What Does the Presence of the National Guard Around the Country Signal?

The Governor of New York has sent armed troops into the subways of New York City, to keep them safe.

Governor Newsom of California (never to be trusted) says he’s deploying troops along the Cali-Mex border to stop the smuggling of fentanyl into the country.

Governor DeSantis has sent troops to maintain order in Miami during spring break.

All of this—to solve problems that should have been solved long ago: The Complete Guide to ... Chapel, Charles Edward Best Price: $14.24 Buy New $12.08 (as of 09:31 UTC - Details)

Breakaway crime and illegal immigration.

Before they got out of hand.

On a deeper level, what this new military trend signals is: Create chaos and then solve it by bringing order.

Order might look good, it might feel right, but it isn’t. Because it means these troops will also be used against legitimate people and causes and protests and FREEDOM.

This is a very old pattern.

Again, create chaos (crime, illegal immigrant flood), then come in behind that and solve it; bring order.

Example: In 1978-9, a popular uprising against the Shah of Iran was turned into a massive series of riots; and the rioters were then tuned up and turned toward an ultimate solution: bring in a great solver, a bringer of order, the Ayatollah.

He was much more brutal than the Shah.

ARTHRITIS - The Best T... Escott, Phil Best Price: $7.99 Buy New $19.97 (as of 10:17 UTC - Details) In that case, I had it from two independent sources that the underlying reason for the revolution was: the Shah was planning to use oil to build the biggest plastics manufacturing plants in the world. In the process, he would modernize the country. This sudden development was not on elite planners’ planetary chessboard.

With the help of the US Pentagon, and possibly the American intelligence establishment, an operation was mounted to reverse Iran to a more primitive condition—and the Ayatollah was the man to make that happen.

Back to today and here in the US: An expanding military presence on home soil would be directed, step by step, toward eliminating what remains of a Constitutional government.

The elimination would be seen as necessary, in light of out of control crime. Crime made possible by treasonous elements of the present government, operating under orders from Globalist elites bent on leveling America, cutting away all traces of Nationalism and subsuming the country under planet-wide governance: the long-term goal.

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