What Happened? The Disappearing of Heinous Events as Agenda Building Continues

“When the flood of truth becomes a drought, the lush throats of liars shall shrilly fill the vacuum with their false fruit. None shall taste its maggoty putrescence and devour it whole.”

Stewart Stafford

We live in a time where all that seems to exist as ‘news,’ is simply purposely manufactured perception, all predicated on building false narratives meant to disappear before the paint is dry, in order to hide the truth. These past four years have brought about one heinous event after another, and from every angle possible. Most all of these events eventually, if not nearly immediately, disappear from headlines as the next shoe to drop (plotted operation) takes its place. This has become the common denominator of reporting, and since the Zionist Israeli false flag ‘attack,’ the slaughter and brutal murder of innocent Palestinians at the hands of evil Zionists, most all other atrocious past events and false flags have been eliminated from the so-called headlines. It is my opinion, all of this is of course by design; purposely planned long in advance, in order to set up the masses for the imminent global rule that is sought by the ruling class.

Of course along the way more and more restrictive legislation, extreme regulation, mass surveillance methods, monetary, economic, and inflationary policies, and war and the threat of war, continues unabated; merely stages in the conspiracy to control the world and its people. In other words, it is like a step by step vial and corrupt foisting of terroristic events on the commoners in order to advance political agendas based on the stacking of false narratives one after the other; meant to keep the proletariat scared and confused at all times.

I went over the scope of all this intentional State terror used against us just recently, and outlined much of what has been going on consecutively over these past few years in an article I published titled: “The Risks We Face in a World Gone Mad: State Narratives Are Always Lies.” Since these latest and most malevolent attacks against mankind, beginning with the fake ‘covid’ pandemic that launched this final push toward world slavery under the guise of a global one-world governing system, one unrelenting heinous event after another has been evident. The string of atrocities at the hands of the ruling class masters, and their owned and controlled governments since 2020, has been never-ending in nature, which has served to keep the ignorant and indifferent masses off balance, divided, confused, and most importantly for the controllers, compliant. 1984 (Signet Classics) George Orwell Best Price: $1.49 Buy New $3.58 (as of 10:53 UTC - Details)

What has happened to all the families devastated due to the ‘covid’ scam? Where are all the stories of families torn apart, of the death of loved ones, of the sickness and horrendous health consequences of all those who fell prey to the State’s bioweapon injections, and what about the rampant hatred bred by this plot to destroy humanity? What happened due to all the planned and staged riots and destruction caused by State actors like BLM and Antifa, the mass inflationary storm that has destroyed so many, and what happened to all those who lost their businesses due to this government’s purposeful gross mandates and intervention? How are all these people who were financially destroyed able to feed themselves and their families?

What have been the consequences of this government’s intentional promotion of immoral and illicit behaviors, especially on the young and impressionable, due to the pushing of transgender identity idiocy, gruesome sex-change surgeries, and the planned extermination of biologic men and women in favor of mindless neutered beings?

What has happened to the brutalized and poisoned victims of East Palestine, Ohio, as they have been ignored and forgotten because it is now old news. This is in the midst of extreme sickness there, and high levels of toxic dioxins, up 14,000%. Why is this coverup allowed, especially given that Norfolk Southern is eliminating all its relocation aid, even though they are responsible for this atrocity? And what about all the other very suspicious train derailments and chemical spills all over this country these past few years?

What has happened to the false flag ‘war’ between Russia and Ukraine, especially since the U.S. with your money and in your name, has given billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars to the fraudulent war in Ukraine? How many innocents have died due to U.S. funding and weaponizing of Zelinskyy and his terrorists whose job it is to prolong this farce, while getting rich in the process?

What happened to all the reporting about the horrendous ‘fires’ that consumed Lahaina, (Maui) Hawaii? What happened to all those people, and the 2,000 missing children? Why has this been eliminated from most all news reports and hidden from the world? What happened to all the stories of intentionally set fires in California, Canada, Hawaii, Greece, Turkey, China, and many other places

These are but a very few of all the stories that have disappeared from view. There are a multitude of new reports, new war risks, new atrocities, and new threats on a constant basis, all meant to claim your immediate attention, while the real agendas are continually pursued, mostly without critical exposure or scrutiny. The recent ‘news’ of course, has been related to the slaughter and genocide by Zionist Israel of mostly innocent Palestinian people. This is a joint effort between Israel and the U.S., working hand in hand to commit mass murder on a monumental scale. While many rulers in the West joined hands with Israel,  the blatant genocide has caused some to back away; not because they care about the Palestinians mind you, but because the obvious brutality has turned some against this barbarism due to fear of reprisal. But do not worry, the next false flag, the next big report, will at some point replace this one, and the elimination of the Palestinians will also fade away as if it never happened.

I have barely scratched the surface of all that is happening today. This assault against humanity will continue on, until its finality of a complete takeover of mankind is fulfilled. The final push toward global rule of everyone and everything will culminate with the fake ‘climate change’ agenda, when all is digital, when rule is universal, when all currency is centrally controlled, when most all wars will be waged against the masses by their own countries, all in a democidal effort to not only lower world populations dramatically, but to transform those remaining populations into machine-like beings, both physically and psychologically, in a world consumed by transhuman alteration through AI technology.

Pay attention to each and every transgression by nation-state players, as it is likely meant to distract, while causing the latest atrocity to be forgotten. New stories that consume the ‘news’ cycles, every new so-called threat, every new risk of war, any claimed weather anomaly, any geo-political catastrophe or assassination, will be used to divert your attention. Never forget all that has happened and is still happening to destroy humanity and any remaining freedom or dissent that is still active.

There is reason behind this madness being perpetrated by the State, as the ruling segment of society and the governments they control, know exactly how to manipulate the minds of the mindless, keeping them occupied with new atrocities and threats constantly, thus allowing for ease of control. Do not forget the real victims, or you will lose everything by becoming just another victim yourself.

“We have reached a point in history where intellectual incapacitation feels like wholeness, and where forgetting trumps remembering.”

Antonella Gambotto

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