How Many Deases Are There?

Welcome to the absurdity of modern medicine

The Journal of the American Medical Library Association: “[There are] 2 distinct categories: anatomical and global. The anatomical disease section includes 18 major categories with more than 26,000 diseases representing all areas of the body, including blood, bone, immune, muscle, and reproductive diseases. The global disease section contains 6 categories: cancer, fetal, genetic, infectious, metabolic, and rare diseases, and almost 18,000 specific diseases.” Age Is Just a Number: ... Patel, Dr Ankur Best Price: $7.00 Buy New $13.64 (as of 05:52 UTC - Details)

Total: 44,000 diseases.

To them you can add roughly 300 so-called mental disorders.

The Journal also mentions this: “…over 19,000 disease entries, which correspond with more than 13,000 genes…”

There are NO genetic treatments which cure ANY disease across the board. Therefore, claiming these 19,000 diseases are genetic in origin is mere speculation.

But let’s go back to the original Journal assertion: 44,000 separate and distinct diseases of the body. Who knew?

Who knew researchers could fabricate this much absurdity? 6-Minute Fitness at 60... Su, Jonathan Buy New $7.99 (as of 05:52 UTC - Details)

If it were true, we’d all be dead. We wouldn’t have been born.

DOCTOR TO PATIENT: “Joe, I want to congratulate you. You’re in good health. Somehow you’ve managed to avoid 44,000 diseases. I have no idea how. Maybe you had a few thousand and recovered.”

JOE: “Well, I stopped drinking, and I do 30 pushups every morning.”

Here is the truth. Doctors, hospitals, medical schools, drug/vaccine companies, researchers have SOLD 44,000 “diseases.” Marketed them. Promoted them.

To make sure everybody comes under their umbrella.

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