Put a Chick in it and Make Her Gay. And Lame.

Are we hag-ridden? Yes, yes we are.

I got sucked into The Morning Show on Apple TV, because sometimes I just like to hate-watch. I don’t watch violence anymore or sex, and if anything starts with someone on a toilet, I’m out. This essentially means I watch nothing, except we had a marvellous time with Ted Lasso which made me remember how much I used to love television. Now it’s a wasteland of lizards in skin suits fighting each other. Or disgusting lizards partying in the most disgusting manner possible.

Or stupid women talking, like the Housewives or even more offensive, The Buccaneers. Edith Wharton’s last book was cast via skin shade dark-to-light, and rewritten in the you-go-Barbie-cheerleading-style, lots of screaming and running around the grass, shrieking and jumping up and down on beds, crossed with loads of resentment about their insane levels of wealth and THE PATRIARCHY. It is both boring and offensive. Hollywood, which is full-on demonic, can cast the great classics of American and English literature with black girls with vocal fry, but we can’t wear corn rows or self-tan, because “appropriation”. You freaking idiots, every line of Austen or Wharton is grounded in the ancestral memory of the people upon whom the characters are based and that is where the book/film gets its resonance and meaning, but go ahead trash our culture, you’ve trashed everything else.

There is no peace in the streets, EVER, your people have started three wars in the last two years. You kill millions of babies and agitate to kill more babies. You’ve demanded so much money for social justice, we are broke ten times over, and risk a Weimar Germany hellscape. Your repulsive politicians have enabled criminal cartels to loot the public purse. We are being invaded by millions of military-aged men on the border, and at the border, hundreds of thousands of women and children are raped and being sold into sex slavery. Women – most women –  have zero consciousness of any of this. Almost one hundred thousand children have vanished into the sex trade. But they want the border open because COMPASSION. Never mind the sharp uptick of crime, sooner or later, honey, you are going to want a gun and a man because the world you created – go girl – is so dangerous.


The fires last summer were caused by climate change.

Deplorables are awful.

Abortion is sacred.

J6 was not an FBI psy-op, it was a genuine rebellion of nazi rednecks, who are awful.

Socialism is necessary and I want a job telling everyone what to do.

Everything is the fault of white men.

The one mother in The Morning Show turns out to be a spitting fiend of cruelty and madness because Geraldine Ferraro didn’t win or her husband left her or her palatial house in Connecticut isn’t big enough. No one else seems to have any children, or a good marriage (except of course the black girl/athlete/ host and her husband cringes around soothing her). No, they have all “sacrificed” having children to “save the world” via network news.  It’s so embarrassing I can’t even laugh.

Now, if I encounter one of my sisters-in-Borg in the grocery store or at a party, I treat her like a bomb with a sputtering fuse. I coo and compliment and get out of the conversation fast. It is like talking to a robot, an NPC, non-playing character, someone programmed, someone losing her soul.

The sight of Reese Witherspoon peeking terrified around a corner in their version of J6 (Nazis!!) infuriated me. Because it’s news I’m invested, and God in heaven are these women ridiculous. Jennifer Aniston pretending to have intellectual substance is laughable. She plays intelligence as resentment. The cast is stocked with people of color, and they know better, have better instincts about everything. This is the extent of the analysis of the “writers”. And every single member of the cast is stuffed up to the nose holes with self-righteousness.

I want to slap them. Then send them back to school with a reading list.

I wouldn’t care except our entire culture lies in the hands of these women. The pretty boys stood up as “leaders” are elected by them. Trudeau, Rishi, Macron, Obama were made in a lab to appeal to women who call themselves “feminists”. Most of them – remember Obama’s cradle-to grave Julia? – are childless, and/or without a partner; the rest terrorize their families into quiescence. Honey, all the battles have been won and were won thirty years ago – you are just cosplaying actual feminists who opened the professions for women. I mean there is even a spacewalk team that is women. They dropped their tool box into space, but never mind, they were women.

You are more conformist than 50’s housewives in the ‘burbs. And they were smarter about life by a million miles.

I have made dozens of new women friends since I became whatever the hell I am1, but most of my old friends have gone Borg. I know exactly what they think because they think what they are told to think. And if you disagree, they break up with you and slime you to anyone within reach. Now, if I encounter one of them or an acquaintance in the grocery store or at a party, I treat her like a bomb with a sputtering fuse. I coo and compliment and get out of the conversation fast. It is like talking to a robot, an NPC, non-playing character, someone programmed, someone losing her soul.

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