When the Occupier Plays the Victim: The Mysteries of October 7 as the Trigger for the Gaza Massacre

Will Al Jazeera Rise to the Need for Some Genuine investigative Journalism into the Mysteries of 10/7?

An Open Letter to Israelis from Israelis: We Deserve the Truth About October 7

“Make no mistake, what Israel is doing in Gaza now will haunt Israelis for decades. Now is the time to make sure all Israelis understand this. And this understanding should start with full disclosure about the events of October 7, 2023……

The question of who killed some Israeli civilians haunts us. It emerges from several reports that some were killed by the Israeli military. Whether they were caught in the crossfire, or deliberately shot at with tanks or helicopters in order to eliminate Hamas fighters or prevent Hamas from taking more captives, we deserve an answer.

We demand answers because a genocide is being perpetrated in Gaza in the name of Israeli victims, even though bereaved families are strongly opposed to this vengeful atrocity. We demand answers and so should you.

See this.

Genocide: Nakba 2023

It is becoming increasingly clear that the events on and around the Israel-Gaza border on 10/7, October 7, 2023, were designed to create the pretext for “finishing off” the Nakba initiated in 1948. The “Nakba” describes from the Arabic perspective the catastrophic project to kill and uproot indigenous Palestinians in order to make way for the ascent of a replacement population composed primarily of European Jews claiming divine sanction for their genocidal project. The South’s Best... Moore, Matt Best Price: $2.97 Buy New $12.23 (as of 01:07 UTC - Details)

This lethal project has pushed on the Palestinians an unbroken trajectory of genocide since 1948 when UN General Assembly of the United Nations instituted a new Convention to prohibit and punish the previously unnamed crime of Genocide. Many scholars and public official have emphasized that the current Zionist assault unleashed on Gaza and the West Bank accurately fulfills the UN’s legal definition of genocide. By majority vote in 1948, the UN General Assembly declared,

“In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group”

Thus the 75 years of the Genocide Convention, as well as, for that matter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, corresponds with the 75 years of the genocidal Nakba now culminating in Operation Swords of Iron. This current high-tech assault on a mostly unarmed civilian population is being speciously presented as if it constitutes a spontaneous response to the supposedly surprise events of 10/7.

Day by day the claim is coming to appear increasingly ludicrous that this very dramatic sequence of cause and effect was conjured up instantly out of the clear blue sky. The events of 10/7, it seems, emerged from much elaborate planning and preparation most likely involving the crossing of many lines of demarcation among a broad array of intertwined interests, institutions, and influential individuals.

The evidence is growing that an elaborate conspiracy, rather than a random convergence of instantaneous events, lies behind the current military campaign. This Swords of Iron campaign kicked into high gear during the 75th year of a sustained effort to depopulate the indigenous Palestinian population throughout the expanding region controlled by Israel.

This depopulation campaign is being led by Benjamin Netanyahu, a politician who since 1979 has built a formidable career in government by advancing his favoured agendas through cunning manipulation of expertly engineered deceptions concerning Islamic terrorism. Everything about his current conduct in Office announces that Netanyahu’s current schtick as the would-be slayer of Hamas has finally cast the widely distrusted politicians in an especially weird role in the theatre of the absurd.

The decision to initiate the Swords of Iron military operation, the world was told, was to lash back at Hamas fighters for succeeding in a surprise prison break followed by what was initially described as a savage and vengeful killing spree of Israelis. On October 7 Hamas fighters famously broke through the heavily-monitored and defended walls of the Israeli-policed Gaza enclosure. After moving through all the sophisticated devices, miraculously left open and unguarded by the Occupation Forces, the Hamas escapees then proceeded on courses of action whose nature is currently the subject of much contention.

To the government and most of its harnessed media collaborators, the Hamas fighters engaged in an orgy of unbridled atrocities slashing, killing and raping Israelis, including 40 beheaded babies that, we now know, never were. The other view is that the Hamas fighters, also known as the Qassem Brigades, engaged, possibly with some few exceptions, in a disciplined operation aimed primarily at taking Israeli captives, but especially military personnel.

Once Israelis were captured, the main imperative of the Hamas operation was to keep the hostages alive and well as they were transported back to Gaza to become bargaining chips in negotiations. The early stages of this objective have already been transacted in the exchange of hostages that took place during the ceasefire of late November.

