A Philosophical View of Immigration and 'Open' Borders

“The system of private property is the most important guaranty of freedom, not only for those who own property, but scarcely less for those who do not.”

~ Friedrich August von Hayek

The single idea of ‘immigration’ is one of the most misunderstood subjects argued today. It is downright embarrassing to witness and listen to all the whining, bawling, complaining, preaching, blaming, political maneuvering, and stupidity, that consumes the so-called ‘immigration’ problem. Real immigration is not and has never been the problem; all government, all rule, and private property destruction are the problems. By focusing on just the headlines and minutia instead of the State-plotted outcome, without regard for all the underlying agendas, is not only ignorant, incorrect, and asinine, it plays perfectly into the hands of those perpetrating this egregious assault on society, so that the end result and those wanting a better life are demonized, while the plot to destroy the people goes forward unabated. In the case of the U.S. and other western countries, considering the voluntary support and acceptance of rule, the people exhibit fault without having a clue about their complicity or about the big picture concerning this subject matter. Economy, Society, and ... Hoppe, Hans-Hermann Buy New $11.95 (as of 09:32 UTC - Details)

Hmm, I bet I hit more than a few nerves with my opening remarks, but then, hitting nerves is my objective, as truth and honesty is avoided at all cost by the duped servants of the State, so blunt and brutal candor is sometimes necessary in order to awaken the sleeping and indifferent minds of the pathetic sheeplike masses, whose primary objective in life today seems to be hiding from reality instead of facing it head-on. These attitudes are devastating to liberty, as they promote open tyranny meant to assist the master class in its efforts to control, while muddling the argument with targeted and divisive propaganda.

Obviously, every country’s situation is different, and as properly pointed out by Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institute, small and large countries have unique situations concerning immigration, just as do wealthy and poverty stricken countries. All face distinct problems, but the real enemy is still always the State. This fact is often, almost always actually, left out of any discussion of immigration, and this can only lead to illogical, inconclusive, and disastrous assumptions. This is exactly what is sought by the evil governments that control nation-states, who are the same criminals in governments who control borders. So long as the blame is placed on the immigrants themselves, on outside countries, or on one side or the other political faction, the State’s adverse immigration agendas (and all others) are most everywhere achieved.

The arguments surrounding immigration in the U.S., are largely concentrated in conversations about how many are coming into the country, who they are, where they are coming from, the jobs they are supposedly taking away from Americans, the ‘illegality’ of the ‘alien’ invader, the criminal and terroristic possibilities, and whether or not to build a wall to lock out these ‘aliens’, or more likely, lock in the resident population. It is one of the most heated political arguments today, not just here, but around much of the world, and this is no accident whatsoever. But who is controlling all this ‘illegal immigration?’ Lo and behold, it is always the State and its bureaucratic and criminal enforcement goons who have total control over all immigration, so why is the blame placed most everywhere except on the entirety of all government rule? Government is the criminal element that has caused all of the immigration worries and risk, and that is where the blame lies.

Before we explore further, let us look at the open border issue from a different perspective. Personally, because I am an anarchist, (no rule) I believe in what would be considered in the proper context, open borders, but this of course would require ‘political’ upheaval; action that would negate all government rule. Why is this so? In any actual real free society, government with power over populations and property, could never exist. Complete private ownership and control of property is vital for freedom to flourish, including all land, physical assets, money, personal property, movement, and one’s own body and mind. Natural rights are key, and in this environment, no mass immigrant invasions could occur without extreme trespass, and this could be privately policed by individuals or any collective of individuals across the entire country. Since no State incentives could be offered, and no central control of borders would exist, unfavorable and hostile border issues would likely not be a threat to our individual sovereignty.

The border issue is not our problem, government is always the problem. If all property was private, without any government or government control, how could immigration be so controversial? It could not! For each and every person entering this country, without permission of course, would have to trespass in order to move here. There would be no government, no government corridors, no government-run border check stations, and no incentives whatsoever given to those choosing to move here. No welfare, no free schooling, no free housing, no checks or free credit cards, no bussing to any area of the country, and no gathering up by the State of fighting age men in large groups being shipped in to cause harm. The incentive to come here would not be artificial and controlled for the benefit of the State’s nefarious agendas, but would be controlled by each and every individual, and therefore collectively as well.

