The Long War on White People

White people have been destroying white people for as long as I remember.  I don’t mean only in military wars, such as WW I and WW II, which destroyed the English and Europe and left them as American vassel states.  In wars of a different kind the damage has been as terrible. In fact, worse, because it is not only a genocide of white people but a genocide of their culture of freedom and accountable government.

(Note: in this article I include Jews among white people.  Some Jews maintain that “white” applies only to gentiles and that Jews are Semites.)

So that this column doesn’t get too long for Americans to have the patience to read, I will start at an arbitrary point in time:  The destruction of neighborhood schools.  It began with Brown vs. Board of Education when an unintelligent and socially illiterate Supreme Court ruled that going to school with your own kind was “unequal” and a violation of the 14th Amendment of equal treatment under the law. The Unprotected Class:... Carl, Jeremy Best Price: $25.43 Buy New $23.42 (as of 06:52 UTC - Details)

Liberals aimed Brown vs. Board of Education at the Southern states that had comprised the Confederate States of America.  They intended a second Reconstruction of the South, but the supreme court’s ruling affected the entire country.

In those days most women were still homemakers whose time was given to raising children with character and morals.  Instead of going to work helping corporations to make profits, women raised children and provided a home.  Also, in those days, especially in the South which was relatively poor, and I expect the same was true all over, schools were NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLS to which, in those days, meant that kids could walk to and from safely.  

In the South, and I expect everywhere, schools were NOT RACIALLY SEGREGATED.   They were segregated by economic class. Middle class students went to school with middle class kids,  Rich kids went to school with their well-to-do compatriots.  Kids from poor neighborhoods went to school with others of their economic class.

As those wonderful short movies, The Little Rascals, show, in small Southern towns everyone went to the same school.  So there was racial integration in schools in the South. 

Also in housing.  When I was teaching at Tulane University in New Orleans, my neighbors in the French Quarter were black.  I also had black neighbors when I lived in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

In those days of neighborhood schools, parents and teachers (PTA) met on Thursday evenings, probably monthly but possibly more often, and went over student performance and what was being taught.  There was, unlike today, friendly and cooperative relations between parents and teachers. It was mainly a meeting of mothers with teachers.  All of the extraordinary things that happen today were impossible then.

Since schools were neighborhood schools, the schools could only be integrated by busing students from one neighborhood to another across town.  Kids, who had walked to school, started spending several hours a day on school buses.  PTA meetings were no longer local.  They required a trip across town, which was too much of a disruption. Consequently, what school integration achieved was to terminate communication between parents and teachers.

In other words, the destruction of neighborhood schools was totally destructive.

It was destructive in other ways.  Disparity in motivation, behavior, and ability of racially, socially and economically mixed student bodies required a lowering of standards. Today it is commonplace that hardly any students in the school district can meet performance standards. The hours kids spent riding on school buses was totally wasted time.  Bored, they became susceptible to bad behavior.  Reports emerged of girls on school buses giving oral sex to boys. The sexual morality of women began to disintegrate into what we see today.

With busing using up their play time, they skimped on their study time.  Consequently, academic performance  in American has consistently fallen.  Today it is far below where it was in 1950. Today it is possible in America to be a honor graduate of a high school and not be able to write cursive, know the multiplication tables, or anything about the Constitution except that it is racist.

Leaving the destruction of American education by white Americans, let’s move on.  It was whites who made whites second class citizens in law.  The 1965 Civil Rights Act forbade racial quotas, but the EEOC, the regulatory agency in charge, ignored Congress’ law and imposed racial quotas that gave preference to blacks, then women, and eventually to the sexually perverted over while heterosexual males.  Today despite the law forbidding discrimination, corporations and the US military openly declare that they discriminate against white male heterosexuals in favor of “people of color,” sexual perverts, and women.  This flagrant violation of the 14th Amendment has been ignored by Congress and the courts for a half century..

Having reduced white Americans to second class citizenship, whites then destroyed their livelihoods by offshoring US manufacturing and industrial jobs to Asia and Mexico.

This was a white assault on the white middle class.  American manufacturing had long been a ladder of upward mobility for the lower class to rise.  When the Soviet Union collapsed when the hardline Politburo arrested Russian President Gorbechav, the Chinese and Indians abandoned communism and socialism and opened their economies to foreign capital.

Consequently, American corporations were ordered by Wall Street to offshore their production to areas of cheap labor in order to greatly increase profits or be taken over by Wall Street-financed buyouts. 

The shift of US manufacturing abroad reduced American consumer power, forcing the maintenance of living standards onto the expansion of consumer debt. It  destroyed US supply chains, forcing out of business the regional and local firms that knitted the manufacturing economy together.  It greatly expanded the US trade deficit, because the offshored production which came back into the US to be marketed came in as imports.

White Americans were told by white economists, deplorables from Harvard and Dartmouth who could be hired to lie for money, that manufacturing jobs were “dirty fingernail jobs” that would be replaced by much higher paid “tech jobs.”  To the extent that any such jobs materialized, they were filled by immigrants from India on work visas. How to Fight Artificia... Cutler, Boone Best Price: $15.01 Buy New $30.99 (as of 07:07 UTC - Details)

Washington used WW II to elevate the US dollar to world reserve currency. The  abuse of the dollar’s role by Washington’ sanctions has eroded the use of the dollar to settle international accounts. Why pay bills in dollars and keep your bank reserves in dollars when you can be confiscated and prevented from paying your bills? What Washington is doing is depreciating the value of our money while running up our bills with offshored production and never ending wars.

It is white people who are delegitimizing truth. In America today, a person who tells the truth about anything is considered to be an enemy of the state.  If you are not willing to lie, you cannot get a journalism job or a university job or a job as a school teacher in blue cities, or a job with any of the woke institutions that have come to dominate our diminished society.

For 12 years Washington has been able to keep, with help from Sweden and the utterly corrupt British “judicial system,” Julian Assange under lock and key without any charges against him!

This has been achieved by drawing out endlessly whether to not to extract Assange to America where he waits charges that do not apply to a foreign national.  Washington doesn’t want the disgrace of trying Julian Assange in a show trial worst that Stalin’s.  Washington wants him dead from stress from years of prison abuse and isolated confinement.

Whites have destroyed the reputation of white people. Hatred of Americans is growing so rapidly that expatriates who have found residence abroad are endangered by the rising hatred of Americans that Washington has caused.  Once Washington’s power is gone, American expatriates are endangered.

I cannot think of anything, not one thing, that any Western government has done for their own white ethnic nationalities in the 21st century.  White peoples have accepted their loss of rights and legal standing, their coerced financial responsibility for immigrant-invaders, their obligation to accept the legitimization of sexual perversion and Satanic morality.

We have reached the point that Google’s Gemini cannot produce a white face even when asked for portraits of America’s founding fathers. See this.

I conclude that white ethnicities are a dead and vanquished peoples. They have accepted their demise and have been thrown into the trash bin of history.