Same 'Ol Song and Dance; "Don't Fear the Reaper!"

The Pre-Story;

10,000 years ago, give or take, wolves fed on the offal thrown from caves and became domesticated…Recently scientists found a genetic change that turned the once noble free-living wolf into a servant of man.

Our Captivity is Not Genetic!

Equally noble free-living hominids became “domesticated” around the same time as their dogs, but science has yet to find a slave-gene responsible? 

The thing is, animals think they are immortal!  They have no “death consciousness.” They live until they don’t.

Humans on the other hand are cursed with an awareness of death that occurs around age 5. It haunts us all the days of our lives like a black cloud. True freedom can not be reached until this “shadow demon” is put down! Augason Farms Peanut B... Buy New $15.99 ($0.05 / Ounce) (as of 11:22 UTC - Details)

Over the centuries, humans have “willingly” participated in bloody wars, self sacrifice and extreme servitude at the whims of their rulers. WHAT?

It took only a few months after fencing the south 13 acres of my farm and acquiring cattle for the realization of a shocking human parallel…it smacked me in the face!…. It was that human societies are little different than cows which must be fenced, fed, watered and eventually butchered.

Barbed wire and electric fences are not usually needed to contain humans. Instead we are herded by cultural mind-worms infesting our death-consciousness anxiety-ridden minds with fear and shame so we obey the rules of the rulers.

Cows like most people are oblivious to their captivity as a recent post explored;

Indelible Ignorance>>>Obedience

As information exploded in the technological age, so did influence over man’s seemingly calcified frontal lobes.  Artificial words and memes dominate collective behaviors since mind bending propagandists realized they could sell these poor dumb “animals” anything!  Now with governments, banks, corporations, universities and donor-class supported organizations in control of acceptable speech (words >> thought >> mind control); none dare contradict their power.  Even the slightest whisper violating “official correctness” gets one cancelled or fired and looking for a blue tarp to sleep under….I say, “BALLS!”

Try to Remember 11th September…

Remember JFK and “lone gunman” Lee Harvey Oswald and The Gulf of Tonkin. 

Or Saddam Husein throwing babies from incubators, Bin Laden doing 9-11, Building 7 in freefall, Saddam growing anthrax and looking for yellow cake?  

Or the George Floyd video that falsely convicted Derek Chauvin when Floyd was provably dying of a meth/fentanyl overdose?

…Remember how Fauci’s Flus had bilked the government for emergency funding every two years, or the deaths of many millions via his genocidal final gambit; Covid 19.?…And how the world ground to a halt, and how effective treatments were withheld and how adverse reactions to the cacca-bacca mRNA shots killed so many more?  

Or how climate hysteria began driving the Western World to unworkable green strategies that only make the few filthy rich? 

Or how it’s OK for Israel to demolish Gaza with the munitions we supplied, but not OK to object to an obvious and ongoing genocide of Palestinians?  Just imagine the stench of tens of thousands of bodies rotting under millions of tons of rubble.

One stray word like “ceasefire” and people are convicted of the ultimate sin; antisemitism!

The Song/The Dance

“He who pays the piper calls the tune,” but haven’t the people been dancing to it for way too long?  I hear that song & dance every time another country, disease or cause de jour is on-tap.  The music starts out slowly and drones on until the anxiety that drives the herd reaches a crescendo…Then comes a false flag/ a Roman “casus belli” and pricey emergency measures become the thing… All common sense is thrown to the four winds.

As false narratives begin to unwind, pressure is redoubled to force compliance with the “cause” …along with a cover-up of uncomfortable facts to protect the bad-actors involved.

How many times have we heard this song?  I can name it in one note! Augason Farms Freeze D... Buy New $33.65 ($2.80 / Fl Oz) (as of 12:22 UTC - Details)

It may take a year or two for the truth to emerge, yet official denials go on indefinitely.  I see people wearing masks long after the covid debacle had been duly debunked.  Celebrities and idiot news-readers still urge boosting along with flu and RSV shots as vaxxxine makers advertise relentlessly.  Preventive and effective treatment options abound, but most doctors and hospitals stick to inane “standards of care.”

They say the public memory only lasts until the next sensational news-cycle.  Maybe they throw wars every 20 years so fresh generations of government-indoctrinated gullible young patriots will participate?  In any case death consciousness remains the meat-hook we swing on, the base-fear that holds us to an empire’s narrative of conquest and domestic control.

Sorry Charlie

I have no cure for death consciousness.  Drugs and alcohol are tried by many.  Some religions promise an unsubstantiated afterlife.  Some work at dominating the ego and raising consciousness toward enlightenment.  Most folks just suffer and accept the inevitable.  It’s a purely human condition, but to allow the psychopathic few to lord man’s weakness over us gives them a vile advantage!”

My approach is to enjoy the gift of life every day, to help others along the way, stay healthy and respect each moment because; “This day is the only thing we ever truly have.”