Why Is Everything so Stupid?

It is impossible to estimate the opportunity cost of the climate scam, but it is in the quadrillions. Think of all you could have done in the last decades were your family income quadrupled. It should have been. We should be dancing in the stars, the real ones, not among the ghastly baboons of Hollywood. You can always tell an elite scam by the fact that it guts the lower 50%, as it is doing in the demented Dominion where people are actually going without food because of brutal carbon taxes levied all along the food chain. Two million of us are using food banks, 7%, this in the richest country in the world, given our massive resources, our expensively, meticulously educated populace.

The stupidity of gutting the lower 50% is mindblowing, since all prosperity and peace rests upon people thriving and rising. It was the secret of the past three hundred years. Now reversed. Now going into reversal. In Canada, where the climate scam is most advanced (barring Africa), our GDP is crashing hard – 4.4% in the last three months. Will it pull up? Or will it be annualized to 6%, more? Our media is so dishonest it doesn’t report. In any case, no one under 40, reads or watches the news.

“If you are under 40, in 2023, it has to be a medical condition that your IQ is low enough that you still watch the news. It’s one hour of propaganda in order to program.”

The Complete Civil War... Weeks, Michael Best Price: $7.95 Buy New $15.47 (as of 08:17 UTC - Details) And how the left can stand the brutal immiseration of Africa is beyond me. Energy-rich nations like Namibia importing 75% of their energy, the energy owned by Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street. How do they live with themselves? Super plutocrats feeding on the poorest of the poor is the progressive nightmare, its raison de’etre. This is Absurdistan. The left created this monster by throwing their support behind science so corrupt, so unscrupulous, dishonorable, unprincipled, it gives off a stench that has spread across the world. Whenever someone references climate change, I actually feel ill.

This past month, John Podesta suspected pedophile, Hillary’s strategist, the Global Warming Czar in the current White House, called out the stupider members of his vile attack dogs onto Substack. We were accused by a “journalist” in The Atlantic of harbouring Nazis. The Atlantic, an outfit owned by a conscienceless plutocrat who lives off Apple – which uses child labor in China to assemble (those little fingers! So useful!), and child slave labor in Africa to dig cobalt – of harbouring Nazis who made money!  As it turned out, there were about four of them, and the most any made was $1200 annually, but never mind! The trope was out there, being shrieked by the disgraced New York Times, itself the organ of another plutocrat who hates us.

The domination of the stupid in the public square is endlessly annoying, so I only scan what appears before my eyes courtesy of the AI bot who believes I must be re-educated. One of my stable mates, Chris Bray, reacted in the manner most of us feel:

All day, every day, we’re exposed to…gibbering. To arguments that aren’t arguments, to fact claims that don’t pass any kind of smell test of any kind at any distance. WILL YOU SHUT UP, I keep muttering, trying to find some non-stupid news on the sewer box that feeds me the Internet.

Also this month, the stars of Substack, Matt Taibbi and Michael Schellenberger continued their methodical fleshing out of the surveillance state, and how deeply it has penetrated our lives.

I think it flared and metastasized long before 2018, with Obama’s election. He may be a puppet for the hard left, but he sure as hell did the bidding of the plutocrats and the military establishment, creating more foreclosures for normals, drowning Wall Street in free cash, and killing more brown people than all other presidents combined. John Solomon’s Just the News summarized former CIA agent’s book Neutering the CIA that shows how Obama weaponized the CIA against Americans, hiring Democrat activists to attack anyone and anything, like for the sake of argument Substack, that threatened the fiendish combination of progressive and plutocrat hegemony.

Clandestine, another Substacker, made the point that the October 7th attack on Israel looks like an inside job, from neo-liberals trying to effect a color revolution in Israel and to get rid of Netanyahu. I reported that six weeks ago here, but this is not the point. The point being, as Devin Nunes said this week, that Obama’s team is still running the show. Biden, apparently has refused to quit so they can install another puppet, since it looks unlikely that he can cheat his way to victory again. Valerie Jarret flounced out of the White House for this reason.

How did this happen? How did the rational world become one long chain of lies, a complete fabric of falsehood smothering everything?

The Climate Scam. It began with that in the early 2000’s. And now, it blankets everything. This lie has suppressed growth, hope, prosperity, truth, destroyed academia, destroyed government, destroyed scholarship, destroyed reason, destroyed trust in any system. It has ruined your great grandchildren’s lives because the grotesque perversion of truth will destroy human life. Arguably, given that in four generations humans will be nearly extinct, that geoengineering is methodically poisoning the forests, fields, killing arthropods in the soil, the very essence of nutrition and health, we are well on the way. Bust Hell Wide Open (C... Mitcham Jr., Samuel W. Buy New $18.99 (as of 08:17 UTC - Details)

The Climate Scam is the Father of Lies. And John Kerry is its progenitor. Well acquainted with power, he has spent the last thirty years insinuating climate panic into every discipline, every sector, forcing every CEO to confess that what is unreal is real, that what is not a problem is a problem, and demands your sacrifice.

The national security state was tasked with selling the climate scam, bullying every plutocrat feeding off government dollars – Bezos, Musk, Gates, whatever fascist fiend runs Google – to sell this idiocy, this madness. Everyone who protested was sidelined, which means anyone both intelligent and principled was sent to the sidelines. And with the departure of the principled, the unethical, or the go-along-to-get-along gang took power. And to keep power, they lied.

Media were bullied, universities were bullied, every institution was tasked with climate emissions draw-down. If you are in earth, air or water sciences, engineering, climate mitigation is built into every assessment, every development, every business opportunity. Try to get through the first years of engineering without confessing Climate Boiling. This guy from Bloomberg below, is so wrongheaded, so stupid, it actually hurts to look at this header. If this is what they deem truth, the entire human enterprise is in peril. That Gongloff wrote this and that his editor published it, means neither can think clearly, and that they have not done the necessary reading. They have been stampeded by the National Security State, and their pandering stupid owner – all profoundly irresponsible people.

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