Evidence Relating to NASA Moon Landings, Unexplained Flaws: What Is Reality? What Is Illusion?

Below is the carefully-researched analysis of Mark Keenan based on his book entitled Moon Landing 2023 – Science or Science-fiction?

In recent developments, A US Spacecraft was involved in the First American Attempt to Land on the Moon in More than 50 Years. 

“Doomed … on Collision Course with Earth”?

Reported by The Independent

“The private mission by Pittsburgh-based space company Astrobotic, dubbed Peregrine Mission One, set off from Earth last Monday [ January 8, 2024] and was scheduled to land on the lunar surface on 23 February.

But a fuel leak sealed its fate, and about 30 hours after launch the company admitted the spacecraft had “no chance” of achieving a soft landing on the Moon.

In its latest update on the spacecraft, the firm said it was “on a path towards Earth” and that it would “likely” burn up on re-entry.

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This article is largely based on my book Moon Landing 2023 – Science or Science-fiction? and is a continuation of the topics detailed in my recent article Moon Landing 2023 – Science or Science Fiction? 

In that recent article, I described that:

  • the India Space Research Organisation (ISRO) claim to have landed on the moon on August 23rd 2023, yet, there is a lack of evidence for this claim. 
  • We were presented with CGI representing the vehicle’s purported orbit of the moon. The black and white picture of the space vehicle on the moon looks more like a few yards of barren desert that could just as easily be Nevada or a Hollywood film set. The ISRO black and white picture and CGI-like video of their purported moon landing is not evidence of anything. 
  • ISRO provide no visual evidence – no reference point in the picture or brief video that would justify their assertion that they landed a spacecraft on the moon. It appears that nothing presented enabled us to verify this moon landing as an event that ‘actually happened’. Why did ISRO not put a single camera on board pointed at the Earth to give us some high-quality pictures and video footage of the Earth from the moon or from space that would provide proof? We are expected to believe they can put a spectrometer on the moon to test the surface, along with the apparatus for several additional scientific experiments, but they could not put a single high-quality camera on the vehicle or the rover and point it at the Earth?
  • ISRO’s ‘moon landing’ has resulted in a spate of videos being posted online ridiculing the project.
  • and given that many people have identified fakery and anomalies in the NASA footage indicating that the NASA Apollo moon landings were faked, it is incumbent upon ISRO, and all space agencies, to provide clear evidence of any claimed moon landing.  

In this article, I:

  • explore some of the unexplained flaws in the evidence for the NASA moon landings; 
  • detail methods, technologies and technical trickery that Hollywood uses to simulate space and zero-gravity in movies; 
  • and examine technical trickery and augmented virtual reality technology that space agencies, such as NASA, appear to have used to ‘fake’ space and zero-gravity, as well as live video feeds from the International Space Station (ISS). 

The NASA missions to the moon reportedly cost the US government, and thus the American tax payer, in the region of $2400 billion, yet all NASA have to show for it apparently is some moon dust and a few small rocks that they claim came from the moon.

That is a lot of money to obtain a few rocks. They also tell us that “All the moon rocks were stolen including the safe they were in” at NASA Headquarters. Following Freedom of Information requests in America NASA admitted it had lost original video footage, voice data, bio-medical monitoring data, and telemetry data to monitor the location and functioning of the spaceship, and original plans/blueprints for the lunar modules, space suits and lunar rovers, and for the entire multi-sectioned Saturn V rockets[1]. Is it any wonder that over the past decades there has been a growing consensus that NASA faked the Apollo moon missions in the 1960’s – that it was only a hyped-up TV show.

Shadows on the Moon Pointing in Different Directions

From an analytical standpoint, let’s examine photographic anomalies in the NASA photos of the astronauts on the moon. These anomalies have to be analysed with an understanding of lighting and shadow.

When objects are lit solely by the sun as all the scenes on the moon were said to be, then all shadows regardless of the landscape will run parallel to each other. However, in the above photos of the moon landings obtained from a NASA archival site, the shadows point in different directions, proving that there were two different lighting sources – it is clear the scenes were lit with artificial light. One of the shadows is of the astronaut; and the other shadow appears to be of a pole. There are additional examples of this mistake by NASA. The argument that shadows can point in differing directions in uneven terrain does not explain the significant differences observed.

Power Of The Powerless Havel, Vaclav Buy New $5.59 (as of 03:05 UTC - Details) Furthermore, you would think the view of the stars would be magnificent from the moon, yet, there are no stars in any of the pictures or video footage from the moon – ever. When asked about the stars at the NASA post-flight press conference it was the only question to which Armstrong responded with an absence of memory. Furthermore, we are led to believe that over the course of several missions to the moon NASA brought three lunar vehicles that cost $60 million dollars each, but never brought a single telescopic telescope to view and photograph the stars or the Earth. 

In addition, there is the anomaly in the NASA video footage of the US flag blowing the wind, twice, on the ‘atmosphere-less’ moon. In addition, when the footage of the astronauts walking and jumping along on the moon is doubled in speed, it is clear that they are walking in Earth gravity and are no more leaving the ground than they would on Earth. There are numerous documentaries exposing these, and other anomalies[2]. Furthermore, how did the moon buggy fit inside the spaceship? and why was there no blast crater under the lander module. The reality is that, there is way more evidence to support the assertion that man never went to the moon than vice-versa. 

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