How the War in Ukraine Does Not Benefit Core America

In spring/summer 2022 a lot of noise was raised because of the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov who compared current western anti-Russian course to German Fascism. All and sundry stigmatize “dark” Lavrov. Let me start with where Mr. Lavrov is not right. Ways to express and choice of words matters too. “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Not everyone has the ability to say in one phrase what requires 2 pages of explanations. But purely humanly, I understand what kind of emotional load Sergey Lavrov is now carrying and will allow myself to develop his thought. Thus coming to his defense. Took me the whole year to pick up words.

The Ukraine War & the ... Diesen, Glenn Best Price: $30.95 Buy New $21.12 (as of 09:07 UTC - Details) Let me start from a little afar. 30 years ago, after the end of Cold War and collapse of Soviet Union, the world has entered a new era. Relatively cheap natural resources. Significant advance in technology, if not to say a computer revolution. Peace and calm. Issues arise, like the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, but all is resolved quickly. Paying tribute to President Reagan – his merit in stopping the Soviet and other totalitarian expansion is invaluable! As well as in making America great. Take for example raise of Silicon Valley. After all, it was his team that crushed inflation and state bureaucracy, that previously strangled business and technology. But he also left 2 small problems that turned into big ones over last 30 years. One problem is a Public (US Gov) Debt, without which the Reagan team really could not have won the Cold War. The other problem is promotion of the idea that everything American is the best (and therefore right). US Dollar is the most reliable currency. Hollywood makes the best movies. The system of government is the most just in the world. And so on. Perhaps this idea (possibly “overpromoted”) was also necessary in order to win the Cold War. Why is it a problem? Because it made many (if not most) Americans not aware of the 2nd opinion (2nd side). Remember, we are the best and therefore never wrong.

President Reagan’s team held the middle class as the core of America, and followed their heart. The healthy, responsible part of the society, those who sustain America (while “poor” and elite practically pay no taxes). Those who don’t aim for global hegemony. And so let’s trust James Baker, the Secretary of State of then, that he honestly meant what he was promising to Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet leader of then, not to expand NATO “even one inch” eastwards. [ Reagan and Baker were begging Gorbachev to move Soviet troops out of East Germany, while the Soviets were concerned about NATO entering East Germany once Soviet troops leave. ] Of course, you can smile at the naivety of Gorbachev, who did not ask for any written guarantees (the US Gov does change periodically). Yes this was the euphoria of friendship and peace after the end of the Cold War! [ Just like the carelessness of the drunkard Yeltsin, who did not specify the status of Crimea in 1991. Perhaps all he was thinking in Belovezhskaya Pushcha meeting, dividing core Soviet Union between then brotherly Russia/Ukraine/Belorus, was how to become more important than Gorbachev. Who could have thought of such sad outcome?! ] Let me entertain a dream, that if Reagan’s team would have remained at power for another 10 years, the world would have been better, cleaner and more human. The US Gov Debt would have been paid off. The middle class would have been further strengthened. The American values (in a good meaning) – democracy and justice – would have penetrated the globe much deeper.

But there is no “would have” in history. Ever since Clinton era, elite grabbed the power. And as we all know, elite love to “milk” the middle class under the banner of sustaining “poor”. Yet the “consumption holiday”, started by the Clinton team, has no historical analogues in its scale. All this is called “leverage”. Was not it possible (with a government budget surplus of then, thanks to the end of the Cold War) to pay off the Public Debt, rather than creating Stock Market and Housing bubbles? And here comes year 2008 when seeds planted by Clinton turn into fruits. America is on the verge of Depression comparable to 1929. The elite comes up with “the solution” called “Wall Street Bailout”. Not only shameful but also unlawful. Because the middle class (officially named “American Taxpayer”) does not want to and is not obligated to pay for the greed of elite. The Congress votes against the Bailout. And then the scene starts! “No folks you didn’t get it. We [who?] cannot afford “the rich” losing their wealth! It will cause a catastrophe [for whom?]. We will twist everyone’s hands in Congress because no Bailout is simply not an option.” Yeah, a Democracy is just a sweet dream.

And one more. Collapse of the Soviet military bloc (Warsaw pact) allowed America to cut military spending. Clinton’s team does just the opposite. New military bases are being opened around the globe, and especially in Eastern Europe, against already vanished Soviet threat. Rather, those are the “muscles of the Globalism under construction”, also called “leverage”.  A conflict between 2 nations/countries can benefit elite, a good reason to “squeeze something out”. Yes it takes effort and money to plant those “seeds” of conflict. The Anglo-Saxon elite have centuries of experience doing this kind of “investment”. It is called “wishful thinking” and/or “pursuit of opportunities”. And here (already during the presidency of Obama – one the best students of Clinton) the new “window of opportunity” opens up around Ukraine and Crimea. For NATO to take over Crimea in the name of Ukraine is a “golden” opportunity to divide and milk Russia for another hundred years, avoiding US Dollar devaluation. Otherwise (it became clear after Financial Crisis of 2008) that the “consumption holiday” (started by Clinton) is not sustainable in a long run without new “sources”. Some “thinkers” already announced it – Russia is extremely rich in natural resources and “must share”.

Frontline Ukraine: Cri... Sakwa, Richard Best Price: $9.74 Buy New $27.72 (as of 09:17 UTC - Details) About corruption that “free world” is fighting at home. The Gov workers must make decisions based on the best interest of the country they are serving. [ Did not we hear allegations that during the Covid-19 when the market volatility was high (and a lot depended on a passage of so called “Stimulus Package” stupidly co-authored by both Dems and Reps) the husband of the US House Speaker was trading stocks and options very profitably. Insider trading? Cannot be! Remember we are the best and therefore never wrong! The elite which long abandoned Reagan’s legacy, still rip the benefits of what he planted. The middle class pays. ] But civil servants in “totalitarian” countries can be bribed for the good of democracy! This is not corruption, this is “leverage”. Revolt against legitimate Gov, like Ukrainian Majdan? “Win for democracy”.

2023, Rand Paul, one of the very few normal people currently present in Senate: “Conservatives have been sold out once again!” Is not it called “Fiscal responsibility”? Rand Paul: “No real cuts to see here.” Does Rand have a strength to become a 2nd Reagan?

And now let’s come back to what Mr. Lavrov is saying. When German soldiers were going into battle for the sake of their Fascist motherland, they were told that war is the only way to ensure a satisfying life for the German people for generations. All the resources of the world were seen by the German fascists as their own. All the resources of the world are seen by the US elite as their own. Sounds similar? Listen to Nikki Haley, candidate for US President. [ It’s hard to say who is more heartless – she or Lindsey Graham with his hate speech against Russians. ] Says Ms. Haley: “A win for Ukraine is a win for US.” Please allow me to translate: “So much effort and money was invested into NATO eastward expansion, then into planting Ukrainian Gov revolt and planting conflict between Ukraine and Russia. We cannot afford to have such investment vanish without return. After 2008, we have no extra money to waste! Human cost? Not our problem!

Only balance of powers brings lasting peace!