Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin Interview: What President Putin Really Said

Introductory Note

In Yesterday’s article entitled

NATO Confirmed that Ukraine “War Started in 2014”. Who Started the War? (February 11, 2023)

I focussed on the implications of a controversial statement by NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed (speaking on behalf of NATO) that the “war didn’t start in 2022”. 

The Bitcoin Standard: ... Saifedean Ammous Best Price: $17.32 Buy New $18.78 (as of 10:45 UTC - Details) In an interview with The Washington Post (May 9, 2023), Jens Stoltenberg unequivocally confirmed that “the war started in 2014″. 

What this statement unequivocally confirms is that US-NATO was already at war in 2014. It also tacitly acknowledges that Russia did not “initiate the war” on Ukraine in February 2022.

Jens Stoltenberg’s bold statement (which has barely been the object of media coverage) has opened up a Pandora’s Box, or best described “A Can of Worms” on behalf of the Atlantic Alliance.

What Stoltenberg’s statement bears out is that the beginning of the Ukraine war coincided with a U.S. sponsored Coup d’état, confirmed by Victoria’s Nuland‘s “F**k the EU telephone conversation with U.S. Ambassador Pyatt  in February 2014.

That was exactly ten years ago.

Today, I am featuring the text of guest author Peter Koenig which carefully reviews the implications of Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Vladimir Putin.

Koenig explains how the Interview has opened up another “Can of Worms” , which questions the legitimacy of U.S. foreign policy.

Michel Chossudovsky, February 12, 2024

Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin Interview: What President Putin Really Said

by Peter Koenig

First, much credit is due to both Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin for having agreed to speak to each other – or rather President Putin speaking to Tucker, as it was a lesson in Russian history and Russian culture and Russian soul, that President Putin gave not only to Tucker, but to the rest of the western world, most of whom have no clue what Russia is, and what makes Russia tick.

Tucker shared his reflections straight after his interview with Putin…

“You’d have to be crazy to think that Russia will give up Crimea.”

“You’d have to be an idiot to think that Russia is an expansionist power; it’s already huge and doesn’t need more territory.”

“You’d have to be an idiot to think that Russia could roll tanks into Vienna; there’s no evidence of such intentions.”

“We are ruled by lunatics”— referring to the US leadership’s desire for regime change in Russia.

Here is the full interview (with transcript)

After this widely anticipated interview, announced, and awaited with high expectations, Tucker Carlson has been widely demonized by western media and politicians. “How dare you talking to our prime enemy!” was the common tenor.

Unelected EU Commissioner, Madame Von der Leyen, talked about “sanctioning” Tucker Carlson, by banning him from entering the EU. It is more than ridiculous and will never happen. The sheer propaganda moment in such a statement shows how desperate the EU is – to follow in the boots steps of America – for the EU as well as the Washington Masters, are falling apart rapidly.

In the US, voices could be heard to call for taking Tucker’s US nationality away, to ban him from re-entering the US. And these voices were even louder than those decrying the Biden Administration-made immigrant scandal at the Texas border – that many are afraid could work itself from destabilizing American society into an outright civil war.

This is the state of affairs in a – not crazy, but defunct – world. How to get out of it?

Tucker Carlson has tried an opening to the East, to Russia; preparing for a geopolitical olive-branch, bringing back conscience in the ranks of American politicians. Will it work? It remains to be seen.

For all those who still believe in the mainstream’s vilification of Vladmir Putin, but are ever-more doubtful and would like to know the truth, President Putin tells an extraordinary story of reality about Russia, the country’s history, all the way back to the 8th century, laying out very clearly that not only eastern but also western Ukraine – Kiev – is historically a part of Russia.

If comparing this Russia knowledge of history with the Zionist claim over Palestine – you know who is telling the truth and who is lying through their teeth, just for grandeur, dominance, and power – all to achieve a Greater Israel – stamped out of nowhere – to present themselves to the world as “the Chosen People”.

Fortunately, eventually Light will prevail over Darkness and the Zionists will not achieve their wicked objectives. Unfortunately, though, with the pathologically sick support of western leaders, their defeat could take years – and the death toll during this period could become astronomical. The Wealth of Nations Smith, Adam Best Price: $23.69 Buy New $22.00 (as of 07:47 UTC - Details)

And who says or believes that Greater Israel would be the endgame?

From what can be seen today, and also read into President Putin’s interview statements,  the West, the combination of the dying empire, US of A, and the puppet Europe with her unelected leadership, and the individual EU countries with World Economic Forum (WEF)-implants as Young Global Leaders (YGL), speak tyrants – those who were privileged to absolve Klaus Schwab’s Academy of dictatorship and fascist-teaching – Trudeau, Macron, Von der Leyen, Scholz, Rutte et al – are hell-bent to go to war with Iran for her riches and because Iran, a close ally of Russia and China, is a disturbance for the west.

Iran is a powerhouse for the new BRICS. A western attack on Iran would be as suicidal as an assault on Russia and China. Russia assumes currently the leadership of the BRICS. Under Vladimir Putin, it will be a strong leadership.

Nothing of this was put in words by President Putin – but it is as much of what he did not say and one can read implicitly between the lines – as what he did say, that makes President Putin a formidable diplomat and indeed leading Statesman. The west has none of his kind. This interview may become an extraordinary milestone of history.

Despite being showered with western insults and sanctions for years non-stop, President Putin used not one word of insult against western leaders.

To the contrary, when asked by Tucker, how Putin’s counterparts reacted to his approaches, conversations, or suggestions for negotiations, on Ukraine, for example, Putin said he would not comment, and the good journalist, who Tucker Carlson is, might better ask directly at the source.

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