Where Are Advocates for Western Civilization, for White Ethnicities, for the Constitution, for Christian Morality, for Peace?

US Senator J. D.. Vance (R, OH) explains that the Republican Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell, is an agent for the Democrats. And he is.

What Vance doesn’t address is that the large contingent of Republican senators who are so totally committed to continue to pour billions of dollars into Ukraine’s lost war with Russia have a commitment to the profits and power of the US military/security complex, not to Ukraine.  The Richest Man in Bab... General Press Best Price: $30.30 Buy New $8.99 (as of 01:02 UTC - Details)

Social Security long ago ceased to be the third rail of American politics.  Today the way you stay in office is to support Israel and the military/security complex.  These are the interest groups that make or break US senators.

Senator Vance has potential to be a leader, if he is allowed to remain in office by the Israel Lobby and the military/security complex.

Here is his explanation of why the Republican Senate has far more interest in protecting the borders of Ukraine than in protecting the borders of the United States.

As I have remarked on many occasions, the only difference between the Republican Establishment and the Democrats is that the Republican Establishment does not have a policy, at least officially, of hating white Americans with intention to destroy them.  Old Yeller Polson, Steven Best Price: $4.99 Buy New $16.33 (as of 01:02 UTC - Details)

Americans today vote in terms of ancient controversies and have no grasp of the situation that white people face in America today.  Consequently, many vote for their own extermination. A white person who votes Democrat is clearly stupid beyond comprehension.  

A country with so many stupid people is not well positioned to survive the conflicts it initiates or the plots that Democrats and the ruling elites have against American leaders.

Today the successful paradigm of an American Leader is one who intends to destroy American sovereignty and merge a voiceless people into a world government in which they have no rights even to use their own money unless they accept the official narratives, which are never in their interests.

Who in the West is going to fight Russia, China, and Iran in defense of the tyranny imposed upon them?  

As Putin told Tucker Carlson, the pathetic self-hating Western World is not a military problem for Russia.

I am coming to the conclusion that I am writing in defense of a country, a Constitution, and a civilization that exists only as a demonized ruin.