Israel War Was a Deflection From CIA Betrayal of US

At a cost of $1.3 billion, the US, Israel, France, UK, and Jordan worked in conjunction to take out the missiles and drones launched by Iran.  This realizes two major schematics:  1.   Israel is incapable of defending itself alone, and  2.  The West is spiking War while scripting lies for the Media about peace thru sanctions.  Israel intends to retaliate.  The Ayatollah gave the US and neighboring countries advance notice of the intended strike (72 hours).   Erdogan is calling Qatar to realize the extent of deception and murder.   Jordan is too financially beholden to the West.   And Saudi Prince bin Salman is cursing Israel for its stupidity.

Testing.   1, 2, 3.   No one was killed.  Damage was minimal.   Iran was showcasing.  US claims VICTORY Speech amidst ‘Iranian humiliation’.   The real revelation is the sheer egocentricity and deception our western governments and their militaries promote instead of simply telling The Truth.   Iran was thus able to show the world these western nuances.  Damage control is not possible.

During this same time period of attack, Israel managed to murder over 100 additional Palestinians with no reprisal at all. Surprise, Kill, Vanish... Jacobsen, Annie Best Price: $8.00 Buy New $15.85 (as of 03:32 UTC - Details)

It is a certainty that Israel will not stop until all Palestinians are dead or moved to refugee camps – in Jordan – for which American Taxpayers foot the bill.   Israel does not pay for the refugees it creates – the US does.  Americans.  That bill will double when Israel has completed its mission.  At which point Israel will begin its reconstruction of Gaza – with more American Taxpayer monies.   Those repair costs have gone from an initial $150 million to $100 billion.  While the Ukraine rebuild for Soros is estimated at $500+ billion to be charged to American Taxpayers.

In line with the supremacy of ‘humiliation’, (as I stated in a previous blog) out of the bog comes Reza Pahlavi, Iran’s exiled son of the Shah, calling for regime change and his installation as King:

“I think it’s important for the world to realize that the only obstacle to peace and stability and a better future lies on putting an end to the regime. It’s time for the world to finally decide to endorse and back the Iranian people to topple this regime and put an end to all this madness,” 

Of course the purpose would be to colonize Iran.

Colonizing Iran would mean taking;  their oil, their superior weapon inventory, their alliance with Russia, their natural gas, copper, iron ore, lead, zinc, chromium, manganese, sulphur, etc..

Last month, the Carnegie Endowment released a report detailing the scarcity of minerals and rare earth elements facing the US and Europe.   Supplied mainly by China, Mexico and Canada, they are essential to the War Machine.  They are also essential for green applications…  And the only way to assure their availability is through colonization of countries with vast supplies.   Mexico will be colonized as of the coming election this June –

While the PR machine is now focused on the “Evil Iran”, Israel is free to murder the remaining Palestinians without so much as a slap on the wrist.   The UN is essentially a worthless waste of real estate, and NATO is a buffoon of wasted funding.

When did Iran become “evil” or The Axis of Evil according to western media:

In 1953, the CIA and MI6 helped Iranian royalists depose Mosaddegh in a military coup codenamed Operation Ajax (Cleaner), allowing the Shah to extend his power. For the next two decades the Shah reigned as an absolute monarch. “Disloyal” elements within the state were purged”.  CIA verbiage for assassinated.

After the Iran revolution in February 1979 the Ayatollah Khomeini was reinstalled.  The deposed Shah asked for medical assistance and asylum in the US which was granted.   The American Embassy hostages were taken as an exchange for the Shah.  The hostages were released within 3 hours.  A later student led revolt was waged to protest the coup and hostages were again taken.  52 hostages were held for 444 days.  The Carter regime sanctioned Iranian oil imports and America fell into an immediate recession.  The crisis created a unity within America – Iran was now officially Evil – and America was the victim.   American intel units attempted a rescue the hostages only to botch the operation and kill 8 US servicemen given US made helicopters couldn’t fly in the Iranian dust storms.

The Algiers government brokered a treaty and the release of the hostages with the signing of the Algiers Accords.  The number one provision stipulated that the US would never again interfere or intervene in Iran’s political or military internal affairs.   Like the Minsk Agreement between Russia and Ukraine – The Accord was routinely ignored by the US as Regime Change attempts and protests organized by the CIA and Soros sought a colonial Iran.  The first breech occurred literally months after the signing –

The World’s Last... Lewis, C. S. Best Price: $4.43 Buy New $7.98 (as of 10:22 UTC - Details) While regime change has been a prevailing mainstay of the CIA since its inception, the American public was not informed.   This apparatus has now been fully identified and countries across the globe are more than a bit peeved at the realization.   Americans are horrified.  The concept of betrayal central.  Processing the fact that our government has been the main creator of conflicts, regime change, murders, assassinations, and annihilation of entire countries, aka – Syria, when we were massively hypnotized into thinking we were the greatest peace maker, is a bitter pill indeed.

The fact that we are now the victim of a blatant regime change has aided our awakening.  Yet still, the realty exists that many if not all our government officials throughout the last 100 years have been installed.  And that power has become infinite in its levy.  The Israel War was likely created as a distraction from our CIA reality.   But instead of realigning America against the created evil – Palestine and Iran = the common enemy, a fatal flaw emerged.

Israel is The Deep State.  And the CIA works for Israel.  Israel recruits its benefactors, such as Soros and Fink and Bloomberg, etc… These benefactors agree to be the shield.  In return, they will be granted enormous wealth.  Netanyahu is not officially a member of the Club – but his ego sought this war as a means of demonstrating the extent to which his evil against Palestine and Muslims could earn him the right to belong.

The response is NOT what he anticipated.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.