Joe Biden as a Weapon

What are we to make of this campaign of Joe Biden for president? Let us step back from the regular questions like whether he is in a hospice and three other actors play his role at different times. That is perhaps true, but it is not our topic today.

The interesting question is who is running his campaign?

First, it does not seem to be the Democratic Party, if there is anything left of that institution. It seems as if the Biden campaign is run by a set of contractors working as PR agents. But who tells them what to do? After going through the website carefully, I came to the painful conclusion that they are getting their orders from lobbying and private intelligence contractors, like Booz Allen Hamilton, and probably from three or four so as to spread the money around and make it more difficult to trace the responsibility. But they question is then, who gives the orders to those contractors. Speed Reading: Learn t... Knight, Kam Check Amazon for Pricing.

Granted the bizarre fusion between the Biden and Netanyahu administration, and the radical privatization of governance by both, my guess is that the orders come from private consulting firms in the US, in Israel, and perhaps elsewhere, and that those consulting firms take their orders from the usual suspects:

multinational investment banks and private equity, multinational corporations (increasingly corporations have banks telling them what to do), and the strategic teams of various billionaires and billionaire families.

The immediate consulting firms around Biden are Asia Group run by Kurt Campbell and others, WestExec run by current Secretary of State Tony Blinken and Michèle Flournoy of the Defense Policy Board and Albright-Stonebridge, and there are others like Pine Island Capital Partners where both Lloyd Austin (Secretary of Defense), Flournoy, and Blinken all have interests.

I have no idea who the big players are behind the consulting firms and investment banks.

The Lost SuperFoods 12... Lex Rooker Best Price: $39.68 Buy New $37.00 (as of 08:00 UTC - Details) There may be some subtle issues regarding nationality. Various Israeli, Chinese, Turkish, German and other billionaires like to hide themselves behind multiple trusts and funds so that they cannot be traced. That is because of the increasingly confrontational rhetoric used in international politics.

Let us take a look at the Biden for President website now.

It is no surprise that the opening page of the Biden website asks for money. After all, the only thing that politics is concerned abougt these days is money. But the message presented is so bland and empty, so devoid of any possible motivation to support this zombie campaign, that one must wonder whether there is an intentional effort to discourage voters. Or perhaps this website is designed to demoralize and repel.

Perhaps it has already been determined that Trump will be the next occupant and the consulting contract from Booz, Allan, Hamilton is to make Biden look as stupid and compromised as possible.

The line “what we raise now will determine the size and scope of the programs we’ll be able to run next year” is ambiguous, but seems to imply that for the citizen, Joe Biden holding up the ideals of the nation is dependent on your contribution. It is pay to play for everyone.

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