WEF – Davos 2024. The World Is Falling Apart But the Show Must Go On…

It is a meeting of a globalist cartel of unelected “leaders”, who give themselves the right to attempt deciding the future of the world.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” ― William Shakespeare, The Tempest

It’s A 21st Century Tempest:

Lets Ensure that the Devils Go Down to Where they Rightfully Belong”

Below is a timely Report by Radio Canada (in French) referring to Davos24 with a title intent upon reassuring its readers:


“‘The Great Reset’ is not a Conspiracy to Control the World.

“This initiative of the World Economic Forum to Rethink the Post-Epidemic Economy is the Object of an Important Disinformation Campaign”

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Introduction: Davos24. The WEF Agenda

As these lines go to print, some 3000 invited guests will flock to the 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, from 15 to 19 January. Some 60+ heads of state and many “dignitaries” – most without dignity – wannabe leaders of one kind or another, corporate CEOs, are expected. 

It is a meeting of a globalist cartel of unelected “leaders”, who give themselves the right to attempt deciding the future of the world.

They include, of course, bankers and the financial elite – foremost BlackRock, also a key sponsor and financier of the WEF.

This globalist cabal will, like every year, clog the airports of Zurich, Geneva, and Basle, with their private jets.

Like military worldwide, they are way beyond the “climate change” fraud-agenda they impose on the common plebs.

Some of the heads of state invited by Klaus Schwab, the eternal Chairman and CEO of the WEF, might be considered de facto murderers.

As Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who this year is making a physical appearance in Davos, is traveling with a high caliber security detail, his critiques are being murdered at home. As reported by RT (12 January 2024) and confirmed by the US State Department, Chilean-US journalist Gonzalo Lira was tortured to death in a Ukraine prison. See this.

President Zelenskyy is also responsible for sending tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers to their death in an unwinnable war against Russia – for which Russia has offered multiple times peace negotiations, Zelenskyy refused on the order of NATO and western leaders.

Other WEF attendees, like, Isaac Herzog, President of Israel, stands behind the horrendous genocide Israel is inflicting on Palestine; Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, sitting in for President Biden, as well as Ursula von der Leyen, (image left with Zelenskyy) unelected President European Council (EC) and member of the WEF’s Board of Trustees – might they also fall into the category of de facto murderers for their relentless encouraging Israel to continue the merciless genocide on Gaza, already expanded to the West Bank and Southern Lebanon; as well as cheering on Zelenskyy with countless billions of dollars and an arsenal of sophisticated American and European weaponry to continue the atrocious war in Ukraine?

Bill Gates, the vaxx king and insect-food promoter, farm-killer and foremost and outspoken eugenist, as well as WHO’s DG, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, might they fit the criteria of “Triggering Depopulation” 

The WEF’s 2024 Motto: Rebuilding Trust

With this kind of noble ilk, Davos 2024 is off to a good start.

Not for nothing, this year’s motto is “Rebuilding Trust”. Are you effing kidding? “Rebuilding trust”, that says it all. Something is changing. The WEF is realizing that more and more people – including high-level executives – have lost and are increasingly losing trust in this corrupt dystopian, rules-based, One-World wannabe Order.

Other indications that trust in the system is quickly losing ground around the world can be seen from a recent Telegraph article, according to which Defense Secretary Grant Shaps is planning recruiting women for military service, to make up for the ever diminishing mail recruits.

Young people no longer trust their governments, and less so their war policies. It is just a question of time, when women too decline to do war service for the government. Maybe the time is here already. See this.

One certain solution for peace and harmony in the world would be ALL people refusing serving in the military. No military around the world, and the system would fall flat.

The WEF could pack up, and Davos could regain its illustrious reputation of a swell tourist location in the eastern Alps of Switzerland.

The Globalist Dream 

Be sure, WEF and Co., your globalist dream of a One World Order and One World Government, and One Health Order (see below) will not happen. It is a joke.

