Tale of Two Canals: Taking Down China Trade

The Panama Canal is an artificial waterway built in the early 1900’s to connect trade between the Atlantic and the Pacific.  It is subject to “climate change”, aka droughts, due to El Nino and La Nina events every few years.   Today, they are in drought mode and the Powers that be are claiming the Canal might never recover and become obsolete…   Ownership of the Canal passed from the French to the US to a joint Panamanian/US control to sole control by the government of Panama as of 1999.  

In 1956, the US tried to ‘pressure’ Egypt to relinquish control of the Suez Canal to the US government.  In 2022, the revenue from the Suez Canal was $9.4 billion.   Revenues for the Panama Canal were $4.9 billion.  Cargo ship tonnage must meet the authorities stipulations based on the quantity of water in either canal.   Larger container ships are prohibited during drought years which affects ‘trade’.

Smaller cargo ships mean greater cost for transportation.   Greater transportation cost increases the price of goods.   Equals inflation.   The attacks by Houthis in the Red Sea are being blamed for spikes in transport costs through the Suez, while climate change is the driver for stalls in the Panama Canal.   Simultaneously.   As in there are no coincidences. The Bait of Satan, 20t... Bevere, John Best Price: $5.29 Buy New $7.01 (as of 03:37 UTC - Details)

The Suez traffic accounts for 16% of all trade.   Up to 30% of US trade goes through the Suez Canal.   40% of US trade goes thru the Panama Canal from China to the East Coast.   Logistics:   the biggest trade partners of the US include Canada, the EU, China, and Mexico…  No canals if China drops the goods on the west coast.   Thus benefiting Trucking and Railroad endpoint transfers.   Rail is the most cost effective means of transport.   And will benefit the most from canal issues.

Who owns the railroads across America?   Union Pacific shares are owned by BlackRock and Vanguard.  BNSF Railway is owned by Berkshire Hathaway.   CSX Corporation is owned by Vanguard and BlackRock.   Northern Southern railway is owned by State Street and Vanguard.   They are set to benefit the most from shipping diverted away from the Panama Canal.   Boosting the bottom line for BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.   Easy Deezy!

Maersk is one of the largest shipping companies serving the US.   They are claiming that due to the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, they are now forced to circumvent the route in favor of Cape Horn.   But a quick look at their traffic routes reveals that eastern US shipments originate in Europe and western US shipments are direct from China.  The Suez Canal supports trade between the Middle East and China.   Thus, there is zero additional cost to US traffic.  Odd.

So what is really happening?

After the US government basically destroyed China’s real estate market, China shifted its emphasis to high end manufacturing and sanctions against the US.  Xi Jinping was not impressed by the destruction of China’s real estate market and instead of cowering before The Giants – he got mad.   Not unlike Russia’s trade shifts despite heady US sanctions.   Neither of these outcomes were anticipated by the Powers.

The US needed Russian oil and needed China’s cheap goods to maintain economic advantages.   Instead they made enemies.   Lost Power.   Lost leverage.   Another FAIL to add to the Ukraine War.   What to do?   Try and demonize Xi Jinping and spark a possible coup in China.

The China Select Committee (CSC) demanded that the Department of the Treasury report on U.S. portfolio holdings of foreign securities and directed the Biden administration to impose duties on products originating from China that are deemed critical, such as semiconductors.    In addition, The CSC demanded the Biden administration to take specific actions against Huawei, ZTE and other telecom vendors complicit in installing unsecure telecommunications infrastructure in the United States and other countries.

Further demands include recommendations to expand the U.S. export control and outbound investment regimes, such as by requiring the Department of Commerce to adopt a countrywide system for export controls concerning China and restricting outbound investment in Chinese companies on U.S. sanctions and red-flag lists, as well as their subsidiaries.”

In other words, the US government is directing the current regime to destroy China’s economy. Wild Planet Skipjack W... Buy New $36.22 ($0.60 / Ounce) (as of 03:37 UTC - Details)

The China Select Committee was formed January 2023 by Republican Michael McCaul.   He first ran for the House in 2004 – uncontested.  A war hawk, McCaul supports an endless war in Yemen, Ukraine, and labeled Xi Jinping as “Hitler”.   Kevin McCarthy was instrumental in thee creation of The Committee claiming the US was locked in a Cold war with China and that CSC could counter and respond economically against an aggressive China that posed a threat to the US hegemony.

In other words, the Republican hawks are about destruction of anyone and everyone that does  not bend a knee.   The Loss of China as a trade partner would be devastating  to the US economy yet the Powers are of the belief that taking down China will mean the US will control their manufacturing competition.   The committee sited the Pandemic as evidence that China was a threat to global security – ignoring the involvement of Fauci, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Stanford, and the CDC!

In addition, in December 2023, the CSC released a set of 150 legislative recommendations to “reset” US economic relations with China given the ‘discovery’ of an illegal biolab operating in California – approved by Gruesome Newsom.   Every aspect of China operating in the US was via invitation.   Those extending the invitations are not punished, because that would reveal US complicity at the head – The WHITE HOUSE.

Therefore, the role of The Committee is to rewrite history – and take out China thus severely damaging the apparatus that they fear the most – THE BRICS.   The means – Trade routes that will increase China’s Transportation Costs – while giving a punch to the railroads net revenue.   The outcome?   Control.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.