Another area of contention concerns revelations about the large numbers of Israeli citizens that were killed by members of the IDF equipped with highly sophisticated weaponry including missiles launched from US-Israeli Apache Helicopters. As explained by Max Blumenthal and others, the imperative of the IDF was to eliminate whole groups of people including Israeli citizens and soldiers to prevent soldiers from becoming captives of Hamas.

The mounting disclosures from whistle blowers, concerned insiders, and credible researchers are already sufficient to reveal that the government rationale for the Israeli military response to the events of October 7, cannot stand up to close scrutiny. No honest and credible court could accept the position of the Israel government that the events of October 7 came out of the blue as a total surprise. No honest and credible court could accept the all-purpose explanation currently on offer that the events of 10/7 transpired as they did because of “intelligence failures.”

No credible court could overlook that many people had various forms of prior knowledge concerning what would take place on October 7, 10/7. As in 9/11, this prior knowledge was reflected in much short selling of certain vulnerable stocks on the stock market. Similar to 9/11, there is clear evidence of prior knowledge as reflected in the content of intelligence reports originating inside and outside Israel.

Especially volatile are the strident allegations and denials that journalists had prior knowledge so that they could be in the right place at the right time to capture photographs, videos and eye-witness stories on 10/7. Rather than ignore or downplay these stories, government officials have implicated themselves and their colleagues by basically making threats that media officials with prior knowledge of 10/7 will face dire consequences if they do not shut up and join the cover-up. This fix is already in, so it seems. See this and this.

Israeli citizens are feeling the need to petition the government for full disclosure on the events of 10/7. In an open letter from Israelis to other Israelis, some of them wrote,

Make no mistake, what Israel is doing in Gaza now will haunt Israelis for decades. Now is the time to make sure all Israelis understand this. And this understanding should start with full disclosure about the events of October 7, 2023.

It is possible that at the heart of the matter concerning how 10/7 came to happen, there was some kind of secret interactions between factions of Hamas with Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu’s intimate and “symbiotic relations” with the the Israeli-funded Hamas has been frequently observed by many including Israeli historian, Adam Raz. Raz has commented that “in the last 10 years, Netanyahu worked to block any attempt at demolishing Hamas in Gaza.” See this and this.

Netanyahu needs this so-called ‘war” for a number of reasons including his ongoing struggle to stay out of jail for corruption charges. He has many enemies that Netanyahu can only fend off by staying in the Office of Israeli Prime Minister. Netanyahu is currently representing an extremist constituency that shares and even exceeds his longstanding obsession with de-Palestinianizing both the land as well as the legal and cultural identity of Israel.

The Palestinians as a Symbol of Dignity and Hope for Oppressed People Worldwide

Hamas has never renounced its embrace of armed struggle as a legitimate means of self-defence. Indeed, since Hamas represents the occupied people where the Israeli government represents the occupying group, the former’s right of self-defence trumps that of the latter in international law.

In upholding this principle against great odds, Hamas and its allies are injecting added vitality into a growing global movement seeking long overdue justice for the abused Palestinians. Lara Elborno, a Palestinian lawyer living in “forced exile” in Paris, is emerging as a compelling voice for many principles. These include the inherent nature of the right of return for her fellow “forcibly displaced” Palestinians. In her person and with her words, Elborno makes a compelling case that the intergenerational resistance of the Palestinian people has become “a symbol of the dignity and hope for all oppressed people worldwide.”

This Zionist inheritors of the Anglo-American Empire’s most deleterious legacies are meeting an increasingly well-organized resistance that share many of Elborno’s conceptions about the symbolic importance of the Palestinians struggle. The plight of the Palestinians embody an iconic representation of the dilemmas facing the largest part of the global population. More and more the incursions of disentitlement, disempowerment and dispossession are becoming common themes in the relationship of most human beings on the planet with their irresponsible and unaccountable governors.

The current manifestations of the Palestine-Israel conflict are becoming the world’s most dangerous flash point in the intensifying conflict between the fast-declining West and a growing “resistance” aligning the core polities of China, Russia, and Iran and with the growing array of countries lining up to join the BRICS. The high stakes in this clash exceed anything we have seen so far in history. Global society has become so interdependent that the global population is vulnerable to domino effects of collapses in life support systems in ways never before seen.

