Brace for Impact

The 2016 movie “Brace for Impact” about Captain Sully’s emergency landing on the Hudson River may hold the key to avoiding World War III, and the loss of the West.

In the midst of hell on earth, courtesy of US global meddling and our “nasty little Sparta,” solutions and paths to peace exist.

There is only one Captain Sullenberger, but there are many captains everywhere who are capable of rudimentary logic and judgement, and who will act boldly and bravely in times of crisis. Few are politicians. Politicians – Biden, Netanyahu, Macron, Johnson, Sunak, or Zelensky, the list seems endless – are far more famous for murder and attempted murder in service to their vanity, stupidity, and political desperation.  Instead of saving their people, they seek parachutes and others to blame. Sowing Crisis: The Col... Khalidi, Rashid Best Price: $3.08 Buy New $44.98 (as of 03:00 UTC - Details)

A small example is the recent Danish firing of Chief of Defense Flemming Lentfer – because Danish ship defense systems didn’t work as advertised against Houthi tactics and materials.  The Danes are not making a lot more Danes, and a bunch of them risked death for little more than political fun and games. There is a captain in Denmark somewhere, trying to put his or her people first.

On the other hand, Ukrainian tinpot Zelensky has been firing folks and shuffling his cabinet for several years, mainly for the crime of not killing Ukrainians fast enough for him and his masters.  His newest top general, Russian-born Oleksandr “The Butcher” Syrski, is evidence of that.  Zelesky’s main political rival, the popular Ukrainian patriot Zaluzhnyi, was banished to the watchful eyes in London.  Ukraine today is the story of vanity, stupidity, and desperation.

We have seen no similar firings or removals from the American murdering class under the Biden administration, except for one luggage-stealing cross dresser in the Department of Energy.  We have no observable captains in the US government, no one looking out for the lives and interests of Americans, only weasels, snakes, and the completely demented.  And there is the President himself, a man who vacillates from incoherent rage, speed-doped automaton, and vacant Joe “I didn’t sign that!” Biden, ad infinitum.

There are many to be fired, perhaps everyone in Joe’s cabinet, and there is not a single captain in Washington to do it.  The media, in a previous world, when I was a child, might have shaped opinion on which ones needed to be fired first – but we have only administration news today.

One might point out that Tori Nuland “retired” but her strategic reduction is a false exception – she remains out of prison, and in a place of influence, her errors continue apace and are lauded in Washington.

For every President, Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, CIA Director and their spokespersons who lie with ease, although with increasing uneasyness; for every Secretary of Defense who doesn’t show up, and every idiotic Service Chief who does; and for a Congress who forgot their vows in lieu of slick benefits, and sleek blackmail, some facilitated by our nasty little Sparta – for every one of these worthless devils there are indeed captains in the system, who can and are making decisions to counter the push for global war.

It is not the generals and admirals, but the captains, who correctly understand Ukraine and Israel as Western projects for government graft and the murder of the inconvenient and indigenous.  Some are pointing out that instead of fighting China, we might need to stay in our lane to earn the respect our politicians crave.  Some are slow-walking and quiet-quitting at their desks, because they see the numbers, they know the lies, and they understand – as careerists in the vast executive bureaucracy –  war, waste and criminality better than most.  Many are younger, who realize they are paid for their grandparent’s American dream, with a $35 trillion federal debt they never co-signed.  They see a once heralded free republic turned into a wasteland of regulation, inflation, debt, and authoritarianism.  American’s young adults are trying to understand how we got here, and what they are finding out is that the capitol and its allies got rich, and they themselves “will own nothing and be happy.”  Hunger Games was written for young people for a reason – they get it.  No wonder the surveillance state wants to ban TikTok and X, and destroy honest reporting and those who honestly report. The big war is at home, and it’s already started.

Idiocracy lives, but  – as Charles Hugh Smith explains and Joseph Tainter analyzes – the complexity that goeth before the fall is heavily bureaucratic and governmental.  There are no captains at the pinnacle of our modern government – but there are a million leaders waiting in the decentralized wings of American society, a pre-collapse, and pre-liberated land of 330 million who won’t fight for the Biden entity and his staff of lying cowards.

I credit the hidden captains for any and all movement in the “right” direction. Defending Dixieu2019s ... Bishop, Isaac C. Best Price: $13.99 Buy New $17.99 (as of 01:13 UTC - Details)

The way for the US to survive – and possibly thrive – will make its politicians, their tenants and sponsors very uncomfortable.  But we are seeing things like this, where common sense is overcoming US bureaucratic stupidity and behind-the-times military strategies in today’s agile, creative, decentralized and incidentally, fact-based world.  Resting on laurels that no longer exist is not a foreign policy, but seeking to maximize benefits through realistic negotiations is.  While trading on whether the US calls the Houthis terrorists is supremely petty, and based on a weak premise – who cares which freedom fighters the US names terrorists, and which it funds, often at the same time –  this “diplomatic off-ramp” could improve trade and safety. One wonders if this was planted in government-owned media by a frustrated captain somewhere, as it certainly defies the deficit of competence we see at all top levels of the Biden administration.

On the other hand, this move towards “diplomacy” may be coincidental and accidental, conducted by a Zionist puppet government in Washington, panicked over Houthi success in harming the Israeli economy.

Imagine the peace that would be possible if the US government recognized that, like US Airways Flight 1549, it has hit geese, a lot of them, and all engines are out.  Ukraine, as President Trump indicated, could be resolved to the benefit of all parties, in 24 hours. Taiwan might simply be allowed to do what the majority of its people want – after all, the so-called West, led by the US, UK and Australia all embody a level of totalitarianism, surveillance and socialism that Mao could only dream of – and probably did not.

Israel, in its ongoing rampage to steal beachfront and gas, and massacre its annoying neighbors, is a tougher problem.  What better example of the dangers of democracy do we have?  Israel is a recognized and functional democratic state that is simultaneously a racist political entity, created, funded and maintained through its fifth column diaspora and the old Colonialists of Europe. Polls in Israel show that a large majority of Israelis agree with efforts to remove most, if not all Gazans from Gaza.  This is somehow good?   For what it is worth, Israel is fighting its last desperate war –  last because the US cannot save it, and she has no other allies;  desperate because the world has changed in the last 150 years, and the clock cannot be rolled back.  Is the Israeli government so far gone that there is no one left to negotiate?  It appears so – and yet, as with the situation with Zelensky, the world is waking up to the existential dangers posed by political leaders who are traitors to their nations.

Dealing with a reality-based world, with failing and corrupted systems of power, and especially with traitorous politicians always falls to the captains.  We don’t know their names.  We can only say Godspeed, and brace for impact.