Scurvy, Underneath Your Radar Screen

Scurvy is a rather unattractive word. Only the term went away, but this deficiency disease remains today as the most prevalent entry point for a host of chronic conditions. The British Navy “solved” acute scurvy by supplying limes and citrus fruits to sailors whose teeth fell out and otherwise died in agony during long voyages. Other antiscorbutic fruits and vegetables were found and utilized as time went on.  Not learning from the history of earlier remedies, pharmaceutical medicine disavows the use of Vitamin C in favor of treating myriad symptoms of chronic scurvy with drugs.  No wonder life-saving supplementation and infusions of Vitamin C remain outside standards of practice; too simple, too cheap, too effective!

Old concepts and practices must be scrupulously destroyed before power can install new narratives;  just the way history has always been buried before “a new” history marches on.

Gum disease, bleeding/bruising, various infections, depression, slow healing,  joint/skin/hair problems and heart disease are all signs of low-grade chronic scurvy. NOW Supplements, Vitam... Buy New $8.56 ($0.09 / Count) (as of 01:02 UTC - Details)

Vitamin deficiencies from other essential nutrients may also be present as low-grade Beri-Beri & Pellagra (B-Vitamins), Rickets (Vitamin D) and a lack of antioxidant Vitamins A,E,K and certain minerals,…  yet be mis-diagnosed and treated as remote “diseases???”

Vitamin deficiency conditions became known over past centuries and correctly attributed to a lack of one or more “Vit-al” factors.  They were largely eliminated through diet…until modern chemical farming, food processing, junk ingredients and countervailing metals/toxins/drugs/alcohol/tobacco entered the mix.  Thousands of downstream “diseases” have now been “discovered,” each rooted in nutritional deficiencies and said to require pricey medications. Modern medicine attained monopoly status by ignoring root causes of common maladies, and by promoting mass vaccination while actively hiding vaccine data effectively dismissing preventive measures to insure obscene profits.

Follow the Bouncing Electrons

Since all life runs on electrical energy produced through metabolism of foods, absorbed via electron-rich antioxidants and increased by precious solar inputs (like plants); Vitamin C becomes the premier electron donor to prevent cell damaging oxidation (like rusting/burning) and promote optimal biochemical activity.

Negatively-charged Vitamin C donates e- electrons that protect cell structures and oppose all positively charged toxins and metals.

When taken in large doses, Vitamin C generates hydrogen peroxide, that destroys cancers, pathogens and toxic senescent cells!

Humans lost the ability to internally synthesize Vitamin C in the distant past, so it and other antioxidants must be actively ingested.

Vitamin C is also critical in the maintenance of 60% of body tissues (skin/joints/blood vessels/ intestinal linings/bone/electrically conductive fascia) when combined with collagen-rich bone/cartilage stocks, soups, stews or supplements.  Little collagen is found in muscle meats.

One can readily see the scurvaceos disintegration of a person’s physical structure simply due to the lack of Vitamin C and collagen sources.

Count the Ways;

An appropriate infusion of Vitamin C’s electrons opposes oxidative stress/inflammation proportionate to one’s level of insult; effective dosages therefore are purely individual.  Minor problems might respond to 2000mg (2 grams) taken several times /day. More severe issues may require 5-9 grams several times/day.  Acute brain infections, pneumonia and deadly sepsis have been successfully treated with IV doses of 100-150 grams of Vitamin C in “cocktail” with B-1 and corticosteroids.  System MDs avoid Vitamin therapies, while “alternative” holistic clinics rely on them.

We also ignore the role of stressed/repressed emotions, anxiety and depression on the overall health of the organism. Poor emotional states can drive sympathetic activation, cortisol release, acidify the system and repress healing. External stressors and internal biochemical function make psychosomatic illness a chicken or egg conundrum.  While toxic mRNA covid shots physically crippled internal biochemistry, all-out media hysteria surrounding covid was a major factor in the seriousness and lethality of the pandemic.

Bleeding gums and gingivitis, even occurring in children, is the first sign of scurvy….characterized by a breakdown in tissues (collagen required) as anaerobic bacteria proliferate deep in gums and bone.  These bacteria release endotoxins into the bloodstream creating heart/artery disease and other problems.

Heart/artery issues progress due to endotoxic and metal generated inflammation>>>which erodes vessel linings and invites cholesterol plaquing/sloughing.  Lack of Vitamin C and collagen are root causes of heart attack and stroke due to stealth infection, metal burden, clumping/clotting and capillary fragility; scurvy strikes again!

Ditto frequent colds and flu.  Vitamin C bolsters immune response, macrophage activity and killer T-cell production. These largely nuisance infections activate a healing inflammatory response as they gobble metals to detoxify the system.

Bruising is a case of capillary fragility in need of Vitamin C and collagen. Hemorrhagic diseases like Ebola respond to Vitamin C in Megadose as do encephalopathy/brain swell.

Arthritis attacks and calcifies joints lacking Vitamin C/collagen support.