The schemers on high prominently include the Rothschild dynasty. Some of its most influential Zionist members financed and stick handling the founding, consolidation and expansion of Israel. The primary money making-technique of the Zionist banking cabal lies in funding both sides in warfare, an old practice that represents the origins of today’s ubiquitous hedge funds. New Orleans Cocktails:... Baird, Sarah Best Price: $8.98 Buy New $9.18 (as of 01:07 UTC - Details)

Accordingly, there are wheels within wheels, together with untold ironies spinning throughout the scheme to depopulate Israel of the indigenous Palestinians. Many of those at the top tiers of authority on the Israeli side of the equation are not accustomed to taking orders from anyone. They are certainly not subject to the operations of their puppet institutions like the much discredited United Nations and the related systems of international courts in an era when the cat is out of the bag that might makes right. Money is often the measuring stick for might… for the exercise of coercive power.

The institutions of law enforcement, including the legal profession and its judicial branches, have become little more than very expensive ornaments and make-work-projects. For the most part, law enforcement agencies are mostly staffed by corrupted servants of ill-gotten wealth and power.

The primary purpose the system of so-called law enforcement is to present a very elaborate veil of deception to cover over the bloody realities of how the world actually works. The core dynamic of this system is to reward the most ruthless psychopaths in the contest for control and then to protect them from their victims, their critics, and their most strident accusers.

The failure of the international system to intervene on the ground as the Gaza Massacre grinds deeper into the realm of genocidal atrocities, is presenting humanity with a vivid illustration that the very concept of some kind of international rule of law is nothing but a sad hoax.

Making Gaza Uninhabitable to Help Along the Forced Deportation of Palestinian Survivors to Egypt, Iraq, Turkey and Yemen

Since October 7 the extermination policies developed by the US and Israeli governments have been pushed into overdrive through forced starvation, forced dehydration, the creation of conditions conducive to plagues of contagious disease, and the cutting off of power sources including electricity, cooking fuel, and gasoline.

High-tech bombardment from the air, land and sea is targeted to destroy housing to the point that almost the entire population of Gaza has become homeless. The bombardment of other infrastructure is designed to destroy sewage systems, roads, businesses, telecommunications, mosques, churches, schools, heritage sites, libraries, key government buildings, and hospitals.

The IDF is even resorting to face-to-face mass executions of Palestinian civilians. Among the victims are dozens of children and women shot in cold blood, execution-style. Such a fate was visited on Palestinian family units seeking refuge at the Shadia Abu Ghazala School— a United Nations School in Northern Gaza. The building where the family executions took has not been hit with any major projectile.

See this.

As in earlier bombardments of Gaza, there is evidence to indicate the Israeli Armed Forces are hitting the population with enriched uranium devices that are neutron bombs designed for “genetic destruction warfare against the Palestinians.” See this.

On December 13 the Wall Street Journal reported that US officials briefed reporters that the IDF is beginning to flood the Gaza tunnels with seawater. The elaborate tunnel network dug beneath Gaza has provided the main means for Hamas to resist succumbing to the massive force deployed in the Israeli invasion. This tactic is arousing huge added anxieties in Israel from those that fear more Israeli hostages will be killed by drowning as well as by the often indiscriminate Israeli bombardment.


Already on 5 November Hamas indicated that 60 Israeli hostages had been killed in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. Hamas added that 23 of the 60 bodies lie under the rubble and cannot be retrieved at this point. See this.

The purpose of this many-faceted invasion is clear. It is to make Gaza uninhabitable and thereby reduce the options available for survivors who intend to continue their lives as well as those of their remaining family members.

The fate being prepared for the survivors of the holocaust of Zionist fury, is that they will flee the Gaza morgue and leave behind the kleptocratic replacement population. This replacement population will thereby be left free to bask in the irredeemable infamy of their genocidal monument to the ruthlessness of Jewish supremacy.

Various disclosures are removing any doubt that planning has been underway for sometime to “finish off the job” that began with the Nakba of 1948. Already in early November, Israeli Agricultural Minister Avi Dichter announced, “We are now rolling out the Gaza Nakba.” See this.

The Zionist regime that dominates government in both Israel and the United States has long been engaged in preparing the apparatus for the factory-like operation of the industrialized genocide currently underway. This initiative extends the trajectory of Zionist audacity displayed in pulling off the international coup d’état initiated on 11 September, 2001.

The aim of both 9/11 and 10/7 was to open up new frontiers in the manipulation of mass murder to further centralize the control of financial structures integrated with Israel-based instruments of Zionist command and control. This fascistic vision is very much in line with the historic role of the Rothschild dynasty in the creation, elaboration, and expansion of Israel. This trajectory of expansionism helps explain much about many of the working parts in the current campaign to eliminate all life support systems in Gaza.

