Cancer: Big Pharma Cure = Big Pharma Death

In case you missed it, Biden is going to ‘cure cancer’.   Apparently, NASA would be the venue for curing cancer given that cancer cells age faster in zero gravity.   Over the next 25 years NASA and Biden are going to work together to find a way to cut cancer deaths in half.   Which means they are not looking for a cure, they are looking for the next generation of Big Pharma with 36 debilitating side effects including a painful death.

The fact that the NASA space station will be disassembled by 2030 due to aging components with no alternative presently in place, is classic government jaundice in demanding more spending on NASA now.  The fact that Biden’s noncure Big Pharma gravity treatment is hopefully onboard sometime in 2050 when Biden is 107 is also not discussed.  However, Merck and NASA are onboard for more funding from Taxpayers to research this noncure and build a private space station on behalf of Merck which is currently sitting on $110 billion in assets that it holds for funzies. Effortless Healing: 9 ... Mercola, Dr. Joseph Best Price: $5.30 Buy New $11.01 (as of 11:39 UTC - Details)

Full disclosure – I was recently diagnosed with my second bout of breast cancer.  The first time I had a biopsy 15 years ago they used a drill bit which like concrete drills splatters the fine particles – everywhere.   At the time, I thought it was pretty stupid, but that was the Protocol.   As a result, minutiae cancer cells were spread all over which requires radiation – which causes cancer.

There is no cure available.   It is all about hope, faith, a good surgeon, and avoiding doctors as much as possible.  That hasn’t changed.   I found the cancer.  I told them it was cancer.   But I am a patient, therefore doctors prevail.   I was required to have a mammogram.   Why?  Because that’s the best first course.   Second course is an ultrasound.   Why?   Because it can pinpoint better than a mammogram.   Third course is an MRI.  Why?   Because the mammogram and ultrasound don’t really do much.   Then the biopsy.   Then the diagnosis.   Oh – you have cancer.   At this point you want to slap everyone silly.

When having the MRI, I had to sign away on the dye they use ‘approved’ by the FDA in 1988.   After signing, I looked up the side effects at home and of course Mayo and NIH were not thrilled – One of the many toxic side effects is gadolinium poisoning which deposits toxins in your ‘brain’.   In fact, there is a class-action lawsuit making the rounds…   The FDA reaction?   Provide a warning label –

Solution?  Tell your techs you are allergic to everything.  I wish I had.  Best way to detox your kidney;   apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, basil, dates and dandelion.

My first line of research was to find the best surgeon.   I searched reviews and read the good and the bad.   The problem came when trying to find which hospital your best choice surgeon was connected with.   In Colorado, the highest review for a hospital was 3.2 stars and slid toward hell from there.  The quality of hospitals fell dramatically during Covid.   The primary reason?   Everyone quit.  As a result you have burger flippers working hospital shifts with art degrees in basketweaving.

Turbo-Cancer is the new freefall for the CoVid multi-vaxed (not me).   Most adverse events are associated with Pfizer.   Despite the vast connection between the vax and cancer, the CDC and National Cancer Institute urge all patients to get their boosters.   The CDC is adamant that there is no proof of turbo cancer association with the vax, that there is no proof that the vax alters DNA, and that Vaccines have been shown to decrease the risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19, even among people with cancer.  Odd.   Where is this study?  There is none.  NADA.

According to the CDC algorithm, there are 1.9 million new cancer diagnoses every year, of which 610,000 will die.  32% of cancer patients die each year.   Not a good statistic.

Breast, colon and pancreatic cancer rates are increasing at concerning rates among America’s young adults, “a new study finds – Open Jama Network”.   Although the CDC can find no possible relationship as to why, they are quite adamant this upward trajectory has nothing to do with the vax and instead chalk it up to obesity, smoking and alcohol.  When science was confronted with the fact that this increased trend also was occurring in Asian countries where obesity and alcohol trends are unchanged, they decided it must be “Climate Change”.  Based on ZERO evidence.  Science at its finest…

The wave of biotech layoffs in 2024 is predicted to continue its 2023 trajectory.   So far, 5 companies have announced layoffs as severe as 95%.   Pfizer’s vaccine R&D site in New York is expected to sayonara roughly 30% of its workforce by mid February.   The problems Big Pharma face include the toxic agents added to natural cures.   A natural cure cannot by definition be patented.   But with the addition of toxic agents into the natural magic cure – a patent is viable – however, the magic tends to disappear and leave just the toxic agents causing multiple death sentences. The Ultimate pH Soluti... Cook, Dr. Michelle Sch... Best Price: $0.96 Buy New $7.00 (as of 12:31 UTC - Details)

One such curative developed by Dr. Bradstreet in 2008 was GcMAF.  Unfortunately, the Big Pharma industry, specifically, Glaxo-Smith Kline, was sued by Bradstreet in his claim that their vaxes caused his son to acquire Autism.   In researching a cure for his son, Bradstreet stumbled upon a naturally occurring D based protein that he found deficient in cancer patients.   When infused with this protein, Bradstreet claimed he was curing cancer over a 3-4 month period at a cost of about $100 per month to the patient.

Highly unacceptable, GSK ordered Bradstreet shut down, his work, vials, papers confiscated, and his life suicided – 2015.  When GSK and other Pharma’’s attempted to insert their toxins into Bradstreet’s protein cure so to make it patentable – the protein no longer worked and the concept was scrapped and filed in the dungeon of ALL CURES under the Vatican…   ok – I made up that last part, but it sounds plausible.

While herbal medicines have been used for cancer treatment for 4500 years, ancient medicinal cures for tumors was to cauterize the tumors if close to the skin.   One herbal remedy utilized extensively in ancient medicine was ‘wormwood’, which was a mainstay for thousands of years and was an ingredient in Absinthe.   Wormwood’s prohibition in the US and Europe coincides with the formation of the Rockefeller Institute in 1901.  The Institute was dominant in calling all ancient cures quackery in favor of the toxic pharmacology today we call Big Pharma.

Personally, I think I’m going to make a tincture trip to Sprouts and buy some wormwood!!

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.