The Fat, Drunk Victims of America 2.0

From the JFK Assassination to the Victimhood Industry

Sixty years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was murdered in broad daylight, in Dallas, Texas, the home state of his vice president. Where the mayor was the brother of a high ranking CIA official whom JFK fired after the Bay of Pigs, and was later revealed to be a CIA asset himself.

I am in the middle of five interviews today. People like me, who have been researching the assassination for many years, are generally in demand by the podcasting world on special occasions like this. I was interviewed by an Irish television distributor earlier this year, for a JFK special that was supposed to air on CNN, believe it or not, around the sixtieth anniversary. It hasn’t aired yet, although it has been on television in the UK and throughout Europe. As Bill Murray’s character said in Caddyshack, so I got that going for me, too. I can only talk about the minutiae so much. The single bullet theory is impossible. There had to be multiple assassins. Oswald shot no one. The crime has never been investigated honestly.

Flash forward to our present ugly reality. America 2.0 is not a pretty sight. Crumbling roads full of unrepaired potholes, bridges on the verge of collapse, ancient power grids with sensors apparently controlled by China, median strips and common areas overgrown in full Banana Republic style. And that’s just the embarrassing infrastructure. Corruption everywhere, from top to bottom. A shocking lack of empathy among almost everyone. A “healthcare” system and a “justice” system that should be avoided at all costs. Dishonesty and disinformation predominant. Nothing good to be said for any institution, or a majority of the people. The Complete Guide to ... Smith, Brian Buy New $9.99 (as of 05:59 UTC - Details)

I’ve been watching too many YouTube videos featuring “fat activists.” These are obese people, almost always women, who are irrationally proud of their bloated and unhealthy bodies. They ludicrously claim that you can be “healthy at every size,” to quote from the title of a book by one Lindo Bacon, who was once Linda, and now has They/Them pronouns. Just as there are medical “professionals” who happily chop off the penises and breasts of underage children, there are respectable doctors going along with this politically correct nonsense. Two of the leaders of the “fat acceptance movement” recently died, at ages thirty seven and forty two. Healthy at every size.

To watch these women is like being mesmerized by a train wreck. I don’t know where they hid the obese women when I was a strapping young lad, but they certainly weren’t out there proudly showing off their bodies. Certainly there were far fewer of them. The ones that existed weren’t Victoria’s Secret models. They weren’t on the cover of Cosmopolitan. As a teenager, I looked forward to the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. If I were a teenager today, and was subjected to the last few swimsuit issues, I’d probably instantly start transitioning to one of the infinite numbers of available genders. They started featuring overweight women, and at least a few transgenders. Not quite the same as Christie Brinkley back in the day. Now I think they’ve just stopped publishing it.

It’s for the best that Playboy stopped having nude pictorials. You know, the entire reason for the magazine turning into such a successful empire. It would have been sad to see an obese Playmate of the Month, or even worse a man pretending to be a woman Playmate of the Month. But who buys magazines now anyway? With or without nude pictures. With or without transgenders. I guess they have “Big Beautiful Women” porn online. I definitely wouldn’t know about that. I suspect there is no puzzling fetish for “Big Beautiful Men” out there, just as there doesn’t appear to be any “fat acceptance” advocates who are male. Well, born male. And heterosexual. if JFK really was a “sex addict,” you can bet he never made it with an obese woman.

I’m struck by how effortlessly these “large” women have inserted themselves into the Professional Victimhood Industry. They use the same language, consisting primarily of knee-jerk name calling and labeling. There is some four hundred plus pound woman who has somehow gained fame for claiming to have anorexia! And the mainstream media promoting her parroted the new “science” that over eating isn’t an “eating disorder.” But anorexia- eating too little and forcing yourself to vomit- is a disorder. It’s a body shaming thing, you wouldn’t understand. The confidence of these women is mind-boggling. Too many very attractive girls, with lovely bodies, have killed themselves because bullies called them “fat.” So there is a positive element here. The Backyard Homestead... Buy New $11.99 (as of 05:59 UTC - Details)

I wrote the book Bullyocracy. I covered many cases where kids were bullied relentlessly over their weight. I was an obese kid, back when obesity was not only not cool, but virtually unknown. A cultural pathfinder. I know what it’s like to be called names that sting you to your core. I would never make fun of someone’s weight. But these “fat activists” have taken things to absurd lengths. It’s one thing to protect children from being harassed over their physical appearance. But it’s quite another to extoll and glorify the nonexistent virtues of obesity. I’m sorry, but obesity isn’t attractive. Nobody looks better with a lot of extra weight on them. If these women are beautiful, then the word has lost all its meaning. As a character in a Twilight Zone episode once said, when everyone is beautiful, no one is. There must be something in contrast.

So, now “Big and Beautiful” women have joined the “Woke” world, but not in the usual “victimhood” way. Yes, they do claim to be unable to lose weight, because they were “born that way.” They were born “big women,” just like homosexuals are “born gay,” or so they used to tell us, until they started telling us that what we are born is irrelevant. Just an “assigned” gender at birth. If you think about it, women losing a lot of weight is just another form of transitioning. Like the little boys and girls being surgically mutilated at the whims of their insane “Woke” mothers. Some transitioning, it appears, is more equal than others.

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