Biden’s State of the Union Address Was an Alternate Reality Campaign Speech

I know a sh*tshow when I see one and last night’s State of the Union address by President Joe Biden was a sh*tshow.

The whole thing was downright embarrassing.

The audience was filled with Democrat women in white outfits. How very pure. And it was a raucous event with both cheering and jeering. It was altogether undignified and unbefitting of a presidential address.

This Joe Biden wasn’t the sleepy fella who orchestrates word salads – it was an entirely different aggressive and loud Joe Biden, though no less irrational. Joe was angry. Joe lives in an alternate reality if he actually believes even a quarter of what he said. Speed Reading: Learn t... Knight, Kam Best Price: $10.02 Buy New $12.69 (as of 03:22 UTC - Details)

Kamala Harris sat behind him and popped up every few minutes like she was propelled by springs to applaud and nod seriously in agreement. Mike Johnson attempted to look relatively agreeable, too, but I suppose sitting there shaking his fist would’ve been considered bad form. (There were some incidents of eye-rolling though. And who could blame him?)

Biden condemned his “predecessor” thirteen times throughout. The raucous crowd cheered each time like they were at a football game or a rock concert.

To name a few things that were egregious:

  • Putin is going to tear through Ukraine, and he won’t stop there – we’re all doomed if he wins. He’s confident tiny Ukraine can stop massive Russia. As long as we keep sending them weapons, of course. He even quoted Reagan and got the audience to boo Trump for telling Putin to “do whatever the hell you want,” though he didn’t mention his name.
  • January 6th was the greatest threat to US democracy since the American Civil War. His “predecessor” sought to “bury the truth” about January 6th. The irony is that all that video footage seems to have vanished, you know, the truth that actually cleared participants. Speaker Johnson couldn’t contain his eye roll at this point.
  • He trotted out a woman who couldn’t get a second round of IVF to have another baby in Alabama due to…the overturning of Roe v. Wade. He also condemned his “predecessor” who bragged about overturning the decision.  He directly disparaged the members of the Supreme Court, who were there in the audience.
  • The vaccines “saved” us from Covid.
  • We’ve “come back” from the Covid economy, and now our economy is the “envy of the world.” He provided many examples of how wonderful his economy is.
  • He praised the Affordable Care Act. Speaker Johnson looked at the floor, clearly biting his tongue. Biden wishes to expand the ACA.
  • Bla bla bla bla I’m great. Bla bla bla.
  • He wants to raise taxes on corporations. His “predecessor” increased the national debt because he gave corporations a tax break. Even CNN refuted this and defended the bipartisan relief that was given out when the economy shut down due to Covid 19. Union Terror: Debunkin... Addicott, Dr. Jeffrey F Buy New $21.95 (as of 03:31 UTC - Details)
  • He blamed the border crisis on REPUBLICANS and said his “predecessor” called members of congress to make them vote against it. He failed to mention that the bill contained massive funding for Ukraine. Speaker Johnson looked like the wanted to grab the microphone and Marjorie Taylor Green began heckling him from the audience, saying, “Say her name!” in reference to a young woman who died due to Biden’s lax policies at the border. Biden got a little lost in word salad but then gathered himself…
  • So he did say her name. Sort of. He got poor Laken Riley’s name wrong, the young woman who was brutally murdered by an illegal alien from Venezuela who’d been previously arrested several times since his entry to the country. (He did call the guy an illegal, much to the agitation of Nancy Pelosi, who says he should’ve said “undocumented.”
  • Climate change, bla bla, climate change.
  • Violent crime is plumetting. If you think otherwise you just don’t understand.
  • He established the Office of Gun Violence Prevention in the White House with “the Vice President” leading the charge.” He talked about his effective actions against gun violence.
  • He’s trying to establish a six week ceasefire in Gaza.
  • He shared his vision of the future. (Campaigning much?)
  • Climate crisis, fair share in taxes, middle class,  no gun violence, happy future, he’s a president for all Americans. Bla bla. Bla.

This was literally a campaign speech. He criticized Trump nonstop and praised himself and his administration with half-truths and wild claims. You can watch below.

Reprinted with permission from The Organic Prepper.