Dear Mr. Schwab, how are you gonna “Rebuild Trust” with the same corrupt agenda and the same corrupt elitists? You have not changed one iota from the Great Reset’s and UN Agenda’s 2030 – primary goals of drastic population reduction, euthanizing large swaths of people, in whatever way possible, and full digitization of the remaining humanity, to the point where your Israeli Professor and Brother-in-Crime, Yuval Noah Hariri, asks in no uncertain terms:

What to do with the useless eaters, once robots and Artificial Intelligences (AI) will have taken over?

The answer is clear.

Be Sure, it has Nothing to do with Building Trust 

Indeed, things are a-changing. And perhaps in unpredictable ways. Since we are not living in a linear world and the vast majority of humanity does not want a digitized world with digitally-controlled, digitized humanoids. Take note – people are waking up.

Davos24: 100+ Behind Closed Doors Sessions

The WEF’s traditional and official agenda for Davos24, of Trade, Climate Change, AI / digitization does not inspire trust, especially not for the awakened ones. And many of the 3000-plus elite-guests are increasingly aware of the rapid awakening within the populace at large.

Indeed, a conscience shift is taking hold throughout the world. Maybe the elite come in these record numbers to Davos24, to see what the WEF has to offer as alternatives to maintain the status quo as long as possible. 

In addition to the official agenda, really the key of the WEF agenda, are the 100-plus secret close-door sessions for by-invitation-only guests.

In these sessions, the psychopaths, or Übermenschen hovering above humanity, led by Schwab, will discuss how to control, tyrannize, reduce, and robotize the world population – and the best and fastest way to deprive them of their hard-earned resources and how quickest transferring these resources to a small corporate and private elite.

These secret topics, will most likely include methodologies on how to impose on society new fear factors – after the covid, lockdown and vaxx fraud is gradually but speedily coming to light and ebbing off.

To get the maximum out of fear-mongering and mind manipulation of the population at large, the WEF might have invited experts from Tavistock, the British institute for social engineering of the collective and individual minds.

Special items of discussions may include, as priorities,

  • how to assure that the new US President – elections in November 2024, IF they take place – will play along, Biden-style;  
  • implementation of the yet to be defined new disease “X” which will be multiple times deadlier than covid;
  • how to manipulate the Pandemic Treaty and the new International Health Regulations (IHR) through the World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 2024, to make WHO effectively the tyrant and dictator of a One Health Order (OHO), leading up to a One World Government;
  • next dimensions of AI, robotization, digitization and the blanket imposition of Digital ID and how to link them to individual bank accounts, and / or Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – imposition at once, or gradually, in the hope of halting a revolution; and

A Polygon Cyberattack May also be on the Agenda for 2024. 

After all, We the People, were recently warned by the Barack and Michelle Obama produced Netflix movie, Leave the World Behind – depicting a cyber-attack by an unknown enemy, attempting to leave the people in awe and fear of what might be coming.

Also it is worth noting that in 2021:

“the WEF conducted a simulation of Cyber Attacks involving a scenario of Paralysis of the Power Supply, Communications, Transportation, The Internet

“Klaus Schwab intimated in no uncertain terms based on the simulation that a cyber-attack:

“Could bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole …

The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyberattack.” (emphasis added)

NO FEAR, Please – is of the Order.

We, the People, must become cognizant of the fact that the Western world is run by A Money Driven Cult, a Death Cult, or a Diabolical Cult.

Hard to believe but true.

What we have been experiencing during the last several decades are attacks on human dignity, emotions, by warnings causing fear and obedience. These are typical rituals Cults must follow, to be successful in their diabolical actions.

If we pay no attention, especially do not fall for the fear-factor, and do not hate them for what they are doing, we are safe. They want us to hate them, because hatred emits the same low emotional vibes they use for their atrocities. If we emit similar signals, they have us under control.

Being indifferent to them, or even loving them, monsters they are – according to the maxim, they don’t know what they are doing – is a must for ascending from the darkness of their control into the light, where We the People, eventually become free, autonomous and sovereign beings, ready to create a new society, a new civilization.

We must not ever succumb to their control, lest they drive us to the graveyard, or at best, to their slave-yard. NEVER must we allow that.

The original source of this article is Global Research.