Can We Predict 2024?

Despite all of my disastrously wrong past predictions, I cannot resist sharing my thoughts on the coming year.  Before I start, let’s accept that state-created pain, state hypocrisy, and state-funded murder around the world – much of it funded and enabled by the US Government – will continue apace.

Like a game of musical chairs, about midway through, when it dawns on the players that chairs really are being removed – panic levels start to rise.  We have been watching this growing panic in the long-planned decimation of Gaza, and the plan to follow this Palestinian genocide with an army of US-made Caterpillars and Israeli demands that the rest of the world chip in generously to help rebuild Gaza for Zionism.

With 6 million Ukrainian refugees in Europe, and 4 to 8 million unknown people flooding into the US since Biden took office, the Zionist coalition – already concerned about what has been and will be exposed in Bibi’s corruption trial –  figured a couple million Palestinians diaspora’ed out to a dozen or so different countries, was a now or never kind of thing.  With state-sponsored ethnic cleansing, timing is so very important. The War Conspiracy: JF... Peter Dale Scott Buy New $26.21 (as of 10:14 UTC - Details)

Ukraine is also experiencing the panic of chairs being pulled, and it looks like their government workers may not be paid next month.  This US-contrived, -designed and -incited war, where Ukrainians would die so that Joe Biden could teach Vladimir Putin a thing or two about border security and military strategy has worked out well for the MIC. The big capital corporations, in light of banking and other economic realities, seem just a little less willing now to enter into a public-private rebuild of what the neocons wrecked just east of Poland and south of Belarus.

Wider ramifications of the Obama-Biden gamble in Ukraine a weakened EU made weaker, a spastic and poorly-led NATO made more spastic and poorly-led, and the world moving further away from not only the US dollar, but US trade altogether, and made better for it.  Meanwhile, the inability of the US military machine to supply and resupply even a small war was made crystal clear.

The Red Sea security initiative says it all – several announced country participants declined the offer to participate under US leadership.  Whether the risk of being targeted by a Houthi drone is higher than the risk of being accidentally damaged by Houthi drones aimed at US or Israeli targets is moot.  No one in their right mind wants to assist the US and Israel in a planned genocide.

Between the rough state of the US and her remaining allies, with the engine of the US economy seized up, the US isn’t going to accomplish much in 2024. Record-breaking US government debt, US economic depression in an age where the majority of “employed” in the country don’t create real value, out-of-balance demographics driving the class and culture wars – none of this looks like its going to be fixed any time soon.  That we have a presidential election scheduled adds to the drama, and 2024 will no doubt be a year conducive for popcorn sales as the whole world watches.

So all of this noted, here’s where I’d put my play money:

– Israel and its US lapdog cease to be listed as global influencers.  If the US and Israel were Youtube channels, no one is watching, and they would not be worth monetizing.  Pariah, shmariah.

– An organic BDS movement evolves and goes global.  If AIPAC and the AJC were concerned about the BDS movement when it began in 2005, the shitstorm created by Israel and US actions after the Netanyahu-enabled Hamas attack of October 7th is creating a global BDS on steroids. Israel as a Zionist ethno-state will shrink economically, and Israelis and Israeli businesses will begin a decade of emigration by Jews who wish to be prosperous and live in peace.

– Ukraine reforms itself in a drastically smaller geographic and demographic form, under military rule by someone other than Zelensky. Poland “helps” and the Biden Administration becomes permanently toxic in Europe.

– Taiwan observes the curse of US military assistance, the unreliability of the dollar, and acts in its own national interest.

On the US domestic front, it feels like 2024 will be a year of surprises… but will it really?  For years now, the main US trend is political division and economic and class diversification.  While the government media enterprise assaults us daily, most of us are not watching, and what seems to catch our collective eye is the kind of information, and infotainment, that reflects who we are, rather than how the government sees us.  For a lot of Americans who we are is kind of stressed, kind of silly, looking for a laugh, and trying to build something for ourselves and our extended families.  This entirely rules out receptivity to the USG messaging regime, and it also rules out spending our time taking in the public-private-DEI-ESG-woke-anti-white-pro-guilt-gender-confused lecture circuit.  When we can choose to hear, watch or read whatever we want, state-produced information and propaganda is always last on our list.  Everyone knows this, which is why the state is obsessed with controlling and monitoring what we can read, watch and listen to, and what we say, write and communicate.  But the reality is, as any kid and every parent knows, in a world of many choices, the forbidden is often the most interesting.