Ryan McMaken’s position on this issue, at least from the angle of the differences in each country, the complexity of their border issues, the size and wealth of each nation-state, the “back-door colonization” aspects, and the risks of open immigration on a universal basis, are well taken, but then, it is not the responsibility of this very flawed nation-state called the United States to be involved in the business of any other countries on earth. So long as governments exist, tyranny will be the rule. Each and every country has to solve its own problems, without dependence on unwanted or unwarranted force by foreign States. Individuals can assist other individuals, they can collectively help those in other lands as well, so long as it is voluntary, non-aggressive, and desired. Violent or aggressive intervention most always occurs when governments have power over people. Therefore, the elimination of power and control over populations, requires that governments be stripped of all power. This is the main issue at hand. If government exists, freedom does not, and war exists almost exclusively when government and rule are present.

The fact that open borders work in some contexts and not in others is true of course, just as Mises explained, but the reason there is no universal answer to this question is due to the fact that people around the world accept State rule. There is nothing that we who live in this country can do to force any other to accept freedom, and certainly, few (almost none) have done anything of value to take back any legitimate freedom that has been lost. This is a population dependent on a master lording over them in this evil fascist oligarchy referred to as a ‘republic’ or ‘democracy.’

This will seem unworkable to most, because it is unworkable. Yes, I know it sounds like utopian thinking, and it is. I am talking philosophically, because the only possible answer that will suffice in order to  completely understand how to grasp liberty and keep it, is for the bulk of society to reject rule. It is theoretically an attainable goal, but large numbers would have to step forward, negate this heinous government, disobey every rule not dependent on natural rights, never support this government or State in any way, become self-sufficient and non-dependent, and take back all the freedom we have lost. Will that happen? I think not, as it never happened in the first place.

Yes, open borders as a philosophy and mainstay of freedom and free markets, is very noble and right, but without the existence of free markets and private property, it cannot work everywhere, or anywhere, when the criminals in government control the enslaved proletariat masses residing in a tyrannical nation-state. Open borders only work and are viable if government is fully restricted, abandoned, or abolished. Those supporters of open borders who disregard this reality, who rely on government to voluntarily implement free and private market solutions concerning this issue, solutions that are supposedly beneficial to the people as a whole, are completely naive and lost in a sea of confusion. Getting Libertarianism... Hans-Hermann Hoppe Best Price: $3.95 Buy New $7.95 (as of 12:25 UTC - Details)

Now for a dose of reality. The people of this country will never revolt en masse for the purpose of self-rule. The entire history of this country is based on being ruled, and voluntarily voting to assure rule. The most rich and powerful, those who own and control this country, want government, need government, and use government fully sanctioned by the people, in order to terrify and control this weak and pathetic population. It has been made totally illegal to mention, discuss, plan, or promote insurrection against this evil government, and any who attempt this individually or in small groups, are vilified by the people, and destroyed or murdered by the governing forces. Who among you, in great numbers, will risk all to save your own freedom? I think that number is so infinitesimal, as to be virtually non-existent.

You will likely continue to seek redress for your enslavement from the very government that has stolen your property by force, locked you up, restricted all your activities, fomented aggressive war that has slaughtered tens of millions, has destroyed your ability to succeed, and that has kept you a slave for your entire life. You will not rise up, because you have been trained to support the State as God, and you cling to that throughout your lifetimes, as you perpetually watch all freedom continue to disappear, while you beg your masters to save you.

What we face now is the end of our sovereignty, individual liberty,  privacy, wealth, sanity, and family, and most all of you will continue to live as if this is your only lot in life. When the massive crash occurs, when this economy disintegrates, when you have nothing, you will talk of seeking freedom, but will accept the promised new governing system in hopes of survival with a new master.

At that point, immigration and open borders will have been forgotten, as life will be relegated to simply surviving within a system of total control.

The happy and powerful do not go into exile, and there are no surer guarantees of equality among men than poverty and misfortune.”

Alexis de Tocqueville