Political Instabilitty Task Force – A CIA Coup for Regime Change

In 2023, Barbara Walter gave a speech at TED Talks regarding Civil Wars – how to predict them and what factors are most reliable.  She claimed that the 2 largest indicators  included;  1)  whether a country was an anocracy,  and 2) whether citizens in these anocracies had formed political parties based on identity instead of ideology.   According to Walter, since 2016 the US has been downgraded in its democracy rating and it is all about – TRUMP.   Trump took America and remade her into an anocracy thereby elevating the chances of an American Civil War. ~Walter

Walter’s career has been based on her ‘teaching’ at the University of California.  However, most recently, in 2017, she was selected by the CIA to  head the Political Instability Task Force -Disinformation.  It is fair to say, Trump was never made aware of this task force that was essentially formed to ‘analyze’ him.  Meaning, Walter is stating that the CIA was illegally usurping the US sitting President Donald Trump with her at the head. Cancel Culture Diction... Failla, Jimmy Best Price: $15.61 Buy New $19.68 (as of 07:13 UTC - Details)

According to this unbiased Task Force, Russia is still being parlayed as having manipulated the 2016 election in favor of Trump, and the January 6th protest is being parlayed as Treason.   A)  the Russian interference has been disproven as a Hoax.  B)  No one has been charged with Treason or Insurrection.   Which leaves Walter on a TED stage making false defamatory statements that could be viewed as Libel, or worse, simply lies.  But even more concerning is that Walter is misrepresenting the facts as stipulated by the Task Force including the predictive causations:    1.  Infant mortality rate, 2.   International trade,  and 3.  Regime type, ie anocracy, a government run under autocratic and democratic policies.  Further – the Task Force did NOT study the United States, so Walter’s comments come from her personal opinions and her personal representation of her own analysis, without stating this FACT.

Word Play.   Ultimately, Walter concedes that because the FBI arrested the non-insurrection insurrectionists, Civil War is not likely.  Thereby making her entire Trump Hit TED piece a dead sea scroll.   Instead, she envisions  “guerrilla warfare and long periods of terror where the violence is directed at civilians, at opposition leaders, where you really don’t see direct military engagement.”  That would easily translate to the Devil’s Pit that Biden has made of America.

Once again, the sole culprit according to this white Liberal woman of privilege is “White Christian Men”.  Her solution?  Censorship.

The Political Instability model of this Task Force is interesting because it allows the global regime change autocrats, CIA, MI6 and Mossad, to analyze where to strike next.   Where are the weakest links.  It also reveals that Christianity is foremost in their agenda to topple.  Including one of the strongest Christian nations today – Russia.

Regime Change occurs when a nation state is identified as not aligning with the democratic views as stipulated by National Endowment for Democracy and their sub-group, World Movement For Democracy – paid for by US Taxpayers. Within this cockpit, NED and its white Atheist males rewrite Democracy as Control.

For Example: 

A)  Ron Zarate is a board member at NED.  He is also the chairman for the Center on Economic and Financial Power (CEFP), an NGO paid for by US Taxpayers.   Their board is all white. Their purpose is to uphold America’s Power as The Power – The Dollar as the global currency – and The Democracy from which all other nations must bow.  A number of the CEFP advisors come from the Biological Defense Program – funded by US Taxpayers, working out of Fort Detrick, Wuhan, and Ukraine – as in 52 bioweapon labs.   And US Taxpayers have NO control over these spending sprees on Corrupt NGO’s.

B)  Anne Applebaum is also a board member at NED.  Her writing for The Atlantic, WAPO, and The Economist is indicative of the mental acumen.   As a distinctive writer, she also works for the Agora Institute, where she co-directs Arena, a program on disinformation and 21st century propaganda.  It appears, Arena’s staff and founders, including Applebaum, write the scripts for journalists, public diplomacy teams, and civic groups.  One of their primary focuses is “Russian Propaganda”.

Peter Pomerantsev, co-founder of the Arena Disinformation Censorship campaign, testifies for the US Congress, NATO, unnamed governments, NGO’s, and UK Parliament on “fake News”.  “He was a television producer on documentaries and factual entertainment programs for major networks including the Discovery Channel and the BBC.” ~ according to his bio.

An article he wrote in 2019 detailed how authoritarian regimes disrupt protest movements which delegitimizes free speech, free movement, free culture and the right to self-expression….   Of course, this discourse was before the non-insurrection MAGA protest which obliterates his entirety of expertise.

Remember the Liberty!:... Phillip F. Nelson, Ron... Best Price: $12.75 Buy New $10.00 (as of 07:20 UTC - Details) The sheer number of agencies that operate within the US government via NGO’s is staggering.   The money is siphoned from wherever the crow flies – including the bankrupt Social Security.

The Social Security Balance Sheet claims investments of $2.88 Trillion on liabilities of $136 billion.  The investments are restricted to non-marketable Treasury Securities.   Therefore, they earn as little as zero% to a high of 6%.  IF the dollar’s hegemony was stripped, Treasury Securities could certainly take a hit – and possibly bankrupt the system.   Of the $2.3 trillion in Covid loans and stimulus, $500 billion was paid out of the SS account to eligible businesses, defined as loans under the CoVid Act.  However, the SS Audited Balance Sheet states that these Covid loans have been written-off – 100%.  NONCOLLECTABLE.   Other receivables visible as an asset are written off after two years.

~ CAVEAT:  The SSA financials are all based on “significant accounting estimates” per the audit, – including expectations of future events, ie predictions.  And thus may not reflect actual reality.

Perhaps, instead of censoring social media, our esteemed government could censor ‘estimated accounting methodologies’ given they are effectively Disinformation, False Information, Inaccurate information – and Not Of Reality.

How much money the government has squirreled into obscure accounts is unknown.   HHS:  Assets = $1.180trillion on liabilities of $238 billion.  These agencies are NOT broke.  A government shutdown wouldn’t even dent their net worth.   They operate like NGO’s hording their nontaxable funds aggregating trillions.  

They are all laughing in our faces.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.