The USG screwed up the COVID experiment, and if I could deconstruct where they went wrong (beyond developing and releasing an illegally engineered bioweapon, injecting another experimental one into 70% of the population, sacrificing small businesses to Walmart and Amazon, closing churches in the name of government mandates, money dumping, and lying about everything) it would be in the collective national denial of certain treatments (like ivermectin) and the collective national mandate of other treatments (like ventilation).  In this one federal set of mandates the USG simultaneously devalued the judgment and training of every single medical professional in the country, and made every layman his or her own doctor – a kind of perfect medical marxism, where equality reigns, and we all serve each other to the best of our forcibly depleted or inadvertently expanded skillset in medicine.  It was truly a Harrison Bergeron moment, and as Kurt Vonnegut might have expected, the USG intended more than anything to kill or imprison those who refused to be equal.

Rochelle Walensky, Mandy Cohen, Diana Moon Glampers – same character, same goal.

If only they had waited until a CBDC, but nobody’s perfect.

I am prefacing my US predictions for 2024 on the reality of an America filled with people who don’t believe, trust or even listen to the government.  For those inside of the Washington beltway, including the two major political parties leadership, this may seem outlandish.  The CIA understands perfectly, because they are in the business are targeting and tracking centers of power and there are many west of DC.  The US consists of several distinct and independent regions, the smallest of which are bigger than most countries on the planet. Secession is coming, but not next year.  All of this said, I’m expecting:

– More local political empowerment, driven by financial necessity– like popular resistance to taxation, illegal immigration, the regulatory state, local crime, and wasteful, inappropriate, ineffective and unsafe public schooling. Big liberal city pushback against their own woke policies is going to spread to the smaller towns and cities, and gain momentum.  Government frivolity and excess in a time of fiat failure will be a primary target of the pitchfork crowd – and this target is colorblind, race-free, and class-uniting despite what government media will report.  Local citizen empowerment combined with chronic distrust of, and disobedience to, central authorities, are a necessary precursor to revolution and secession.  The federales understand this better than we ourselves. Dallas ’63: The ... Peter Dale Scott Buy New $21.88 (as of 10:14 UTC - Details)

– Big chips on a lot of shoulders, for good or for bad.  The empowered woke, the coddled lazy, the working poor, the government class and the entrepreneurial class have all been carrying chips on their shoulders, itching for a fight.  Some of those chips are going to get knocked off, and people will cry about it.  Politics in 2024 will shape how some of these chips fall, but it will have an ordering effect, and will seem like justice when the dust settles.

– A presidential election?  Because the majority of people in the country still believe in voting and they are hoping to relieve their frustration by casting a ballot, I expect an election, unfair and poorly monitored, as usual, complete with dirty tricks and creative accounting.  I doubt a false flag nuclear explosion is 2024’s October surprise, but the chance is not 0%.  The CIA knows actuarially Biden and Trump should be with us for 7 more years from now, and it probably has its own plans, and will, as always, manage the autopsies. Neither man is economically knowledgeable but Trump’s instincts about people, while clearly flawed, are better than those of Biden, who increasingly seems to be either very angry or thinking about a small child somewhere.  I think Biden will fold, as will Trump, taking both of them out of the running for “the sake of the nation.”  We will face a toned-down four-way election between RFK, Jr, Trump as a write-in, corrupt warmonger Nicki Haley as the GOP establishment candidate, each of whom will narrowly lose to Democrat Phil Murphy, Democrat Governor of New Jersey, setting the stage, unlike in the 1860 election, for a “mostly peaceful” dissolution of the USA.  I hope I’m wrong about who wins, and that we get a chance to see what a really angry and newly-wise Trump will do to his deep state enemies.  AITA for saying that?

– Global technology advances will continue to outpace those of the surveillance state, and the surveillance agencies in the US will prove unable to truly serve the security state, to deliver the votes, or to improve federal management of the masses.  Technology and innovation advantages liberty more than it does the state.  We will see new examples of this in 2024 and beyond.

– The USG and the Fed will not surprise anyone in the upcoming year.  Money printing, Congressional spending and can-kicking never stopped, and will quietly accelerate, because election.

–  Lastly, 2024 will be a year where we reminiscence not about last year, or the last decade, but about how we lived 100 years ago – and internet searches on “becoming Amish” will spike by mid-summer.

Happy New Year!  I can’t wait to see what it really brings!