Going Viral

Hubba hubba hubba, who do you trust?

UPDATE 10APR24: as if viral boogymen weren’t silly enough, we now have “virus-like entities” called viroids and obelisks. Do we smell a narradigm forming?

I grew up on a farm with 400 head of cattle, a dozen goats, a half-dozen sheep, three horses, and uncountable chickens, guinea hens, rabbits, turtles, snakes, fish, and the occasional armadillo.

When the animals got sick, the vet didn’t recommend drugs. That would be outrageously expensive and a major undertaking to isolate and inject 400 cows, much less all the other animals. Instead, he would formulate a mixture of vitamins and minerals to be added to water tanks and feed — usually cotton seed hulls with molasses, which is like candy to a cow. I don’t remember which vitamins and minerals, but it worked 100% of the time, and it was cheap and easy to administer. Healing the Prostate: ... Stengler, Dr. Mark Best Price: $10.95 Buy New $12.20 (as of 12:31 UTC - Details)

We never vaccinated the animals and the closest they ever got to medication of any kind was dusting for parasites and the occasional iodine for cuts and abrasions. I followed the same basic wisdom raising my children. I had epic battles with doctors, child enslavement services, and school busy-bodies, but I won in the end. The kids turned out quite healthy, with no allergies. A round of chicken pox and scabies were the worst they suffered. We all took our supplements and washed them down with dechlorinated, defluoridated water.

I do have some medical background. I spent more than five years working at some of the top hospitals, research centers and medical schools in the world. My job was audio/visual support and video production for training doctors and surgeons. I am a certified Biomedical Photographer, which means I audited a graduate level human anatomy course on a Pass/Fail basis, and I passed.

I’ve sat through hundreds of Grand Rounds and Continuing Medical Education lectures, and created dozens of training videos on surgical procedures and experimental interventions, including an early research program on the use of virus “shells” to insert mRNA containing the Wild p53 gene into tumor cells.

I don’t claim to be an expert by any means, other than in my ability to create a training video for any topic you want. I do, however, claim to be able to read papers and studies by medical professionals and understand a good deal of what they are discussing. In other words, I speaka da lingo.

With the foregoing as preamble, I am not convinced viruses exist as natural pathogens, and I am growing more skeptical with each passing day.

There’s an excellent video well worth two hours of your time. I have been systematically hunting down and verifying the citations in the video, and so far they check out. I can also verify the isolation process described in the video, as I’ve witnessed it first hand, as part of the aforementioned Wild p53fTherapy video I produced back in the mid-1990s.

What it all boils down to, is that all illnesses — including cancer — are opportunistic infections from parasites, bacteria, fungi/molds, environmental toxins, and/or imbalances in the immune system due to lack of specific vitamins and minerals. My view is that environmental toxins and fungi/molds are probably the worst offenders. The Ukraine War & the ... Diesen, Glenn Best Price: $23.87 Buy New $24.03 (as of 08:22 UTC - Details)

For example, can you distinguish the symptoms of a common cold and hay fever allergies? Both are associated with changing seasons — vitamin deficiencies due to changing sunlight exposure — with the latter having the proximal release of pollen and mold spores. How about spotting the difference between eczema and fungal skin infections?

In both examples, the symptoms are more or less identical, with one attributed to viruses and the other to environmental causes. In all cases, they are treatable with vitamins and minerals administered internally or topically.

Here’s another issue, and one that is primary to my personal rejection of virology: there are precisely zero images of viruses in actual cells. None. There are a lot of papers discussing methods for producing these types of images, but the papers do not include any examples. The most commonly cited reason is that viruses are so small they cannot be imaged, though we are told that viruses hijack cells, produce thousands of replicas of themselves, and eventually burst out to repeat the cycle elsewhere. No images.

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