Osteoporosis is a Vitamin C/magnesium deficiency where Vitamin C regulates calcium balances, and where lack of calcium is not usually the problem.

Metals like mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, etc. are mobilized into the bloodstream as Vitamin C donates electrons neutralizing positively charged metal ions.  Elimination/detoxification is completed by chelators like chlorella, clay, charcoal and green vegetables that grab metals in the intestines and usher them out of the system!

The most common metal burden found through hair analysis (which I recommend) is aluminum, a special case requiring silica compounds like silica supplements, horsetail, cucumber or FIJI water for removal.

Vitamin C keeps iron safely bound in hemoglobin or ferric complexes and prevents free Fe+3 oxidized iron from generating hydroxyl radicals.

One can apply Vitamin C to rust stains and watch them being reduced and disappear in seconds.

Smoking tobacco has been blamed for every chronic disease in the book, but the real reasons are cadmium and uranium compounds the tobacco plant absorbs and concentrates from soil,.. along with insidious chemical additives found in commercial cigarettes!

Cancers arise due to “acidic hypoxia” resulting from dysfunctional mitochondria and errors in metabolism.  As metabolic output falls, acidity rises and oxygen is rejected and turned to water, unable to reduce lactic acid and produce ATP electrons through the Krebs cycle and electron transport chain.

HIF1/Hypoxic Induction Factor is released in response to this “suffocation,” stimulating angiogenesis/over-production of capillaries and causing a shift toward low-ATP-output anaerobic metabolism as a cellular survival mechanism.  Vitamin C is needed by mitochondria to prevent HIF1 activation and maintain high energy aerobic ATP-electron generation. Vitamin C cancels destructive free-radicals produced during metabolism.

Insect stings/plant toxins/skin irritations/shingles/sunburn, etc. respond to the internal use of Vitamin C, a powerful antihistamine…and or Vitamin C mixed with aloe applied directly.

Radiation sickness in both Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents saw large 20 gram+ doses reduce cell & DNA damage and save lives.

Vitamin C activated collagen is the glue that strengthens bodies and holds them together.

Vitamin C and the ABDEK Vitamins are deficient in the American industrial food supply, as well as magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, iodine and manganese; all depleted in chemically treated soils…These may need supplementation to maintain health and should be primary concerns in order to prevent chronic diseases,…now seen as epidemic in the Western world.

Lessons From Covid

Charge terrain, aka system voltage, aka blood pH, aka zeta potential came to prominence when clinicians noticed poor circulation, low oxygen levels and clotting in patients.  Sluggish circulation, RBC clumping and clotting relate to charge repulsion among red blood cells and charge repulsion between blood vessel walls and fluid blood passing through capillaries allowing friction-less movement.

In between vessel walls and negatively charged arterial blood is a critical negatively charged layer of sulfated cholesterol and structured water so blood flows easily.

Venous blood, after dumping oxygen, becomes positively charged on its way back to lungs and heart,.. dragging negatively charged arterial blood out of capillaries, electromagnetically “pushing” flow.

Bicarbonates, magnesium, potassium, sulfates (from onions/garlic, brassicas, egg yolks, NAC, RALA, MSM or elemental sulfur) and Vitamin C combine to help regulate blood pH and maintain alkalinity favorable to oxygen survivability and a healthy electric potential. Dr. Mercola Liposomal ... Buy New $36.96 ($0.21 / Count) (as of 07:25 UTC - Details)

Structured water or “EZ” water, a crystalline-gel state of water discovered by Dr. Gerald Pollack, surrounds membranes and facilitates transport via charge separation. Water becomes structured through energy inputs of heat/light/sound (think sauna/sun/music) and by the ingestion of collagenous gels, saturated fats, B-12, coconut water, chia seeds, turmeric, hibiscus flowers, aloes, okra, hyperbaric oxygen and plant waters.

Injected/absorbed aluminum is a huge charge-killer that invades the blood/brain barrier and is highly inflammatory; the reason why Aluminum is added to vaccines. Smart, eh?

Metals in general attract bacteria, yeasts and molds which release endotoxins, poisoning tissues and organs wherever lodged.

In the End;

Scurvy, along with other Vitamin and mineral deficiencies…Combinations of metals, pesticides, industrial chemicals and toxic drugs…A really sketchy processed food supply laced with polyunsaturated vegetable fats/oils, high fructose sugars and various additives/antibiotics/contaminants resulting from “modern chemical agriculture”…The media anxiety-machine, with a “happy TV drug” for every malady and concealment of real prevention and alternative ideas,…“Christ on a Cracker!!!”.

Government supported military/energy/agriculture/pharmaceutical/chemical/media industrial complex is unquestionably responsible for untold pollution, disease, mass stupidity and unneeded early death.

The best antidotes to being victimized by a rotten system are;  factual knowledge, common sense, appropriate action and avoidance….

 Scurvy flies… just like Steve McQueen; “Underneath your radar screen!”