Joe Biden is Actually a Great Peacemaker!

For many Joe watchers, his aimless and rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving over $7 billion in usable weapons and materials to the Taliban, his continuation of the Neocon/NATO proxy war with Russia being fought for $100s of billions of taxpayer dollars in Ukraine, his leadership of the 21st Century War Criminal’s Club and billions in aid for the elimination of Gazans from Gaza, his saber rattling over Taiwan, and his generalized warfighting language against over half of the people who live inside our borders – well for all of this, you might think that Dark Brandon is a war-making phenom.

Is “Making America Great Again” his secret mantra? Does the Big Guy think this country can fight and win all kinds of wars, supply other people’s successful wars, and conduct domestic operations on a 24-7 war footing?

Joe Biden is doing all he can to reduce the threat the US military has become to us, and to the rest of the world. Soft and hard power of empires weakens and fades over time; Joe is in the right place at the right time to oversee this evaporation of American military and economic strength.  I take a more positive view, and I’m willing to give Joe and his cloistered well-manicured neocon ladies-in -waiting a lot of credit for bringing peace to our planet. Age Is Just a Number: ... Patel, Dr Ankur Best Price: $7.51 Buy New $13.64 (as of 03:44 UTC - Details)

In his first 100 days, while fake-reeling from a false-flag “insurrection” – otherwise accepted as a DC swamp-driven passion play celebrating the rise of the Deep State and the sacrifice of populism  – Joe Biden announced that the US military fleet, including tanks and armored vehicles, would be converted to electric power.  It’s a thing he’s still working on.

Imagine the length of a war fought with an electric fleet!  War is shortened, with negotiations enjoined far sooner than even the most optimistic peace planner could envision.  It’s a good thing.

Obviously, Biden rests on the great work of his predecessors in accumulating a burden of debt and unfunded liabilities that is unprecedented, unpayable, and limits the ability of the Pentagon to sustain any kind of war operation, regardless of energy source.  With a Trillion dollars in interest payments each year, and an aging and ever sicker population at home, the military budget has to shrink – and domestic surveillance and policing/martial law style activities are going to be more easily justified by our rulers in the short term. The net effect is a US military that can no longer search abroad for monsters to destroy – and when ordered to do so, will report back to the bosses that nothing was found.

Electrifying the Pentagon, and bankrupting the nation are two really good steps towards world peace.   Biden has worked hard here, with some success because short-term profit opportunities for the MICIMATT and its capital sponsors are still ripe. His ladies-in-waiting, aflutter about the chance to observe a fight with Iran or to establish a greater Israel that includes the Euphrates are hopeful, because, well, it’s how we’ve always done it.  Everyone is afraid of the US military, always have been and always will be.

But the genius of Joe Biden’s administration is something that I have underestimated.  For things to change globally, two different things must happen. First, the rest of the world and many of our erstwhile allies must lean towards a future independent of the US dollar and US military promises.  They must gently refuse US assistance in choosing which Western-funded coups will be better for their people.  They must quietly see the US as less agile than they thought, more lumbering than they expected, and led almost entirely by little men behind curtains who may not be trusted.  This is happening, and has been for some time.

Secondly, the rest of the world must recognize the state and trends of the “hollowing out” of the US in terms of economic capacity, societal capacity and defense or military capacity. Economic and societal hollowing has been well documented, for many decades.  State approved wokeness, pervasive economic statism, crushing centralized controls both obeyed and enforced by the citizens of the regime, state-guided and incentivized illegal immigration, injustice meted out by the government and its cronies calculated to enrage one side or the other.  Poor health and reduced lifespans – almost entirely creditable to state policy – these conditions are all measurable.   Our enemies at home and abroad do measure them, with glee.  But it is in the physical destruction of the mighty US Department of Offense that is the most necessary precursor to peace in our time. 6-Minute Fitness at 60... Su, Jonathan Buy New $7.99 (as of 03:44 UTC - Details)

Biden’s leadership and vision has in a few short years fully completed a very challenging and technical lobotomy of our military leadership, and silenced creativity in the already microscopic “thinking” side of the US military.  Not a soul in the Pentagon can define “insurrection” nor “defense” nor think in terms of promoting US security interests.  The debate on these terms and definitions has long ended, and to be a wise General or Admiral in the US today is to have one foot out the door to a just reward as a contracted lobbyist or paid propagandist.  The twenty and thirty year development timelines for weapons systems that no one can afford to buy, much less dare use in a high-risk environment, has fruited for the US square miles of unflyable sheet metal, acres of slow-moving ground targets, and the foundations of future coral reefs at the mouth of every strait on the planet.

While Biden – or the Biden entity – appears and seeks to appear warlike and godlike on a global stage, in fact, he has revealed both the true condition of the US war machine, and set a stage whereby the old machine must die, and no new machine can replace it. There are no resources, and no vision.

A once-in-200-years opportunity to redefine American defense is heading directly at us, brake lines cut and horns a’blaring.  Biden has done nearly everything a bold peacemaker would do if given the chance, and as of now, the US no longer threatens the world militarily – except via an odd explosion of a nuclear weapon.

The ladies-in-waiting anticipate that nuclear war may be survived.  They are correct, but they themselves will likely not survive it, and most certainly will not survive the day after.  The rest of the world is resilient is all of the ancient ways, plus irrepressible in terms of technology, trade and communication.

Recognizing the man of peace that Biden has inadvertently become, a timely project for today is to define what a real defense of the various parts of the former US would look like. The immigration crisis has caused some sprouts of creativity in state legislatures, and many other states are taking stock of their own resources in a world where the US federal complex simply no longer delivers security, prosperity or peace, at any price.

The Biden regime cannot be corrected, nor reversed.  We are past the past, so to speak, and the future bears down, likely to crush both the Constitution and the next several regimes.  Our current pathetic, frightened and angry administration will be noted in histories of the former United States as key to its end, an accidental usher to a new, long-lived and most welcome era of global growth and prosperity.

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