Black Hour for Western Democracy

Neurotechnologies, Machine-brain Interfaces, Electromagnetic Fields, AI Manipulative Techniques to Persuade People “To engage in Unwanted Behaviours”

On December 9 2023, the European Parliament published a press release, where it stated that it reached a political deal with the Council of the European Union “on a bill to ensure AI in Europe is safe, respects fundamental rights and democracy“.

The future bill was supposed to ban “AI systems that manipulate human behaviour to circumvent their free will“. According to the press release the deputies “agreed“ as well on “clear obligations“ with respect to “AI systems used to influence the outcome of elections and voter behaviour“.

In November 2023, 11 world human rights organizations presented to the European Commission a legislation proposal, where they tried to make sure that the European legislation on Artificial Intelligence will not allow just attacks on close distance by brain-computer interfaces, but as well attacks on fundamental human rights and democracy from large distance (see this). ”Cause Unknown&r... Dowd, Ed Best Price: $9.88 Buy New $22.98 (as of 10:31 UTC - Details)

On February 2nd 2024, they received this reply:

“Thank you for the above letter, which has received our fullest attention.

The answer to your letter requires further work which is currently in progress.

You can normally expect a reply within one month of receiving this letter”.

On February 12, the European Commission wrote one more time:

“Your letter from 10th November has been passed to our services and well received.”

In June 2023, U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) developer Venture Global LNG said it had signed a 20-year deal to provide Germany’s Securing Energy for Europe GmbH (SEFE) with 2.25 million tonnes per year of LNG and in this way became Germany’s largest LNG supplier. Construction of the CP2 project in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, was expected to begin in the same year (see this). On January 26th, 2024, the U.S. President Joe Biden released a statement, where he announced a temporary pause on pending decisions of Liquefied Natural Gas exports. Among others it pertained to CP2 project in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

The European Union depends at present time in great part on the American liquefied gas and this American decision meant that the EU economy will not be able to grow in future years due to the lack of energy supplies.

Did the USA which has got to project how to control the population in large areas of the planet by controlling the activity of human brains of their inhabitants from ionosphere and project how to control the minds of their opponents around the world decide to stop the effort of the European Union to protect fundamental human rights from abuse by neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence? Was the European Union, which was freshly separated from the supplies of Russian natural gas and transferred its energy security from Russia to the United States, again exposed to political pressure which it did not have a chance to resist, if it wished to continue its prosperity?

On March 13 2024, the European Parliament adopted the legislative resolution laying down harmonised rules on Artificial Intelligence. On page 6 it states:

“AI may generate risks and cause harm to public interests and fundamental rights that are protected by Union law. Such harm might be material or immaterial, including physical, psychological, societal or economic harm”.

On page 29 it follows:

“AI-enabled manipulative techniques can be used to persuade persons to engage in unwanted behaviours, or to deceive them by nudging them into decisions in a way that subverts and impairs their autonomy, decision-making and free choices. The placing on the market, the putting into service or the use of certain AI systems with the objective to or the effect of materially distorting human behaviour, whereby significant harms, in particular having sufficiently important adverse impacts on physical, psychological health or financial interests are likely to occur, are particularly dangerous and should therefore be forbidden. Such AI systems deploy subliminal components such as audio, image, video stimuli that persons cannot perceive as those stimuli are beyond human perception or other manipulative or deceptive techniques that subvert or impair person’s autonomy, decision-making or free choice in ways that people are not consciously aware or, where they are aware, they are still deceived or are not able to control or resist. This could be facilitated, for example, by machine-brain interfaces or virtual reality as they allow for a higher degree of control of what stimuli are presented to persons, insofar as they may materially distort their behaviour in a significantly harmful manner.”

The EU document does not state that such actions can be performed not only by machine-brain interfaces, but as well at distance by electromagnetic fields and in this way may act on masses of people.

The document does not propose the establishment of agencies where people could complain in case that they would be exposed to such abuse of their fundamental human rights by anybody, including government agencies. Speed Reading: Learn t... Knight, Kam Check Amazon for Pricing.

If the technology, which can be used to remotely control human minds is not published, people cannot understand what is actually happening to them, if they are exposed to such attacks, and will possibly consider themselves to be mentally ill. In this way governments are in a position where they can execute totalitarian powers over their citizens and the citizens are not able to find out about it or prove it. It is happening already at present time that people, who complain about being abused in this way, end up in mental hospitals, unable to prove that governments or anybody else have violated their privacy and personal freedom.

In the text quoted above, the EU tacitly admits that the AI could be used even to make people commit crimes whithout being truly responsible for them. The same possibility confirmed in 2021 the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO writing:

“External tools that may interfere with our decisions can call into question, or even challenge, an individual’s free will, and consequently an individual’s responsibilities. In this way, neurotechnology could affect freedom of thought, decision-making and action. Taken together, these could have a profound impact on justice systems and social organizations” (pg. 36).

It has been two months since the European Commission promised to 11 world human rights organizations in an e-mail to contact them within one month again on those issues, but it did not happen. Evidently the European Union gave in to the U.S. pressure and published only the fact that human minds can be manipulated at close distance by brain-computer interfaces and did not publish the feasibility of individual and mass manipulation of human thinking and behavior at distance by electromagnetic waves or other physical fields.

The battle to ban technologies for remote control of human minds cannot be stopped by the decision of the U.S. president to stop accepting new orders for liquefied gas to Europeans. The governments must not be able to play with their or foreign citizens as if they were just only their toys. You can still support the petition requesting the European Union to ban the remote control of human minds in an effective way and in this way help the European Union to set an example to the USA and rest of the world here.

The original source of this article is Global Research.