The goal is to eliminate choices for the Palestinian survivors of the carpet bombing, chemical contamination, mass famine and the proliferating plagues currently underway. Plans are advancing in the US Congress to enlist Zionist politicians to participate in the project of greasing the wheels to complete the genocide by deporting survivors of the Gaza extermination. According to the present plans, the survivors are to be deported into Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, and Yemen.

Of course the US branch of the network planning this operation is expected to pay for it. As Marc Vandepitte reports in Global Research.ca,

“The plan has been submitted to key figures in the US House of Representatives and Congress and has the support of both Democrats and Republicans. The planned large-scale ethnic cleansing is cynically presented as a “moral and humanitarian” aid plan.”

Vandepetitte goes on to cite as follows the document submitted to Congress:

“It is now clear that in order to free the Gazan population from the tyrannical oppression of Hamas and to allow them to live free of war and bloodshed, Israel must encourage the international community to find the correct, moral and humane avenues for the relocation of the Gazan population.”

More Fog or More Illumination? Will Al Jazeera Step Up to the Plate of Genuine Investigative Journalism?

The need to investigate the background and the duration of the events of 10/7 is pressing. This imperative described by the Israeli authors of the letter to Israelis makes this point very succinctly. To my way of thinking the need for an understanding of what is at stake in the interpreting 10/7 involves everyone, not just Israelis. We all have an enormous stake in how the Gaza Massacre unfolds and ends.

We cannot sustain the imposition of yet another onslaught of nonsensical outcomes on average people based on the unsubstantiated claims put forward by the world’s most powerful groups. These powerful groups, but most notoriously Jews, often assert victimhood status in order to justify the most audacious grabs for many forms of financial enhancement and augmented centralized authority by agencies they control.

There is a modern-day holocaust underway and answers to the question of how the events of 10/7 came to be, would do a lot to clarify who are the protagonists and who are the victims in the present conflagration.

In this spirit I am calling attention to the need for genuine investigative reporting in the public domain into the events leading up to October 7. The investigation would also explore exactly what happened during that fateful day. The fact that the big media venues are themselves suspects in the matter, has all sorts of major implications. When do the big media venues ever investigate themselves?

The abandonment of genuine investigative reporting by mainstream media venues forms a huge cause of the lawless murder and mayhem that presently permeates the human condition. So many aspects of life these days are classified as aspects of “national security” to be hidden from public view.

The result is that the public is inundated with false cover stories disseminated by the media to explain away what is really going on to create the human condition through which we all must navigate. The resulting tsunami of 24/7 disinformation amounts cumulatively to a particularly heinous crime against humanity.

The legacy media’s role in sabotaging even the possibility of a decent public role in rational decision making, runs very deep. The public is not equipped to perform its democratic functions if the relevant information about the most crucial facets of our society are held back, replaced with disinformation, or altered to serve the interests of power.

Before us now is what appears to be a massive deception that is pointing humanity very fast towards a worldwide Nakba of monumental proportions. As I see it, the Al Jazeera television network based in Qatar, the country whose officials mediated the ceasefire of late November, could and should play a decisive role in getting to the bottom of the possible psyop of 10/7.

One might think that Al Jazeera was created with the goal of playing a significant role in bringing about some kind of resolution to the Palestine-Israel antagonism. The fact that Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, told a Jewish audience he had tried to intervene politically in an effort to “rein in” Gaza coverage, speaks pointedly to the possibility that the Qatar-based broadcaster is breaking new ground. Its a good sign that journalists are doing their job when establishment figures feel threatened.

In my view, the leadership of Al Jazeera might consider assigning investigative journalists to look deeply into the unfolding 10/7 controversy and report on their findings regularly in an ongoing series.

The alternative is to leave the subject alone and simply trust officialdom’s pronouncements.

This choice runs against the imperatives of sound journalism especially given the nature of this particular story. Right now, the unfolding of the Gaza Massacre is by far the biggest story in the world. If Al Jazeera was to leave unaddressed the the unresolved controversy over the content of 10/7 at this crucial moment, then the Qatar-based broadcaster would answer an important question. Is Al Jazeera really breaking new ground or is the broadcaster simply another variation of a limited hangout creating more fog rather than illumination?

This article was originally published on the author’s Substack, Looking out at the World from Canada.

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