How To Feed Gaza

So, most folks accept, without a second thought, that Winner-Takes-All democracy and “the majority rules” is real democracy. It isn’t, nor is it desirable.

If you’re a member of such a democratic group, you’re expected — and maybe forced — to go along with and support whatever it does and to actively oppose what it’s against. Your behavior is circumscribed and limited.

Have you whole-heartedly accepted that you’re one of such a collection of folks? If so, you’re likely a victim of the Collective Fallacy.

Real (natural) democracy doesn’t work that way. In natural democracy those folks who agree on something get together and do it. They don’t involve the folks who aren’t interested or don’t like it. They don’t expect those folks to contribute in any way, especially by donating time or resources of any kind. “Money” for example. Destinations of a Life... National Geographic Best Price: $7.99 Buy New $14.94 (as of 05:44 UTC - Details)

This is still how we as individuals usually and naturally do things — until we get involved with involuntary groups such as governments. Or with other semi-permanent groups which control resources which must be administered.

The question is, if you find yourself involved with such a group, must you only get involved in the things it approves?

This is where recognizing the “Collective Fallacy” comes in handy. Why should the world be taken as a collective entity and stymied by the United Nations Security Council and particularly by the latest of the 47 U.S. pro-Israel vetos? Particularly the recent ones preventing help for the Palestinians who live in Gaza?

Once you recognize that going along with those vetos probably makes you the victim of a Collective Fallacy, then, as per true natural democracy, you can find others, many in the U.N. and others outside of it, who share your goals. Say, for example, feeding the approximately 2.23 million Palestinian men, women and children illegally imprisoned in Gaza and being starved to death by the Israeli Government.

In fact you’ll find that nearly everyone involved in the United Nations including all members of the Security Council — except for, officially at least, the U.S. Government and perhaps the British Government — overwhelmingly agree with that goal.

Also, the vast majority of world citizens agree.

But how can we accomplish that goal? How can we feed the Palestinians?

The Israelis have occupied Gaza for most of the last 56 years, and illegally blockaded it — which is an act of war — since 2007. This is in violation of at least 35 United Nations resolutions, and is imprisoning the Palestinians in what many have recognized as an apartheid even worse than South Africa’s was.

Others, including U.S. President Jimmy Carter and noted linguist Noam Chomsky etc. have described Palestine as an “open-air prison.”

And that was before the current Israeli humanitarian obscenity.

It seems to me that pretty much explains Hamas.

This criminal Israeli blockade includes preventing ships from docking and unloading cargo on Gaza’s extensive 40 kilometer (25 mile) coast-line so, with the Israelis in the way, how can we deliver food?

A suggestion: In protest, many smaller boats have tried to run the blockade in the past but were turned back or worse. However these were smaller vessels, usually one-at-a-time, with no serious military backing.

Wholesome Allulose Swe... Buy New $10.34 ($0.86 / Fl Oz) (as of 05:44 UTC - Details) How about a floatilla of many hundreds of smaller boats from all around the world? Think WWII and the Little Ships of Dunkirk. Maybe some sympathetic governments might back such a move, perhaps even with gunboats etc.

Or how about one or more large food ships under the flag and protection of one or more friendly governments? Maybe, judging by their opinion on the matter, Turkey, Ireland, Russia, Brazil, and/or France. Etc.

You get the idea.

Do the Israelis want to go to war with these countries? Do they want to take another body-blow to their flagging world reputation, already besmirched by murdering and injuring literally tens-of-thousands of women, childern, and babies?

What do you think?

Know anyone with a boat?

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