Here’s Why Tearing Down Satanic Statues Is Perfectly Acceptable in Our “Constitutional Society”

In recent articles I’ve been discussing the ways in which the political left exploits the principles of a society as a shield to destroy that society. In other words, if a nation has a certain historic regard for freedom, they will try to destroy that nation while under the protection of those freedoms. If you point out what they’re doing and try to stop them, they then argue that you are “violating your own principles,” the same principles which they are trying to tear down.

It’s a form of psychological warfare designed to create a Catch-22: If the target population sits back and does nothing in the face of the cultural onslaught, their heritage and their beliefs are systematically dismantled. If people take action to disrupt the saboteurs, they are accused of being hypocrites who don’t actually value the freedoms they claim to value. Economic Depressions: ... Rothbard, Murray N. Buy New $2.99 (as of 05:25 UTC - Details)

However, this little mind game relies on a certain false relationship. It requires that the population under attack continues to see the saboteurs as integral members of that society with the same freedoms and the same protections. They are Americans just like us, and therefore we have to treat them merely as citizens in disagreement even though they would like nothing better than to see our culture burn.

Globalists and woke leftists often openly boast about their agenda to deconstruct western society and replace it with their own ideological cult. They are not simply in disagreement, they have declared war.

They’ve been treating conservatives and patriots as the enemy for quite some time, while we continue to treat them as fellow citizens. They tried to erase all of our freedoms permanently during the covid panic (which they perpetuated through false information). They tried to create a government apparatus working with social media corporations for mass censorship. They tried to create punishments for people who spoke against the establishment narrative. They supported vaccine mandates that would have enslaved Americans for years to come. They almost got what they wanted, too.

They then twisted the events of the Jan 6th protests and declared war on us again. They fired rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowds, got a violent response, and then acted as if the reaction was an “insurrection.”

They have targeted our children with political and sexual indoctrination in an effort to groom them into willing servants to the woke cause. They have saturated our media from commercials to movies with an endless stream of DEI propaganda, all while claiming WE are “terrorists” because we refuse to spend our money on woke products.

When someone is actively at war with you they are no longer a part of your community or tribe.  They can’t claim to be Americans while also planning to undermine everything that makes America what it is. When someone is working tirelessly to destroy the constitutional principles you hold dear, they don’t get to use those same freedoms as a buffer against retaliation.

An enemy in war is meant to be defeated; their “rights” are secondary to this goal.

Again, this is not a political disagreement. This is not a friendly debate among countrymen with the best of intentions. This is not a cultural speed bump on the way to mutual benefit. This division is irreparable. It cannot be salvaged. This is about survival. THIS IS WAR.

This is why I smiled when I read the story of Michael Cassidy, a former US Navy fighter pilot who destroyed a satanic statue of Baphomet on display at the Iowa State Capitol Building. The political left is in an uproar on social media, and as expected they argue that this incident is proof that conservatives are “authoritarians” hellbent on dictatorship. They say the statue has a constitutional right to be there if any other religious symbols are allowed to be there – But does this really matter to the situation?

My personal feelings about organized religion are complicated, but I still recognize the replacement tactics being used by the political left to undermine the west; they have been clearly targeting Christianity for many years. The satanic statue in Iowa may or may not represent satanism and evil to the people who paid to have it placed in the capitol, but it does represent their ongoing effort to wear down American foundations using any tool they can find.

Here are the reasons why what Cassidy did is absolutely acceptable under our current political conditions, even in the face of constitutional questions…

1) Do we really even live in a “constitutional society” anymore?  Or does the 1st Amendment only apply when it’s convenient to leftists?  As mentioned above, the political left and their allies have been working overtime to destroy freedom of speech through collusion between governments, corporate media and Big Tech.  Mass censorship was the norm during covid and leftists defended it vigorously. These people are in no position to use the 1st Amendment as a tent pole for their ideological games. Sorry, but that ship has sailed; they have lost the privilege of wrapping themselves in the flag.

2) The political left has been aggressively attempting to demolish historic monuments and statues of Founding Fathers in an effort to erase our connections to the past.  In 2021 they even removed a nearly 200-year-old statue of Thomas Jefferson from the New York City Hall building on the grounds that it was a “symbol of racism.” What goes around comes around.  They tear down our statues, now we tear down their statues.

3) Michael Cassidy is not a government representative, just as most of us are not government representatives. Leftists seem to operate under the false assumption that constitutional rules are meant to restrict public behavior. They are not. They are meant to restrict the government. An Enemy of the State:... Raimondo, Justin Buy New $39.00 (as of 03:31 UTC - Details)

The Iowa state government didn’t tear that satanic statue down (unlike the New York City government that removed Thomas Jefferson). Rather, it was just a man, a regular citizen.

This is not a 1st Amendment issue because Michael Cassidy is not bound by the 1st Amendment in this situation. He might be guilty of vandalism under the law, just like thousands of woke activists across the country are guilty of vandalism for destroying monuments and government buildings, but that is all.  This is not a legal battle, this is war.

4) Most conservatives are not even arguing the matter on 1st Amendment grounds. Instead, they argue the matter on moral grounds. Is it right to allow satanic symbols to stand in our institutions of law and institutions of heritage? Symbols that represent moral relativism, narcissism, chaos and psychopathy? Is it right to look the other way while a subversive activist movement works to demolish everything we hold dear?

5) Does every belief system or ideology deserve a place of “equality” within our society? Every death cult? Every terrorist or criminal philosophy? Are they ALL entitled to statues and monuments on public property? Or, is there a line? Should there be statues of Hitler, Stalin and Mao in the halls of Congress? Should there be a Pol Pot bust on the floor of the Senate? Should Charles Manson get his face on Mount Rushmore because of the 1st Amendment?  There is such a thing as standards, but leftists think that when it comes to their ideological goals, there are no standards.

Never before in the history of the US has there been a time when a statue of Baphomet in a state government building would have been treated as acceptable, even under constitutional law. Suddenly, in the past decade we’re supposed to treat these destructive symbols as equal to other religions and give them places of reverence on public grounds? I think not.

6) Satanists like to play games with legal categorization when it suits them. When they want to argue for their presence in public schools they say they are NOT a religion and are merely a philosophical club. When they want 1st Amendment protections they claim they are a religion.  If these groups are going to refuse to identify what they are in finality, then they should be restricted from access to public institutions until they make up their minds and the courts can establish a fair precedence.

7) We have to ask ourselves what really defines freedom? Does freedom mean being able to do whatever you want whenever you want without being subject to scrutiny or skepticism? Does freedom extend to hedonism at the expense of morality, truth, responsibility and order? Because this is what the political left is demanding and it’s leading to the self immolation of civilization.

I think we have allowed them to indulge themselves for far too long, to the point that they have become arrogant and presume themselves untouchable. They laugh at us because we play by a certain set of rules by which they see no reason to abide. We engage in a battle of ideas and facts while they go scorched Earth, rigging the fight using central government and corporate power to their advantage.

Maybe we stop playing by these rules? Maybe every time they try to tear down our statues and symbols, we tear down their symbols until there’s nothing left of them? Maybe we remove the enemy that has declared war on us, and then continue on with life as we did before?  Would the populace really miss the antics of woke activists, or would they applaud if these people were shipped off to an island somewhere?

If they hate the cultural roots of this country so much then they can always leave. They choose not to, and instead scheme to upend everything we used to stand for. So no, I shed no tears for the progressives or the satanists (almost the same thing at this point) or the globalists when their mocking statues are cut in half. After years of trespasses they are finally facing some blowback. As the leftists like to say, freedom of speech does not guarantee freedom from consequences.

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