Do Not Fall for the Demoralization Program

Absurdistan is not black-pilled. And believes that whenever you run into one of them, tell them they need a good long rest. They’ve overwrought their own minds. The black-pilled are part of the problem. Despair is the one unforgivable sin for a reason. All is not lost. Evil will be defeated, a lot of it this time, more than at any other time.

A system of suppression kills the economy. It destroys initiative, it creates stasis. That’s why these people have run up $33 Trillion in debt. Their economic system does not work. You cannot censor your own people and have a successful economy. The U.S. Proxy War in ... Laurence M. Vance Buy New $5.95 (as of 08:01 UTC - Details)

I admit this wasn’t a great week for MAGA, other than the cartoon Marxist circus in an Atlanta court. Really Atlanta? You really have a DA that silly? We got the full picture of the National Security State with Mike Benz’s unmissable chat with Tucker and the idiots in New York demonstrated how ignorant they were of normal business practice. I say enough with the affirmative action hires. They have to know the law, and have experienced the real world, not the Disney corporatist fever dream of ‘equity’, meant to turn the world into a sewer.

The fact that I spent seven years in the same journo stable as the men who built the Obama censorship state makes me physically nauseous. Time Magazine in London was full bore national security state, and always was. The bureau chiefs filed to Langley every day and they spent nights on the town gathering information. And they freaking loved it. Words cannot express how much contempt I have for Rick Stengel and Walter Isaacson. These men were given the world, and used it to oppress their own citizens. They are scum.

This piece is a few months old, but there are another ten thousand of you here, and trust me, it is more relevant and purposeful today.

You probably haven’t heard of Rupert Sheldrake. He is a biologist, a former fellow and don at Cambridge, and a devout Anglican in the tradition of CS Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. But unlike them, he performs double blind experiments, one of them being on the morphic field.. What the Nurses Saw: A... McCarthy, Ken Best Price: $19.07 Buy New $17.77 (as of 07:22 UTC - Details)

Dogs Who Know When Their Owners are Coming Home was the first of his books that caught my attention, since every dog I’ve had seems unnervingly to know everything that I think. My current, Pan, is always to be found sitting in the front hall to greet me, exuding crossness that she didn’t go with. Unless of course, she is canoodling with Jamie which is her second favorite thing to do, her first being keeping me on HER schedule.

Sheldrake posits that a good portion, if not all, of our minds (that of dogs too)  is located outside our bodies and is in communication with something he calls the field or morphic field.  This term was picked up by the New Age and consciousness community, but is being investigated as a legitimate study in places like Stanford by people like Carol Dweck. Since Stanford is also the location of the SRI, Stanford Research Institute, which secretly investigates PSI, mind control, the occult as tools for power, Dweck’s is probably a limited hangout, meant to answer the suspicion of three billion easy, if not six billion, that telepathy, etc is real.  Let’s put it this way, military intelligence knows that telepathy is real because they use it, train and experiment, and not just a little. The remote viewing program is very well documented.

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