Hanes came from the CIA under Obama’s Regime.  Haines has a Law degree – Prior to her appointment as deputy Director to the CIA, Haines had no experience in intel, espionage, criminal justice, criminal science, foreign affairs, technology or security – ALL listed as degree requirements to be an employee at the CIA. Note:  (Deputy Directors are NOT subject to Senate confirmation).

However, prior to being tagged for the position of Director of National Intelligence by the Biden Handlers– she was an employee of Antony Blinken’s company, WestExec.  In 2017, WestExec was formed to strategize against the Trump Presidency.   In 2019, Teneo sold a majority stake of its company to CVC Partners based in Luxembourg.  In 2022, Westexec sold a majority interest of its company to Teneo – aka CVC Partners. Teneo has extensive ties to the Clinton Family.   

The call to shut down these INTEL agencies, in particular the CIA, was made 60 years ago by then President JF Kennedy.  Every year they have expanded exponentially through mazes of onshore and offshore strategies to eliminate the need for transparency and accountability. The Psychology of Tota... Desmet, Mattias Best Price: $10.05 Buy New $19.31 (as of 03:13 UTC - Details)

In the words of JFK – Shut Them Down!  Disassociate government spending and recruit for a new National Guard with Border Power, protest power, and reinforcement for police to assist and arrest.  Get the Criminals off the streets.  IF blue state governors cry fowl – no more federal funding until they clean up their state.

Less than a decade ago there were roughly 70,000-80,000 NGO’s.  Today there are 1.5 million and counting.   Their purpose?  Garner Taxpayer Funding, run America from the shadows, and pay no taxes!   The perfect coup.

Our Congress is idle – they have no power – they are simpleton placeholders and do only what they are told.  The World Economic Forum proposal of a stakeholder government by 2030 is a distraction – it already happened in 1963 and has successfully managed to keep us in War(s) ever since.

Peeling back everything that developed since is a daunting task. But if we do nothing we will reach a point of no return – FACT.

FYI:  With the CDC, NIH and Health Agencies warning of the next Pandemic, ie Bird Flu, it is worth mentioning that these same agencies – have been in collaboration with the CCP/Wuhan to diligently find a way for this virus to be transmitted to Humans – with a 100% fatality rate.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.