Analyzing the WHO Pandemic Agreement

What on earth does the vaguely worded document mean in practice?

I recently tried to treat a bout of insomnia by reading the REVISED Draft of the negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement, dated March 7, 2024.

The Agreement’s stated objective is as follows:

Article 2. Objective The objective of the WHO Pandemic Agreement, guided by equity, and the principles and approaches set forth herein, is to prevent, prepare for and respond to pandemics.

Forever Strong: A New,... Lyon, Dr. Gabrielle Best Price: $14.45 Buy New $17.45 (as of 04:30 UTC - Details) The Agreement’s wording strikes me as too general and vague to yield any definite interpretation of what exactly the Articles mean in practice. I suspect that this is intentional, as it will give public health agency bureaucrats—representing Bio-Pharmaceutical interests—room to interpret it as they please, and impress their interpretation on braindead politicians and media outlets. The mantra will be, “Per our obligations set forth in the WHO Pandemic Agreement of 2024, we must do…

I also suspect that the Agreement will serve as an enhanced mechanism for transferring vast sums of money from public coffers to the vaccine cartel.

Articles 14 and 18 strike me as especially concerning.

Article 14Regulatory systems strengthening

1. Each Party shall strengthen its national and, where appropriate, regional regulatory authority responsible for the authorization and approval of pandemic-related products, including through technical assistance and/or cooperation with WHO, other Parties and relevant organizations, as appropriate, with the aim of evaluating and monitoring the quality, safety and efficacy of such products.

2. Each Party shall take steps to ensure that it has legal, administrative and financial frameworks, as appropriate, in support of: (a) issuing emergency authorizations and approvals for pandemic-related products and/or, as appropriate, regulatory reliance processes for the timely authorization and approvals of such products, consistent with national law…

Article 18. Communication and public awareness

1. Each Party shall promote timely access to credible and evidence-based information on pandemics and their causes, effects and drivers, with the aim of countering and addressing misinformation or disinformation, particularly through risk communication and effective community-level engagement.

2. The Parties shall, as appropriate, promote and/or conduct research and inform policies on factors that hinder or strengthen adherence to public health and social measures in a pandemic, as well as trust in science and public health institutions and agencies.

3. The Parties shall promote and apply science- and evidence-based approaches to effective and timely risk assessment, and culturally appropriate public communications.

4. The Parties shall exchange information and cooperate, in accordance with national law, in preventing misinformation and disinformation, and endeavour to develop best practices to increase the accuracy and reliability of crisis communications.

Article 14 is likely to be interpreted as providing an enhanced mechanism for emergency authorizations of hastily developed vaccines of dubious efficacy and safety, which can be foisted onto the frightened citizens who pay for them while having zero recourse in the event they are injured by the emergency authorized “countermeasures.” The Cancer Industry: C... Sloan, Mark Best Price: $10.19 Buy New $12.75 (as of 05:04 UTC - Details)

Article 18 is likely to be interpreted as providing governments with yet more power for censoring their citizens in the name of “public health emergencies.”

My overall interpretation of the revised draft of the WHO Pandemic Agreement is that it will serve as an enhanced instrument for the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex to expand the power and efficiency of its international vaccine racket.

Judging by the WHO’s top donors, Bill Gates and his cronies in Berlin, Washington, London, and Geneva (where the WHO and WEF are headquartered) will be wielding outsized influence behind the scenes.

This originally appeared on Courageous Discourse.