Speaker Mike Johnson – A Wolf of the Rhino Uniparty Cabal

Speaker Mike Johnson has stated that Israel will be supported by the US unconditionally both financially and morally.   A Christian endorsing secular paganism.  Unconditionally.  Pouring money into the Cabalist Pot while the US languishes in poverty, debt, and an illegal crisis costing taxpayers $451 billion.   America is Falling!   The American People Do Not want another dime going to ANY country – much less the pockets of the Cabal via Ukraine and Israel – where are the true Christians?

Mike Johnson also declared that sending more money to Ukraine is a priority of The People.  Speaker Mike Johnson is neither Christian or pro-America, he is simply another puppet doling out taxpayer funds according to whim.

Many Christians believe that anyone who ‘identifies’ as Christian is a good governmental leader.   Disregarding any other criteria, the label of Christian becomes a hijacked farcical delusion that supports the idiotic idea that Pelosi and Biden are Catholics.   Albeit aligned with a fake Pope who has turned the Vatican into a carnival of clowns.   I’m sure Trump will be blamed for another rhino dominating within the US government – Mike Johnson, a Christian communist. Augason Farms Butter P... Buy New $24.31 (as of 12:02 UTC - Details)

Speaking in Sarasota, Florida, Johnson was flanked by Vern Buchanan a tax avoider, rhino in bed with the Bushes and Romney.   Also accompanying Johnson and Buchanan was Dan Newhouse who voted to impeach Trump.  In 2009, Democrat governor, Christine Gregoire of Washington, selected Newhouse, who ‘identified’ as a Republican, to head the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

In other words, Johnson is backed by a delegation of rhinos and has preyed on the American People with false ideologies and promises.   A Wolfe.

ANY politicians sponsoring Israel and Ukraine have no intention of Saving America!

Perspective:   Your Household is in debt $500,000 with no means to payoff the debt.   Your wife decides to take a loan out in husband’s name in order to give her best friend $100,000 to buy a Porsche.   Same logic.   Zelenskyy uses the $$$$$gift to buy lavish real estate in Italy and Netanyahu, worth over $80 million, will use the money to buy himself a yacht. 

And US Taxpayers pay for it.   At the behest of Mike Johnson and his crony rhinos.

Truth Social – the Trump Train – is awash in demanding the annihilation of Palestinians, colonizing their entire land and giving it to the secular Ashkenazis in the name of The Bible.   Death to the barbarians is now a call to action.   I decided to read a part of the Covenant of Hamas – not cabalist ‘selected excerpts’, but the translated narrative.  Their protocols.   In contrast to Israel’s secular paganism, these Muslims believe in God, believe in Jesus Christ, and take exception with those aligned within the Cabal – The Rothschilds, aka Zionism.  This is why the Sephardic and Hasidic Jews align with Palestine, they share God.   And Zion hates God.

Too often the governments of the West, justify Israeli settlements as a protocol of the Balfour Declaration.   There were four authors of The Balfour Declaration;  Walter Rothschild, Arthur Balfour, Leo Amery, and Lord Milner.  Politicians and South Africa colonialists, these four declared Edmond Rothschild the righteous authority to occupy Palestine.   Signatories absent in this Declaration?  Palestinians.

The Israeli Declaration of Independence was signed in 1948 by Zionist Ben Gurion.  Absent signatories included Palestinian authorities and the entire Arab World.  The Declaration gave the Rothschild Ashkenazis 56% of Palestine w/o Jerusalem.   Today, over 90% of Palestine is under Zionist Rule.

Perspective:   Xi Jinping makes a deal with the Zionists to colonize America.   The Zionists agree, for the price of $1 Trillion and 10% of all present and future resources.   China pays.   China moves into America and citizens are given the opportunity to leave – or be killed.  Anyone of any faith must immediately deny their faith – leave or be killed.

In 2022, Zelenskyy, a secular Ashkenazi, began cracking down on Ukrainian parishes and announced a ban on religious organizations that had any religious affiliation with Russian Orthodox churches.   Before Zelenskyy, the bulk of Ukrainians were Orthodox Christians affiliated with the Russian Orthodox church.    Subsequently, raids were conducted wherein priests were arrested and tortured.

March 2023, Zelenskyy raided an Orthodox monastery, opened criminal cases against the clergy and took control of the monastery complex.   Zionists hate God.   But Speaker Mike Johnson, a Christian, wants to give Zelenskyy more – money!  And his fellow Rhinos line up for a piece of the profits.

Augason Farms Peanut B... Buy New $15.18 ($0.05 / Ounce) (as of 07:02 UTC - Details) Winter is upon Ukraine.   Most of the US weapon inventory sent to Ukraine is out-dated and does not work in the severe cold of the region.   60% of the committed funds for Ukraine were actually redirected to The Pentagon for new procurements from our Military Industrial Complex – not sent to Ukraine.   Of the $113 billion committed already, only $75 billion has been spent – leaving a pot of money still sitting – or already distributed to the Cabalists and their rhino’s at large.   The long war wherein the US and UK orchestrators refused any peace agreement, is an abject failure of intelligence and strategy – via the CIA, DoD and MI6.

Ukraine is simply another Afghanistan, another Syria, another VietNam.   And The Powers are busily securing a propaganda campaign that will realize this War as an American Win.   Much like the Israeli propaganda attempting to dehumanize Palestinians along the same trajectory as Russians, as Syrians, as Iranians.

Enemies are essential… 9-11.  

“Five Israelis were filmed dancing with glee as the Twin Towers Fell.   They were detained by the US government and ‘deported to Israel’…  Their names were;   Sivan Kurzberg,  Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari.   Their statement to the police/FBI – “ We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”   The internet is scrubbed of any additional information regarding these “IDF or possible Mossad operatives” and Israel takes over additional land belonging to the Palestinians.  

Did these Israeli Mossad take care of ‘our problem’, aka the documentation of The Pentagon’s unaccounted for Trillions that was located in the Twin Towers?  Tit-For-Tat – did Israel ask the US to eliminate Palestinians?   Was that the Deal?

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.